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12 Boot Camp Exercises That Will Spice Up Your Next Group Workout


If you’re always on the look out for fresh boot camp exercises to use with your fitness clients, then you’re in the right place. 

One of the easiest ways to mix things up for your clients is to introduce new boot camp exercises on a regular basis. It makes things more interesting for you, and it show your clients you're making a real effort. 

Today I want to share some of my favourite boot camp exercises with you that you may never have seen. Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this post what you think. If you have any favourite boot camp exercises then please share. 

12 Boot Camp Exercises You Can Use In Your Next Bootcamp Workout

Burpee Hopper: The burpee hopper is a full body strength training exercise that works the chest, arms, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. The lateral plyometric jumps increase aerobic fitness and in turn strengthen the heart muscle. The burpee hopper also improves explosiveness, speed, balance, agility & power. It's one of my favourite bootcamp exercises.

Commando Crawler Turbo: This fun boot camp exercise strengthens the core, glutes, shoulders, core, and more. Crawling exercises develop a foundation of reflexive strength (also known as reflexive stability), which is the original strength we were born to develop. 

Super Speed Freak: Incorporating side-to-side movements within your fitness training programme is beneficial. Lateral movements develop strength, stability, coordination and can greatly improve knee, hip, and ankle joint stability. Lateral movements also help reduce the risk of injuries by enhancing balance throughout the entire body. I love bootcamp exercises that incorporate lateral movements like this one.

Here's a quick finisher you can do using this exercise. You're going to complete super speed freaks for a 4-minute tabata. However, instead of resting for 10 seconds during each set, you're going to complete 3 burpees between the two markers (I use 2 kettle bells. You've only got 4-minutes to move fast. 

Combat Attack: Boxing boot camp exercises are great for developing stamina, balance and coordination. Not only do they stimulate all the muscle groups, and provide a winning combination of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short-burst, without oxygen) exercise. But it’s a fun way to exercise. Especially if you’re using mitts and pads. Check out https://www.expertboxing.com for 7 killer boxing combinations. 

Hindi Push Up: One of the more challenging and advanced boot camp exercises. Hindi push ups targets the same muscles as a regular pushup, the chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and the core. However, it also enhances your mobility and flexibility which leads to better posture. This is one to attempt if you can do a regular pushup with perfect form.

Super Squats: One of the best Kettlebell boot camp exercises for building explosive power and strength in the legs. This exercise tones the legs like no other. Try it with a 4-minute tabata and you’ll know what I mean.

Power Lifter: This is one of my favourite compound exercises. The power lifter fuses the burpee with the kettle-bell squat press. The quads, hamstrings and glutes are targeted. The hips and torso muscles are also in action to assist the primary muscles and stabilise the movement.

Get Ups: Each week I spend time coming up with new boot camp exercises. This exercise targets the core and lower body. It's also a great cardio workout if you complete them fast for high reps. Try 50 as fast as you can. You'll know exactly what I mean. I have created lot's of different bootcamp ideas using this exercise. 

I created a fun bootcamp game using get ups. I call it, beat it. Ask your clients to complete a set number of get ups. 

  • Beginner: 20
  • Intermediate: 27
  • Advanced: 37

Here's how this bootcamp game works: Beginners have to finish before intermediates, and intermediates have to finish before advanced. Players that fail complete a forfeit of your choosing. 

Figure of 8: A fantastic agility exercise that increases balance, control and flexibility, allowing the body to maintain good posture and alignment during the movement. Other forms of agility training include shuttle sprints, hurdles, ladder drills etc.

Speed Freak: This is a brilliant cardio conditioning drill that’s a lot harder than it looks. The lateral shuffles work the muscles in your calves, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors and glutes. Not only does it increase agility and coordination making you quicker on your feet, but it boost your metabolism, and burns a crazy amount of calories. 

Try completing a 4 minute tabata (20 on, 10 off) working as hard as you can. If you’re doing this with your clients you can get them to add up their reps in each set. The player with the most reps at the end of the 4 minutes wins.

