June 19

Bootcamp Warm Up Games For Busy Group Trainers


This weeks Workout Design Club update features a stunning collection of fun bootcamp warm up games, circuit training ideas, bootcamp finisher games and a wide variety of bootcamp ideas designed to keep your clients happy.

The truth is, It's very difficult to keep your sessions consistently amazing week after week, month after month. Even if you can, it's going to steal your time and leave you mentally exhausted. This is where the Workout Design Club comes in.

Here's what group trainer Sharon Jackson had to say.

"Hi Leon! The Workout Design Club is awesome and I love how it puts the "fun" in the workouts. You're bootcamp drills are so creative! Thank you and where can I write a testimonial for you?"

See, although the WDC is designed to save you a lot of time and stress, and give you the tools to stand out as uniquely different from the competition (so you get more clients). It's also for YOU! So you can have more fun doing what you love.

Here's whats new

12 Bootcamp Warm Up Games And A Killer Selection Of Bootcamp Workout Ideas

Bootcamp warm up games

Carry On Soldier: Crossed between a traditional circuit training workout and a triple tired circuit, this tough bootcamp challenge is design to work the entire body with a wide range of bootcamp exercises. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, it’s a killer.

Hero Zero: In this fun bootcamp game, points are the enemy as players try in vain to ditch them. It’s fun, fast and chaotic. Best of all, there are so many bootcamp warm up games you can create using this simple bootcamp finisher.

Donkey Kong: Based on the popular kids computer game, players compete against Kong in a series of bootcamp warm up games. With time against them, it will take some doing to destroy Kong, which can only be achieved as a team.

Triple Smack: Dubbed the ultimate team building workout,  players battle their way through 5 rounds of torment. There are tons of bootcamp workout ideas you can create using this fun workout formula. 

I Am Monster: Aka the ultimate HIIT circuit training workout. Set over 4 rounds, this very tough 50 minute challenge gets progressively harder as time goes on. The will to succeed is the only thing that can get you through it. Expect to burn an insane number of calories.

Damage Control: An EMOM (every minute on the minute) like you have never seen it. In this tough 20 minute EMOM workout, the goal is to keep a set pace or risk being demoted. You'll get lots of bootcamp class ideas from this one.

Hopper Looper: You’ll need 2 hula hoops to play these fun bootcamp games. I can promise you it will be well worth is. Set over 5 rounds, teams battle for top place in the hula championships. 

Special Forces HIIT: In this 30 minute full body workout, players are tasked with completing 3 unique HIT workouts designed to designed to build strength and cardiovascular endurance. This workout concept can also be turned in to a series of fun bootcamp warm up games with a little tweak. 

Triple Switch Devil: In this quirky partner workout, if either player slacks off the work load becomes greater. It’s a such a great way to get players working hard and burning a ton of calories in a fun environment. 

Art of War: I have designed hundreds of bootcamp warm up games but this is by far the most exciting. In this extremely fast paced team building game designed to test agility and reaction time, players are at war as they fire back and forth to destroy each other.

Combat Cardio: The fun is this bootcamp game comes from its unpredictability as players battle to keep their lives intact. You just never know what might happen, or who will win. This is also a great warm up game for kids in you train them.

Big Fat Burner Relay: Another fun packed team game designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and agility. It’s a very deceiving game because it starts off to easy. But as you’ll see, it’s anything but. May the best team win.

Last Weeks Warm Up Games

 And Fun Group Fitness Ideas

bootcamp workout games

Go Go Snickers: Incase you missed last weeks WDC update here it is. It's filled with all different types of outdoor bootcamp warm up games and fun bootcamp ideas I think your clients will love. 

Resurrection Hero: These are not just warm up games and challenges for adults. If you train kids they will work just as well. Just be sure to modify the exercises.

Fast Furious: This is arguably the best educational bootcamp game you will see this year. Not only is it super fun, but it’s super tough at the same time. It’s one of those warm up games that will be talked about for years to come.

Toilet Tag: In this thrilling warm up game designed around speed and agility, players are allowed to re-spawn 3 times before they are completely destroyed. The last player standing wins.

