October 8

Bootcamp Running Drills – Run Thunder


Bootcamp running drills are a great way to add extra variety to your group training programme. And the good news it, there are tons of different bootcamp running drills. 

  • Tag games
  • British bulldog
  • Sprints (100m, 200m, 400m)
  • Relays
  • Timed 1-miler
  • Fartlek
  • Agility drills
  • Indian run
  • Assault course
  • Hurdles
  • Etc

These are all great examples of fun bootcamp running drills that you can use to break up your class and make your sessions more dynamic and exciting. 

I created the following running drill to give me extra motivation while out running. Give it a go, then see if your clients would like to complete it. 

Below this video, I will detail how this drill can be adapted, so you can use it in your next group training session. But first, you'll need to watch the following video training which is only 2-minutes 50 seconds. 


To adapt this drill, mark out a large running circuit (not too big) then set your interval timer for 100 rounds of 1-minute work, 0 seconds rest.

Players complete 10 laps of the circuit. Each time the timer beeps (every minutes), players stop and complete 5 burpees. The quicker players complete the challenge, the fewer burpees they will end up doing. 

What bootcamp running drills do you like to use? Let me know in the comments. 


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