May 22

32 HIIT Group Fitness Class Ideas


I’ve got something really cool HIIT group fitness class ideas to share with you today.

It all started when I walked out of the gym half way through a  workout a few months ago. I’m done with the gym, don’t get me started.


By the time it takes me to drive to the gym, crack a workout and drive back, you’re talking the best part of 3 hours. I figured, I can crack my own workouts at home in peace, and with my own tunes on.

(Plus I have a decent set of kettle bells and a pair of adjustable dumbbells)

So, that’s what I’ve been doing now for the last 3 months. I am stronger & more ripped than I have ever been, and it’s all down to the HIIT workouts formulas that I design for myself.

HIIT Group Fitness Class Ideas

I complete 3 (20-30 minutes) HIIT workouts per week. Plus, a 5 miler through the mountains 3 times a week.

Interval training is the only thing that truly motivates me to work really hard throughout workouts.

Here’s another reason I love HIIT.

Time is the most valuable thing you’ll ever have in this world, outside of your health. And, I rather spend that extra time with my family and friends.

This weeks WDC Elite update is a biggie.

And, there’s an opportunity for you to own my latest & greatest workout manual for FREE. I call it – The Interval Cheat Sheet Formulas. And it contains..

32 HIIT Group Fitness Class Ideas

I use these HIIT formulas to create super effective and time efficient workouts in just seconds.

All that is required is that you simply fill in the blanks. As well as your own personal workout routines, you can also use my HIIT workouts formulas to get your PT & Bootcamp clients fantastic results.

You’re the only one who can spend YOUR time. And, how you spend your time reveals your true VALUES and what’s truly important.

Today you have a golden opportunity today to free up a lot more of your time so you can invest it more important things.


By joining the WDC Elite [14 days FREE] and taking advantage of this weeks mega update.

Todays Update Includes

32 HIIT Group Fitness Class Ideas, 14 Brand New Bootcamp Ideas And 5 HIIT Infinity Templates

1. Week 58 Workouts Uploaded.

bootcamp ideas, bootcamp workouts, bootcamp games

Brand new bootcamp ideas include.

  1. Filthy 50
  2. The Machine
  3. Repeat runner
  4. Simon says (part 2)
  5. The fight for 4
  6. Break out
  7. Bear Switch – Incremental Hero
  8. Suicide Squad
  9. The Big Multiplier
  10. The Perfect Storm
  11. Balls Deep 2 (Cardio King)
  12. Racing Pigeon
  13. Level Nitro (Template)
  14. Once Upon A Time At Bootcamp

2. New product release: Interval Cheat Sheet Formulas.

HIIT Group Fitness Class Ideas
You’ll get 32 HIIT workout formulas that you can use to get you & your clients quicker results.

+ My HIIT group fitness class ideas are not just for groups. They work for 1-1 Personal training to. 

3. Infinity HIIT Workout Templates

bootcamp ideas, bootcamp workouts, boot camp games
1. Blast Force 1
2. Zero Point
3. Summon the Beast
4. Crush Tabata
5. Random Roller

Want More HIIT Group Fitness Class Ideas?

My latest update is available for download (FREE) for the next few days only. You can sign up FREE for 14 days. If you cancel before your trial ends you will not be billed.

Click the link below to get started.

Trust me, after using my HIIT workouts for a few weeks you may never go back to the gym again.

You won’t need to.



P.S For more HIIT group fitness class ideas hit the image below. 

fitness bootcamp ideas


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