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Hi, I'm Leon, a British Commando turned bootcamp instructor 

I remember my first bootcamp session like it was yesterday. 15 eager participants who had just finished work, looking tired, miserable and fed up. 

I started the session with a fun team warm-up then stood bewildered as everybody sprung to life in fits of laugher and giggles. I couldn't believe my eyes.

From that moment I understood the importance of making fitness fun, and the incredible impact it has on team bonding, motivation, performance, retention, client referrals, reputation, and the list goes on. 

Since that day I have dedicated my time to helping group fitness trainers design better sessions, so they can run a popular bootcamp filled with fun, energy and excitement. 

And that why I created.. 

The Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle

The Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle is for outdoor group trainers who love keeping their sessions fresh and fun, but don't always have the time to keep coming up with new ideas.

The Ultimate Warm Up Games Collection

150 Fun, challenging and creative team games 

The warm-up is the most important part of your workout because it sets the tone for the rest of the session. Magnetic warm-up games are designed to create a fun and energetic team atmosphere from the start of every session, so your clients can bond as a team and perform better. 

Great team building fun..

I’m delighted with these warm-up games. Great team building fun, adaptable for all groups and suitable for all fitness levels.

Leanne Murphy, JustStrong, South Australia

The Ultimate Circuit Training Collection

80 Fun Circuit Formats That Will 'DRAMATICALLY' Spice Up Your Sessions

Although circuits are an extremely effective way to train groups, they can soon get boring, predictable and lack fun. Circuit Training Secrets changes that by giving you a wide selection of fun circuit training formats that get your clients talking, and spreading the word about how amazing your camp is. Value: $120

The variety is off the chart..

I run a very popular bootcamp and my classes are always booked solid. Your workout concepts and ideas are really fantastic and have been very inspirational to me. There is no way I would have delivered such popular bootcamps without your influence. Team circuit secrets is mind boggling to say the least. The variety is of the chart. It's crazy.

Leanne Murphy, Just Strong, Adelaide, South Australia

The Ultimate Fun Team Challenges Collection

84 Fun Challenges That Promote Team Work And Camaraderie

Team work makes the dream work. In this stunning collection of fun team challenges, you'll discover how to keep your sessions fresh and fun without spending countless hours searching the internet for random drills. These unique challenges are designed to promote team bonding which will motivate your clients to perform better.

Great team building fun..

I’m delighted. Great team building fun, adaptable for all groups and suitable for all fitness levels.

Leanne Murphy, Just Strong, Adelaide, South Australia

The Ultimate Bootcamp Games Collection

150 Fun And Challenging Bootcamp Games

Team games are the best way to improve your boot camp sessions, increasing motivation, performance, and best of all, improving team cohesion. If you can keep your clients happy and entertained, not only will your retention improve dramatically, but you'll create an army of loyal fans who will spread the word and promote your classes for you.

They're making my classes very popular..

Your fun team games are playing a vital role in the growth of my bootcamp and they're making my classes very popular. I have 74 clients on my books now and it’s all thanks to you.

Paul Davis - Military Fitness, UK

The Ultimate Song Finishers Collection

Tap Into The Power Of Music And Take Your Workouts To The next Level

Song finishers have the power to transform your workouts from mundane to high-energy fun instantly. When you nail the fun part of your session with good vibe energisers, you give your clients something to rave about. You get 52 song finishers using a wide selection of fun and upbeat songs, plus 52 (fill in the blanks) templates, so you can build your own fun song finishers by slotting your own unique exercises.

They go home oh so happy..

I love to take my clients out of their comfort zone, and leave them with a really fulfilled feeling. That kind of training can not go without good vibe energisers, and thats why I love Leon's song finishers so much. If I finish with a happy song, familiar tune, or say an explosive beat, my clients go home tired, but oh so happy. They have created a real buzz around my business. 

Stacey Grass, YouNomi Fitness, Netherlands


16 Fun and innovative HIIT templates that helps fitness trainers design incredibly effective session plans in minutes.

Each formula builds over 100 powerful HIIT Workouts that can be be programmed with bodyweight exercises, equipment-based or a mixture of both".

"I truly love E3MOM! There is so much variety and many possibilities for creating strength training workouts, HIIT challenges, cardio-based drills and more".

Kim Carnes owner of Balance Bootcamp USA 

Unique Group Ideas

Unique group fitness ideas is a collection of fun workout challenges designed to take care of the main part of your session. Mix and match to your hearts content to create full length workouts in minutes.

1 Cone Workouts

A while back I ran a competition (14 Trainers entered) for the most innovative workout using a single cone and nothing else. You will be amazed at what we created. On those days when you don't feel like lugging your equipment around, these creative bodyweight workouts are perfect. 

