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53 Bootcamp Class Ideas


If you find yourself wasting lot’s of time each week searching the net for bootcamp Class Ideas, then I’ve got some suggestions that will help you short cut the process. 53 Fitness Acronyms to be exact.

I use these acronyms for inspiration whenever I’m stuck for bootcamp Class Ideas.

I hope you find them useful.



AMSSAP: As Many Super Sets As Possible: Alternating sets of two different exercises with no rest in between. Give players a set time to complete AMSSAP.

TOR: Types of Relay (individual relay race, team relay, partner relay etc)

TTC: Time Trail Challenge (exercises scattered over a half mile circuit completed for time)

BCC: Bootcamp Chipper Challenge: Bootcamp Chipper Challenge: Teams chip away at a set number of reps. First team to hit zero wins. 

Add This To Your Bootcamp Class Ideas

BAY: Battle Against Yourself (Rep/time based tests where players attempt to beat their own scores)

AHAP: As Hard As Possible (Workout drills that push your clients out of their comfort zone)

EMOM: Every Minute On The Minute (I.e. 10 Burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes) 

TAD: Team Adventure Drills: Scavenger hunt, hare and hounds, story based warm up drills, the gauntlet
(exercises scattered over a 1 mile circular route). 

DRCD: Double Reverse Challenge Drill (tasks are completed forwards then in reverse against the clock)

QCOTS: Quick Change On The Spot: Players complete a series of exercises that are called out by the trainers one at a time. Players switch as quickly as possible. 

DTL: Down The Ladder (descending rep based challenges)

RED: Rapid Engagement Drills (short but very tough high intensity interval drills)

BEFA: Best Effort Fitness Assessment

AMRAP: As Many Reps As Possible (Multiple bootcamp exercises, max reps for time) 

HIID: High Intensity Interval Drills (sprinting combined with static exercises)

SAT: Speed Agility Training (bootcamp agility style drills)

ALSP: As Long As Possible (last man standing type bootcamp drills)

WOD: Workout Of The Day (crossfit style workouts)

ROPE: Rate Of Perceived Exertion: Teams are awarded a score out of 10 for how much effort they appear to be putting in during a set of tasks. Most points wins. 

AMSAP: As Many Sets As Possible (Players have a set time to complete as many sets as possible).

SOC: Switch Over Challenge (This is where 2 players take turns to complete a set number of reps between them)

SOP: Stack On Top: A list of exercises are completed. After each round the time for each exercise increases. Play as many rounds as you see fit. 

AFAP: As Fast As Possible (Max reps with perfect form. Select 1 more more bootcamp exercises. Players try to beat reps set).

PFP: Points For Position (Players are ranked on effort whilst contributing to a team win)

PETU: Points Earned For Time Under (Players score points the more they excel a previous time/score)

COC: Circle Of Commands: Players form a circle and take turns calling out their favourite exercise which is then completed for a set time. 

GTT: Guess The Time (Players guess the time of certain tasks to avoid forfeits)

LAST: Like A Steam Train (short but very tough tests that require lot’s of determination).

HIC: Home Incineration Circuits (interchangeable workout templates suitable for 1-1 PT, groups, home workouts etc)

TEFT: Travelling Exercises For Time (travelling exercise are completes over a set distance for time)

PCC: Partner Competition Challenge (Set challenges played in pairs for points)

WUD: Workouts Using Dice (Integrating with all types of bootcamp class ideas. Games, finishers, circuit training drills etc.) 

More Bootcamp Class Ideas

WUCAT:Workout Using Cards And Tires: I.e. Exercises are written on the cards and the number on each card represents tyre flips (jack, queen, king = 15). 

SED: Speed Endurance Drills: Suicide drills, shuttles sprints, fartlek training, hill sprints, agility drills etc. 

WUTAS: Workouts Using Tyres And Sledge Hammers

CCC: Copy Cat Challenges (Players imitate the instructor/partners as quickly as possible).

BWF: Basic Workout Formulas (Quick ways to design full length bootcamp workouts)

COF: Components of fitness (A simple guide for structuring a complete group training programme)

The 11 Components of Physical  Fitness include:

  1. Agility
  2. Balance
  3. Body Composition
  4. Cardiovascular Endurance
  5. Coordination
  6. Flexibility
  7. Muscular Endurance
  8. Muscular Strength
  9. Power
  10. Reaction Time
  11. Speed

RSS: Reverse Suicide Sprints (Completing forward then in reverse for x number of times)

CTT: Challenge The Tempo (Players are tasked with completing different tasks at various workout tempos)

TUT: Time Under Tension (This involves holding a static position for as long as possible. I.e. plank, squat etc)

BM: Burpee Mile (4 Laps of a running track)

TCC: Team Completion Circuits (A circuit training format where 2 or more teams play for points)

OMF: One Minute Finishers (simple but tough 1 minute finisher drills)

WUG: Warm Up Games (Tag games, sprint games, point based game etc) 

Even More Bootcamp Class Ideas

BED: Best Effort Descending (Players descend down 3 or more exercises in sets of 10 without rest)

TED: Team Elimination Drills (teams or individuals compete in knock out style tournaments)

TCBOO: There Can Be Only One. (In house contests, usually reserved for your fitter bootcampers)

OOHAT: Out of Hours Adventure Training (scheduled activities away from your sessions)

WUC: Workouts Using Coins (Integrating with all types of bootcamp class ideas. Games, finishers, circuit training drills etc.) 

WUSH: Workouts Using Sledge Hammers

TEC: Team Elevation Circuits (These are circuit training challenges designed to be used in conjunction with stairs or hills).

MFD: Musical Finisher Drills (YMCA, Thunder struck, Moby, sally etc) 

COPS: Challenges On Printed Sheets: Puzzles, snakes and ladders, crosswords, hang man, word match, monopoly, dot to dot, spot the difference, cluedo etc)

MB DRILLS: Movement based drills (These are inventive ways for moving your group around the park to the next location)

GIB: Group Ice Breakers 

So, there you go, 53 bootcamp Class Ideas that you can use as inspiration for your workouts. 

If you have any fitness acronyms I haven’t mentioned then comment below and let me know.

Btw – You can find all my creations over in the Workout Design Club.



53 Bootcamp Class Ideas




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