Steamers: This killer exercise increases your speed, agility and explosiveness, and gives you a great cardio workout. This exercise strengthens your thighs, core, calves and glutes, and helps to shape and strengthen your lower body.

Try doing a 100 reps for time. Here’s the catch. Each time you stop to rest for more than 5 seconds award yourself a point. Points are turned in to burpees at the end of the challenge.

Slams: This is one of my favourite boot camp exercises. The medicine ball slam  develops power, strength, and speed & cardiovascular conditioning. It works the triceps, abdomen, shoulders, calves, back, glutens, quads, etc. Slams also increases heart rate and burns a lots of calories. 

In May my fiancee Sophie bought me a slam ball for my birthday. My first experience with a slam ball was in the gym a few years back. I saw a guy doing slams and I thought it looked easy, until I tried it. It was anything but. 

Kettle-bell Lat Extension: If you’ve got a towel handy then you’ve got to try the kettle-bell lat extension. It’s one of my favourite boot camp exercises. The quads, hamstrings, glutes, lats, lower/upper back, biceps and shoulder muscles back are all targeted. It’s also a great exercise for developing grip strength. The first 10 reps (20k bell) or so are quite easy, then it just kinda of wears you down quickly. 

5 Bootcamp Ideas Using The Above Boot Camp Exercises

Boot camp exercises

You don't need a tone of boot camp exercises to create a challenge. You can use a little as just one. Here's a bootcamp challenge I cam up with using a slam ball. I call it slam ball madness and it goes like this. 

Round 1: Complete 25 slams for time then rest for 45 seconds. Complete 7 more sets. In each set try and beat your best time. As you can see, In set one my time was 1:22, then in set two my time was 1:17. I beat it by 5 seconds. So now the time to beat is 1:17. You’re always trying to beat your best time.

Here's how the challenge worked out for me.

  • Set 1: 1:22
  • Set 2: 1:17 (Beat my time)
  • Set 3: 1:14 (Beat my time)
  • Set 4: 1:06 (Beat my time)
  • Set 5: 1:07 ((Didn't beat my time)
  • Set 6: 56 (Beat my time)
  • Set 7: 54 (Beat my time)
  • Set 8: 51 (Beat my time)

To be honest, I was shocked to see the time difference from set 1 to set 8 (31 seconds). It just goes to show, when your under pressure to win, you can work much harder. 

You can run this challenge for your personal training clients or in a group setting if you have enough slam balls to go around. You can play this challenge using different boot camp exercises with weights, or bodyweight exercises. Experiment and see what you can come up with. 

2 Boot Camp Exercises, One Crazy Finisher

boot camp exercises

Here's another bootcamp workout using a slam ball. If you want to dial it up a notch, use the burpee exercise instead of slams.  

Agaist The Clock: Complete 100 slams for time. Rest for a strict 2 minutes then complete 100 slams again. Your aim is to beat your time.  I scored 6 minutes 50 then 6 minutes 44. I won (by the skin of my teeth) by just 6 seconds. It was really tough. 

When I design new bootcamp workout routines for my group, I design them in a template like format so they're easy to re-use. I can just fill in the blanks with different boot camp exercises and I have something slightly different every time.

You can find my entire template library of over 1500 bootcamp ideas over in the Workout Design Club. Here are a few templates  to get you going. 

7 Bootcamp Exercises And One Killer Bootcamp Challenge Your Clients Will Love

Boot camp exercises for personal trainers

Secure team is a 23 minute bootcamp challenge where players battle to complete different zones of difficulty. The only thing that stands in their way is the roll of the dice.

Title: Secure Team

Equipment: 21 Markers, 1 dice per zone, pen and paper per team.