Super Mario Kart: Dubbed the ultimate relay game, players are required to make small contributions in order to keep the main activity flowing. The team that finds the best rhythm will likely win. 

Chaos Switch: A simple tag game that you can use to start or finish any bootcamp workout in style. It’s fun, fast and a lot harder than it sounds. May the best team win. If you're a teacher this is a great warm up game for P.E.

Super Crush: In this exciting warm up game there are not enough coins to go around as players battle through 10 rounds of unpredictability. For some it will be for nothing, and for other it will be for glory.

Countdown: Based on the popular UK TV programme countdown, teams work together to create words. Cleverly fused with a series of Tabata protocols, it’s a hard as it is fun. You can make tons of different bootcamp warm up games and drills using this exciting concept. 

Battle Matrix: In this super fun team game you can only win the top prize by drawing with your opponents. Expect lots of laughs and giggles with this one.

Square Density: In this high energy warm up workout, players react as quickly as they can to series of simple commands. It sounds easy but when you’re physically stuck together it’s a completely different story.

Switch Killers: Switch killers is a very tough HIIT challenge set over 50 continuous rounds. As the challenge goes’ on players are given to the power to build their own workout. Giving your clients this type of power is highly motivating and will spar them on to the finish line.

Bullet Train: In this endurance based fitness test, players are tasked with completing 10 random rounds for time. 100% effort is required to complete this challenge. 

Unique Bootcamp Workouts

Weekly Round Up

Boot camp challenges

Over the last few week in my daily emails we covered the following topics. 

  • A bootcamp workout you will only  try once (if at all)
  • Bootcamp warm up games Inspired by Peppa Pig
  • Fun warm up games using pool noodles
  • The spring bear mini fitness test
  • How to select your bootcamp exercises like a boss
  • Bingo bootcamp anybody?
  • 300 Bootcamp exercise ideas

A Bootcamp Workout You 

Will Only Try Once (if at all)

Last week I read that a Canadian woman set a new world record by holding the plank exercise for a staggering 4 hour's and 20 minutes. The mens record is even longer at over 8 hours.

I literally can't think of anything more tedious, well, apart from watching paint dry. I mean just think of the training involved. At absolute max I could probably do 7 minutes, possibly 8 if I had a gun to my head.

How about you? At the end of the day. "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you". So I get why people do this sort of stuff. 


A workout idea popped in to my head when I read the article, so if you like the plank exercise, this is for you. Or you can use it with your clients. 

Title: Plank Accumulator

Time: 10 Minutes

Equipment: 2 Stop watch's (one to time the event, the other to time rest breaks)

Method: Hold the plank exercise for 10 minutes. Each time you rest start the stop watch then stop it when you're ready to plank again. When the the challenge is over you should have accumulated a total rest time on your stop watch (unless you had no rest breaks). For every seconds your rested, complete 1 burpee. I.e. If you rested for a total of 30 seconds, complete 30 burpees.

Give it a go with your clients.  

Bootcamp Warm Up Games 

Inspired By Peppa Pig

bootcamp warm up games

Like most toddlers, our daughter is obsessed with Peppa Pig. In fact, I must have seen every episode at least 100 times. In yesterdays episode Peppa was at a birthday party playing kids games. 2 of which stood out as being potential ideas to build  fun bootcamp warm up games around.

  1. Musical statues
  2. Pass the parcel

What do you think? Today I created a new group workout idea called Statues Supreme, which is my take on musical statues, but without the music. It's a very very funny game that I guarantee will have your clients in stitches.

If you're a Workout Design Club member please login and type Statues Supreme in to the search engine. Not yet a member, Click Here To Join.

Go and put todays awesome bootcamp ideas to the test.

Fun Bootcamp Warm Up Games

Using Pool Noodles

fun warm up games

This week we took Alba toy shopping. Once she saw the pool noodles that was it. She was infatuated. I can see lot's of potential creating bootcamp warm up games around these noodles.

  • Tag games
  • Hurdles
  • Whack a mole
  • Agility drills
  • Reaction drills
  • Relay races
  • Etc

Or how about the Grand National (horse racing event UK). AWESOME!