Unique Bootcamp Workouts 2.0

The Ultimate Group Training System

161 Creative Group Ideas - Mix And Match System

This is the very first product I created for group trainers (it sold for $197). These are the same ideas that took my bootcamp from 0-125+ members within 6-months, and helped to position my business as the go to place for a fun and effective workout. 

Partner Cheat Sheet

Fun partner drills are a great way to promote client bonding. You’ll get 10 powerful workout formats that you can change up by adding in your own exercises. This gives you 100's of possible workouts for endless fun. 

Acronym Cheat Sheet

One of the greatest assets you can have in your trainer toolbox is variety, because without it, you'll eventually get bored and so will your clients. That's why I created the Acronym cheat sheets.

I'll show you how to build stunning workouts (PT & bootcamp) using 62 unique acronyms. You'll get all example workouts plus a proven plan that will take your workout programme to a new level of awesomeness. 

Group Boxing System 

Boxing is a great skill to teach your clients because it can give them the confidence to defend themselves if necessary. 

Sean’s complete boxing system gives you 50 fun and creative boxing workouts, so you can add more variety to your group training programming, meaning your clients will stay hooking on sessions and refer friends. 

Author: Sean T McCrory - Rebel Fitness - Australia  

Kick-Ass Finisher Drills 

Kick-Ass Finisher Drills gives you the power to finish every session on a high, so your clients stay hooked. You get 32 Metabolic conditioning finishers designed to elevate your body’s fat burning potential and get results. 

Warrior Circuits 

A selection of 10 unique circuit formats you can deploy almost instantly without much explaining. They're fun, super effective and extremely flexible. Best of all, you can slot in your own exercises, be that bodyweight, equipment based, or both).  

Online Fitness Challenges Mega Bundle

12 Done For You 30 Day Online Fitness Challenges

Fun 30 Day challenges are a fantastic way to keep your clients engaged. This incredible mega bundle gives you an entire years worth of fun 30 day challenges, so you can add more variety to your training programme. These challenges are perfect for online trainers, bootcamps and PT. Value: $197

Battle Rounds 

Put your clients through some of the most effective HIIT drills I have ever created. We all know the power of HIIT, but these drills take it one step further. You get 10 high-intensity finishers designed to challenge your clients, so they never leave your sessions needing more. They are also design around unique theme ideas, so your clients work hard while having fun.

Interval Formulas 

32 (Fill in the blanks) HIIT workout formulas that lets you build stunningly effective workouts (pt and group) in seconds. These secret formulas fuse all types of different training methods together giving your workouts a unique level of variety. 

Master Joker Series 

One of the best tactics you can use to keep your clients hooked on your workouts is to finish with something fun. The Master Joker Series is a set of 7 unique challenges allowing you to finish each session with a creative twist. There are 7 reusable workout tactics that will make every workout a blinding success for years to come.   

Bootcamp ideas

Ninja Playbook 

The Ninja Workout Playbook is a collection of 42 HIT templates and finishers and help group trainers and 1-1 PT design fun incredibly effective workout challenges, fast! 

Simply slot in your own exercises (bodyweight, equipment based, or both) and create the perfect challenges tailored specifically to your clients needs. 

Bootcamp Olympics

Bring the Olympics to your bootcamp with these fun team building workouts. They require zero equipment. They are easy to explain, and they're loads with fun. You can use these creative challenges all year round. 

NEW: Ultimate Swipe File 

Having the power to whip up a fun and effective group workout ‘lightning fast’ is extremely convenient when you live a busy life. 

QuickFire Hero gives you 102 creative group drills spread over 10 unique cheat sheets that you can print out and keep with you at all times, providing you with inspiration no matter where you find yourself planning workouts. 

Limited Time Bonuses

When you purchase the Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle before the timer

hits zero, you'll also get access to these incredible bonuses worth over $500.

Sales Funnel Blueprint

Imagine what your business would look like if you had an automated sales funnel in place that does the selling for you? 

You'll discover, the simple, easy, and effective way to set up a real sales funnel for your business. 

While your competition is plugging away running their business without a funnel or spending sleepless nights trying to figure out how to build one, you could be sneaking in like a ninja stealing their customers, leads, and profits right from under their noses using the methods taught in this course!

Online Lead Machine 

With the current crisis, more and more trainers are turning to online training. In this incredible training, I'll show you how to generate unlimited online leads without spending a penny on marketing. 

"I just wanted to send you a quick message to say a big thank you for your online lead machine that I have implemented into my business. I got 250+ join the private group. After using your sales template, I now have 60+ paying clients following my Fit in 20 programme. Thank you so much".

Alison Marron (B-FIT Bootcamp UK)


The Home Run Copywriting Course 

How frustrating is it when you can’t find the right words to promote your PT & group fitness classes? 

In this (4 hour) video training you'll learn how to write sales copy that sells. Imagine having the ability to craft irresistible offers to your target market, and get the word out about your services in the most effective way possible. Copywriting is an essential skill that will benefit your business forever. 