Players: 4+

Time: 23 Minutes

Method: Each number 1-6 represents a zone. Give each marker in each zone a bootcamp exercise set at 10 reps. This works out at 21 exercises in total. I recommend choosing 7 exercises and repeating them 3 times each randomly between zones. (Boot camp exercises are as follows)

  1. Burpee hopper
  2. Commando crawler turbo
  3. Get ups
  4. Combat attack
  5. Super squat
  6. Hindi push-ups
  7. Super speed freaks

Split the group in to small teams of between 2-4, then place 1 dice at each zone.


Round 1
Step 1: Each team chooses a zone to complete. They must complete all boot camp exercises in that zone.
Step 2: Once finished they have 3 attempts at rolling the same number as the zone. I.e. If they’re in zone 3, they must roll a 3.

  • If they are successful they secure a point for their team and that zone is never revisited.
  • If they are unsuccessful they can revisit the zone again, but only after attempting to complete a different zone first. 

Teams have 23 minutes to complete all 6 zones. If you have a winner before the time is up stop the challenge. If the challenge goes the full 23 minutes. The team with the most points wins. If the challenge is over quick, play again. 

boot camp exercises & bootcamp ideas for trainers

Title: Tabata Duel

Equipment: White board

Players: 4+

Time: 40 Minutes

Method: Write 10-15 boot camp exercises on your white board.

  1. Burpee hopper
  2. Commando crawler turbo
  3. Get ups
  4. Combat attack
  5. Super squat
  6. Hindi push-ups
  7. Super speed freaks
  8. Lat extension
  9. Figure of 8's
  10. Power lifter

Round 1
Step 1: Players partner up and each choose a different exercise from the list. Once finished they play each other at paper, rocks, scissors until somebody wins.
Step 2: The 2 players complete the exercise that the winner choose for 4 minutes at a ratio of 20 seconds work, 10 rest.

Play 6 rounds in total.

  • Players switch partners after each round
  • Players conduct a 90 second walking rest between rounds. (Players walk in a large circle around the instructor.
boot camp ideas, bootcamp exercises

Title: 50 Point Chipper

Equipment: White board, 1 bag.

Players: 1+

Time: 24 Minutes on average

Method: List 12 boot camp exercises on your whiteboard then write the same 12 exercises on bits of paper and put them in a bag/box. (Include beginner bootcamp exercises if you have beginners). Each player starts with a score of 50 burpees that are completed at the end of the challenge.

Round 1: The instructor pulls an exercise out of the bag. Looking at the boot camp exercises on the board, everybody has 2 guesses as to what exercise the instructor is holding. Players that guess right are allowed to subtract 5 burpee from their score.

Players complete the exercise the instructor pulled out of the bag for 2 minute at a ratio of 20 seconds work, 10 rest. The exercise pulled from the bag is erased from the game.

Play 12 rounds in total. After each round a different exercise is pulled from the bag.

  • Players complete (if any) their remaining burpee when the challenge is over.
  • For a shorter challenge, each exercise is completed for 1 minute straight.
boot camp exercises

Want More Bootcamp Ideas?

Keeping your workouts fun, unique & interesting is the easiest way to keep your clients glued to your fitness classes. Roll on the Workout Design Club.

The WDC is an ‘advanced’ group fitness search engine that gives you 24/7 access to a massive variety of fun, unique & challenging group fitness ideas. 

Plus 100's of boot camp exercise ideas.

You’ll have more confidence, less stress, and you’ll have a simple, proven plan for designing workouts that will keep your clients hungry for more.

New Bootcamp Ideas This Week Inside The WDC

1. The Second Dimension
In this (full on) high action team workout, players are tasked with completing a series of challenges that will test their mental will power.

2. Super Combo
It’s chaos on the battle field in this 22-minute (build your own adventure) grid circuit. If players can avoid pulling the wrong cards their team will get the advantage.

3. War Time domination
In this super rep based team challenge, teams attempt to take over the world in 12 rounds of less. To do that they'll need to overcome a barrage of tough boot camp exercises. 