The team game I came up with is called Totally Noodled. In this fun 12 minute HIIT workout, the more effort your opponent put's in, the harder it gets for you.

It's a very cool bootcamp game I guarantee your clients will absolutely love. If you're a Workout Design Club member please login and type Totally Noodled in to the search engine.

Spring Bear Mini Fitness Test

About a year ago I made one of the worst business investment of my life. I invested in a product called Vooplayer which is a video hosting/marketing platform. It looked amazing, until I start using it.

I won't bore you with the details, but I will say avoid it at all costs. I have now moved all 300 bootcamp exercises to a new video player that you can find over in the Workout Design Club. 

When I was moving the exercises over I noticed an exercise called Spring Bear, and instantly had an idea on how to plug it in to a fun fitness test. 

Title: Spring Bear Bootcamp Challenge

Mark out a 5m distance (6 ½ foot steps). Each 5m crawl is 1 reps. Based on your clients ability, they complete the following for time.

  • Advanced: 100 reps
  • Intermediate: 70 reps
  • Beginners: 55 reps

Write down all the times and repeat the test in a future trainings session. Players attempt to beat their score. You don't have to conduct this drill for time. You can just use it as a normal finisher drill. 

Bootcamp Exercises, And How To

Select Them Like A Boss

Trying to find enough new bootcamp exercises to keep your clients happy can seem like an endless search. That's why we created the Titan Video Exercise Library. 

As a group trainer, there are 2 main things that will eat up most of your time. 

  • 1. Designing fun bootcamp ideas
  • 2. Carefully selecting the right bootcamp exercises

You can now design your workouts in a matter of minutes. It's going to save you a lot of time and give you the power to pack lot's of variety in to each new workout. 

Craft Fun Bootcamp Warm Up Games Using Bingo, Top Trumps, Uno And More..

I was down the Chinese shop buying my light bulbs (as you do) when I noticed a couple of games in the kids section.

  • Top trumps
  • Ludo
  • Dominoes
  • Uno
  • Connect 4
  • Chess
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Jenga

And a full on Bingo set.

All great inspiration for getting creative with your bootamp workouts. Yesterday I received an email from a group trainer asking for advice on how to create/structure new workouts for her group.

Part of her email reads..

"Trying to come up with new stuff all the time is a massive drainer"

It's so true isn't it? The reality is, if you want to stand out and attract more clients, you've got to bring something fresh and new to your local community.

I can't stress that enough. This means talking the time to create your own unique bootcamp ideas, or short cutting the process by joining the WDC.

group fitness ideas

I want you to think about it this way. I can almost guarantee that most of the fitness trainers in your area rely exclusively on Google/Social media for free workout ideas.

Here's why thats a bad idea.

What they're really doing (without realising) is blending in and making it almost impossible for themselves to get noticed. It's like if you have 100 restaurants in your area but one of them has 3 Michelin stars.

Which is going to get more attention? Exactly!

When you start using the Workout Design Club you're going to see a huge shift in how people perceive your bootcamp. That's a promise.

If you're a Workout Design Club member please login and type Battlefield Bingo in to the search engine. Or type Bingo and all the bingo workout will show. 

12 Ingenious Bootcamp Workout Ideas

Using A Deck of Cards

bootcamp ideas using playing cards

Today is the release of my new workout design course.. The Ninja Card System

In this 12 part video training I'm going to teach you how to craft super fun 1-1 personal training using a deck of cards. You'll learn 12 unique systems that will give you the wow factor over all the other fitness trainers in your area. That's a promise.

These exciting personal training workouts will give your clients no other choice but to spread the word about how brilliant a trainer you are. You'll enjoy more referrals, better retention and 12 repeatable systems that will put your skills on a different level.

No other fitness course can teach you these essential skills, so get it now before this special launch price triples. Here's the good news.

You can access the full course for FREE as a WDC member.

Want More Fun Bootcamp Workout Routines And Creative Bootcamp Ideas? Hit Play!

When you start your free trial of the Workout Design Club, you will..

  • Have more time on your hands
  • Have more energy to work on your biz
  • Have more fun doing what you love
  • Have much happier clients
  • Stand out as uniquely different

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you inside the WDC soon. 



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