Bootcamp Marketing Playbook

Discover: My top 10 fitness marketing strategies that have personally netted me over 600 bootcamp clients. 

You'll also get an in-depth (how to) action plan that walks you through each strategy. If you implement just one of these strategies, your business would double in size almost overnight.

The Bootcamp Marketing Playbook is worth more than everything on this page because it gives you the skills to grow a highly profitable business. It has been a game changer for 100's of trainers, and it can be for you too. 

NEW: DFY: 30-Day Clean Eating Course

My done for you clean eating course will teach your clients how to eat clean for life, so they get better results from your training, and live a happier, healthier life.

This 'done for you' nutrition course is re-brandable

and you can put your name as the author.  

You can either run it as a 30-day clean eating challenge, or you can offer it as a free or paid course to increase the value of your current membership. 

This course would cost you around $2000 to have created. Today you can get for free when you invest in the Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle. 

"I created this course when I became a fully qualified diet and nutrition advisor. Each daily lesson covers a different area of diet and nutrition, so your clients can learn in bite size chunks" Leon Melnicenko

5000 Fitness Image Quotes

Do you struggle to find engaging content for your Facebook/social media platforms? Well, not anymore. 

I'm giving you my personal collection of 5000 Fitness/motivational image quotes. This gives you tons of fresh and engaging content you can deploy instantly to motivate your tribe. It's a huge time saver. 

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    A Lifetime of Fun Ideas For One Low Investment 

    1. Song Finishers Vol 1 ($30)

    2. Song Finishers Vol 2 ($30)

    3. Song Templates Vol 1 ($30)

    4. Song Templates Vol 2 ($30)

    5. E3MOM ($30)

    6. Group Fitness Ideas ($30)

    7. One Cone Workouts ($30)

    8. Partner Cheat Sheet ($30)

    9. Kick-Ass Ninja Dice ($30)

    10. Kick-Ass Ninja Coins ($30)

    11. Acronyms ($30) 

    12. Kick-Ass Finishers ($30)

    13. Warrior Circuits ($30)

    14. Battle Rounds ($30)

    15. Interval Formulas ($30)

    16. Master Joker ($30)

    17. Game Secrets Vol 1 ($30)

    18. Game Secrets Vol 2 ($30)

    19. Game Secrets Vol 3 ($30)

    20. Game Secrets Vol 4 ($30)

    21. Game Secrets Vol 5 ($30)

    22. Game Secrets Vol 6 ($30)

    23. Game Secrets Vol 7 ($30)

    24. Rocket Ball ($30)

    25. Beast Protocol ($30)

    26. Sledge Hammer ($19)

    27. Team Drills ($19) ($30)

    28. Team Challenges ($30)

    29. Team Circuits ($30)

    30. Team Games ($30)

    31. Partner Drills ($30)

    32. Solo Challenges ($30)

    33. Fitness Tests ($30)

    34Kick-Ass Cards ($30)

    35. Kick-Ass Champion ($30)

    36. Finisher drills ($30)

    37. Circuit Secrets 1 ($30)

    38. Circuit Secrets 2 ($30)

    39. Circuit Secrets vol 3 ($30)

    40. Circuit Secrets vol 4 ($30)

    41. Ultimate Swipe File ($30)

    42. Online Challenges ($30)

    43. Olympic Challenges ($30)

    44Fitness Tests ($30)

    45. Olympic Challenges ($30)

    46. Ninja Playbook ($30)

    47. Boxing system ($30)

    48Fitness Tests ($30)

    49Fitness Tests ($30)

    50. Ninja Playbook ($30)

    51. Online Lead Mach ($197)

    52. Copy Course ($197)

    53. Sales Funnel B-print ($97)

    54. Marketing Playbook ($97)

    55. 5000 ImageQuotes ($197)

    56. Clean Eating Course ($297)

    Total value: $2597

    This Ultra Time Saving Bundle Is Just $197 $97 

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    This Flash Sale End s In...

    If, for any reason, you don't like these amazing products, you can get a full refund anytime within 365 days of your your purchase. Thats how confident I am that this bundle will help you to create better workouts.  If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you until you get the results you need, or give you a swift refund. 

    To your continued success..

    Leon Melnicenko

    After leaving the British Royal Marines in 2013, Leon used his qualifications as a PT & group fitness trainer to open his first bootcamp (Sound Fitness Team Training).

    Leons unique approach of designing effective workouts that are cleverly disguised as fun allowed him to grow Sound Fitness to over 100 members in 2 locations, mainly through word of mouth."

    Leon lives in Spain where he met his fiancé Sophie. They have 2 beautiful daughters, Alba & Lili. He is the owner and CEO of the Workout Design Club and runs the popular blog, Unique Bootcamp Workouts

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