4. Super Hero Circuit
Ever wondered how super hero’s workout? Well you’re about to find out. This is the perfect 35 minute HIIT challenge that fuses HIT cardio with a cheeky Tabata style twist.

5. Sting Circuit
A fun & simple 25-minute circuit training workout  with a double twist. Players will have to be quick to avoid the instructor’s mini forfeits.

6. The Disgusting Drill
Exactly what It says on the tin. This killer 25 Minutes HIT workout contains one of my all time favourite boot camp exercises. 

7. Mortal Combat
The most ingenious team game I have created this year. It sounds easy to win but it’s far from it. There are simple (make or break) obstacles that each player must overcome or be sent back to the beginning.

8. Beat Down 27
Dubbed ‘The Fat Furnace’. This is the perfect (27 minute) all body HIT challenge that will test your client’s cardio, strength and endurance. To the max.

9. One Man Band
This is the ultimate cardio endurance game (it never stops) where players must guess their way to victory. Yes, it’s exhausting but the fun you’ll have more than makes up for it.

10. Warrior Select
In this quirky rep based drill, players (aka warrior select) take turns challenging the rest of the group. It’s fun, wacky and may the best team win.

11. Top Trumps
How much fun can you have with 1 deck of cards. In this super fun 10-minute partner challenge you’re about to find out. Just plug in your own boot camp exercises and off you go. 

12. Bear & Conquer
Can you imagine getting penalised for winning and celebrated for a drawing. Doesn’t make sense, does it? In teams of 2, players must do everything they can to secure a win.

13. Straight Up Smack Down
In this 15-minute (High action) team challenge, player’s score points by crossing lanes and
doing battle. Some say it’s a game of skill, others a game of luck. You decide.

14. Stay The Course
In this 3-element (Tabata style) challenge, the instructor dictate 50% of the work and the players dictate the rest. The objective of this ninja workout is to bring your tally down to zero.

15. Static Crush
Although the instructor is in control during this 12-minute (Instructor vs Group) challenge, players must work together as one to deflect a pending forfeit back on to the instructor.

16. Star Ship Trooper
A crazy 24-minute (strength/hit) cardio circuit that triples, then doubles in intensity each time players switch stations. It’s tough but enjoyable.

17. Super Soldier

The first player to complete 8 rounds wins. If only it was that easy. Players have no idea what to expect in this totally random game of chance.

18. Star Burst Multiplier

In this 15-minute (high speed) team challenge the winners are in for a shock. And it’s not good. All that time and effort could be lost in a roll of a dice.

19. Dice Selector
A 40-minute HIT/HITT workout that fuses AMRAP & Tabata in an unusual way. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s hard work.

20. Lucky Tosser
In this fun 15-minute game, rewards and forfeits are decided by the flip of a coin. It’s anyone’s game.

21. Speed Dial Tag
Players use the game paper, rocks scissors to dial a special number. The first player to capture the zero wins. You’ll love this one.

22. Super Slice Circuit
37 Minutes of madness. Split in to 2 epic challenges, players must be at their best if they hope to finish in style.

23. Burpeethon Fitness Test

It’s important to show your clients they’re improving. Which is why I put together the ultimate fitness test comprising of only burpees and a very challenging cardio element. A true nightmare for some.

24. The Black Hole
In this fun (non-stop) knockout style cardio marathon, players are guessing on the move. However, just one wrong guess has ruthless consequences.

25. 10 Card Super Sprints
A crazy 10 minute HIIT game where luck plays a vital part in success. However, if the joker card is activated, things will take a turn for the worst.

26. Man On The Moon
A fun 5 minute musical finisher drill targeting the leg’s and upper body.

27. Linked in
A tough 35-minute team challenge that involves matching different elements together to form mini challenges.

28. 50 Score Chipper
In this energy packed 24-minute individual challenge, players guess there way through the entire workout in the attempt to reduce and already established forfeit.

29. The Black Keys
A 3-minute musical finisher drill using just 2 boot camp exercises. How hard could it possibly be? You’ll see.

