August 30

New Bootcamp Training Ideas This Month Over In The Workout Design Club


Each week over in the Workout Design Club, I update the member's area with 12 brand new bootcamp training ideas.

This is so outdoor group trainers can design more enjoyable workouts for their clients, and have more fun doing what they love. 

These awesome updates are an opportunity for you too.

  • Plan more exciting workouts (covid friendly), so your clients don't get bored and leave.
  • Learn new skills and training concepts, so you have an advantage over the other bootcamps in your area.
  • Save time, so you can focus on 100% on growing your business.

If you're new to the Workout Design Club, here's how it works. 

Search for the type of bootcamp training ideas you want. You can filter by workout type, workout style & drill time.

Our advanced search engine filters through over 2500 bootcamp training ideas to instantly display what you’re looking for. 

You can also save your favourite bootcamp training ideas, ask questions and print. You can also request specific workouts for us to create.

This Months WDC Update Features 48 Fun Bootcamp Training Ideas

Each week I update the WDC with 12 brand new bootcamp training ideas.

Thats 48 fun and creative drills each month, meaning you'll always have great ideas to keep your clients entertained and coming back for more. 

New bootcamp training ideas this month. 

  • Win Crazy: Team game - 12 minutes
  • $100 Smash: Fun warm-up - 10 minutes
  • Stretch Circuit: Circuit concept - 35 minutes
  • Travel Master: Circuit concept - 40 minutes
  • Ultimate Ninja: Circuit concept - 30 minutes
  • Thunder Circuit: Concept - 45 minutes
  • Kill The Grid: Circuit concept - 50 minutes
  • Tabata Trumps: Team challenge - 30-minutes
  • Extreme G-Force: Fun fitness Test - 15 minutes
  • Advanced Trooper: Circuit concept - 40 minutes
  • Judge Dread: Team game - 12 minutes
  • Iso Frenzy: Finisher concept - 21 minutes
  • Devil Sprint: Team challenge - 15-minutes
  • Mountain Goat: Team challenge - 15-minutes 
  • Cat and Mouse: Team game - 15-minutes
  • The Business: Song finisher - 5-minutes
  • No Contest: Team game - 15-minutes
  • Super Hooper: Circuit concept - 30 minutes
  • Stacks to Win: Team challenge - 30 minutes
  • Champions League: Fun partner workout - 40 minutes
  • Next Level Turbo: Finisher concept - 21 minutes
  • Speed Target 1: Team game - 15-minutes
  • Speed Target 2: Team game - 15-minutes
  • Next Level Song Finishers: Song finisher - 5-minutes
  • Olympic Relay: Partner game - 10 minutes
  • EMOM Link Circuit: EMOM concept - 45 minutes
  • Shooter: Team game - 15 minutes 
  • RPS Blitz: Fun warm-up - 10 minutes 
  • Piece of Your Heart: Song finisher - 5 minutes 
  • Burn Baby Burn: Song finisher - 5 minutes 
  • HIT Buggles: Song finisher - 5 minutes
  • Big Yeti: Partner Challenge - 23 minutes 
  • Special Edit: Song finisher - 10 minutes 
  • Psycho Circuit: Circuit concept - 40 minutes 
  • Blitz My Run: Team Game - 12 minutes 
  • Super Shock: Team Challenge - 35 minutes
  • Tic Tac Toe Agility: Team game - 10 minutes
  • Run Devil: Team game - 7 minutes
  • Double Hero: Team game - 7 minutes
  • Dial It Down: Fun Team concept 15 minutes
  • One Championship: Team game -10 minutes
  • Mountain Climber: Team challenge - 7 minutes
  • A Terrible Beast: EMOM concept, 16-minutes
  • Four Dragons: Circuit concept - 38 minutes
  • Apocalypse Two: Circuit concept - 40 minutes
  • Reverse Relay: Team game - 10 minutes
  • Two-Part Drama: Circuit concept 40 minutes
  • Delete The Stack: Team building - 30 minutes

This Months Video Training

As a member of the Workout Design Club, you'll also have access to the video training hub where you'll learn the hottest group training techniques & creative workout concepts not taught anywhere else. 

New video training this month.

Training 1: Next Level Song Finishers

Song finishers are some of my favourite bootcamp training ideas, and If you're not using them to liven up your classes, you're missing a trick.

Finishing your class with a happy song, a familiar tune, or, say an explosive beat, is one of the best ways to keep your clients coming back for more.

Here are a couple of my favourite songs that I have created song workouts around, and you can too. 

  • The giver by Duke Dumont
  • 2. Ella Eyre & Meghan Trainor
  • 3. Can’t stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake

How Song Finishers Work

There are songs (like the ones above) where certain words or phrases repeat. You start with a baseline activity like jogging on the spot, then, when you hear the word or phrase repeat you complete a set action.

This could be a burpee, a shuttle sprint, 5 push-ups etc.

With the right songs, these fun bootcamp training ideas can be incredibly entertaining. So far, I'm up to 109 song finishers that can be found over in the Workout Design Club.

A New Type of Song Finisher

Song finishers are fun, but did you know they can be turned into 'even more fun' bootcamp training ideas with a few simple tweaks.

In todays video training inside the WDC, I'm going to show you how, so you can make your workouts even more enjoyable for your clients.

Because happier clients = better retention and more referrals.

Training 2: Stack To Win 

In Stacks to Win, you'll discover a gamified Accumulator workout that will turn any session into a frenzy of fun instantly! 

Accumulator workouts are great for training muscular strength and endurance for a fully body workout. You can also include a cardio based elements (such a shuttle sprints) for extra cardio conditioning. 

In Stacks To Win, you'll discover a fun gamified accumulator workout that will turn any session into a frenzy of fun instantly. 

Training 3: Devil Sprints 

Sprint drills are a great addition to a group training programme because the benefits of sprinting are endless. It's an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Some of the benefits include..

  • Increases your stamina
  • Increases strength, power and speed
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • It burns lot's of calories

With Devil Sprints, you'll discover how to incorporate sprinting into your group training programme in a fun and engaging way.

Fun sprinting drills are some of my favourite bootcamp training ideas because they're both fun and super effective. 

Training 4: Speed Target  

Speed target is a fun throwing game that incorporates sprinting. Players attempt to hit targets by throwing bean bags.

Throwing bean bags (which can be found on Amazon) can be used to design all types of bootcamp games and fun group activities. Add them to your bootcamp equipment

How To Design Better Group Workouts Using These Bootcamp Training Ideas 

Bootcamp ideas

There are over 2500 fun bootcamp training ideas over in the WDC. To design a fun group workout, simply mix and match the drills however you like which is quick and simple. 

From there, you can use our extensive video exercise library to select the perfect exercises that suit your clients needs. 

Instead of struggling to find fun bootcamp training ideas each week for your sessions, try the Workout Design Club. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for checking out this update. 

Leon Melnicenko 


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