30. Gypsy Woman
A killer 4-minute musical finisher drills to an absolute classic song. It’s an intense on 2 levels.

31. Chic – Dance Dane Dance
One of the longest (8:23) and most challenging musical finisher drills I’ve ever created. It’s a bit of a mission but well worth the reward for those who can finish it.

33. Big Fat Ladder
On paper this (equal work to rest) HIIT challenge looks easy, but trust me it’s anything but. Especially the cheeky surprise waiting in round 2.

34. Connect 6
In this unusual 50-minute circuit training workout, each player works to connect and create their own unique workout. Slot in your own boot camp exercises be that body weight, equipment based or both.

35. Team Activation
In this mind bending 12-minute challenge, the group must work together to guess a simple 5-digit activation code. There are many hurdles to overcome, but if they can work together (and listen carefully) they might succeed.

36. Hit The Road Jack
A super fun & high energy (5-minute) musical finisher that will leave your clients buzzing for more and telling (anybody who’ll listen) about you.

37. I Just Came To Say Hello
This 5 minute (pick of the week) musical finisher will supercharge your workouts instantly. It’s catchy, fun & surprisingly challenging.

38. The 3rd Element
A killer aerobic workout woven in to a 2-team challenge. Players select their own workouts, attempt to beat the square and work together in the attempt to secure the win.

39. The Chronicles of Riddles
In this epic battle, 2 or more teams compete to solve simple riddles. If it was only that easy. Players are tasked with completing a series of tabata style challenges in order to reduce the end game forfeit that is set for each team at the beginning.

40. Sprint Kings
A fun and creative relay that starts off easy, but is deceptively tough. Teams must work together if they stand any chance of winning this (all or nothing) 3 round challenge. What boot camp exercises will you use?

41. Super Set Grand Daddy
In this individual tabata style workout, players complete a series of superset challenges. If they are successful, they will take on the granddaddy. A mighty task that that will give your clients an amazing sense of achievement when they conquer it.

42. Snatch
This is the ultimate test of reactions and probably the funniest group fitness game you’ll ever play. It’s fast paced, exciting and full of mini wins.

43. 17.1 Resurrection
The ultimate paper, rocks, scissors team game. In the epic battle, the entire team are up against the instructor with just 1 goal. Deflect both forfeits back on the instructor.

44. Bad Ass
In this Olympic style partner challenge, teams have 1 goal. Win a medal. It’s either that of face a forfeit of your choosing.

45. Once We Were Warriors
A killer fitness test that generates a massive EPOC effect. In this gruelling (results driven) HIIT challenge, players must dig deep & finish strong.

46. Make The Grade
½ Mile run. But it’s not that simple. Players are given an expected time to finish based on their fitness level. If they make the grade they’re safe from a forfeit of your choosing.

47. War Time Domination
In this fun challenge, two of more teams complete for world domination.

48. Bad Ass 2
In this partner challenge, Teams are set against each other in a bit of light hearted fun. Only 3 teams will survive so players must work together to avoid the forfeit.

49. Speed Dial
A super fast paced drill which is fun and rewarding. Players have just 8 stations to complete. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

50. Sprint Kings 2 (Extreme Interval)
If there was ever an ultimate interval workout this is it. Designed specifically for results, this energetic (Re-usable template design) challenge will melt away fat & build muscle faster than you can say Abracadabra.

51. Switch 4 Captain Smash
A partner challenges with a twist. In this action-packed challenge, teams are given a set task to complete that continuously changes at the instructors will. It’s fun, fast, tough and extremely unpredictable.

52. The Beast Inside
The fastest yet most difficult finisher drill (mini fitness test) your clients will ever complete. To do well, they’ll have no choice but to summon the beast inside.

Click here for more info on the WDC



P.S There are 100's of boot camp ideas and boot camp exercises for trainers in the WDC. There's also an entire section on fitness marketing strategies. You'll get 7 tried and tested Fitness marketing campaigns so can start using today.


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