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Kari Merrill, Western Racket, USA

"My Clients Are Loving These Workouts".

Dear Trainer

To run popular fitness classes, it's crucial to deliver workouts that are both enjoyable and effective, and that's why we created the Bootcamp Career Bundle.

With over 2000 unique workouts at your disposal, you can shift your focus towards efficiently running your business, rather than spending countless hours brainstorming, planning, and searching for new workout ideas.

Section 1: Value $2300

14 Powerful Workouts Bundles

The Complete Sure Victory Collection 

With over 40,000 copies sold worldwide, this absolute powerhouse contains 803 extremely effective workouts suitable for all abilities. 

  • Sure Victory Vol 1
  • Sure Victory Vol 2
  • Sure Victory Vol 3
  • Sure Victory Vol 4
  • K-bell Condition Drills Vol 1
  • K-bell Condition Drills Vol 1
  • Ultimate K-Bell Training Guide

The Ultimate Periodisation System 

4x 12-week programs (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter), each season crafted using periodisation training principles.

This scientific approach involves manipulating training variables - load, sets, and repetitions - to optimise training adaptations and prevent overtraining. 

With these carefully structured programs, your fitness clients will experience a balanced and varied workout programme, keeping them engaged and challenged throughout the year.

  • 4x 12 Week Programmes
  • 56 Hot Finishers
  • 12 Beach Style Workouts

The Ultimate Circuit Training Collection 

A massive collection of over 200 unique and creative circuits that will keep your workouts fresh and interesting. 

  • Super Circuits Vol 1 
  • Super Circuits Vol 2
  • Super Circuits Vol 3
  • Super Circuits Vol 4
  • Super Circuits Vol 5
  • K-bell Circuits Vol 1
  • K-bell Circuits Vol 2
  • Turbo Circuits  Vol 1

The Ultimate Bootcamp Games Collection

Plan more enjoyable workouts with our collection of over 130 engaging bootcamp games.

Proven in a highly successful group training business, these games blend fun with fitness, ensuring your classes are both enjoyable and effective.

Perfect for all fitness levels and adaptable to any setting, they're designed to boost energy, encourage teamwork, and keep your participants motivated. 

  • Bootcamp Games 1 
  • Bootcamp Games 2 
  • Bootcamp Games 3 
  • Bootcamp Games 4
  • Bootcamp Games 5 
  • Bootcamp Games 6

Total Body Reset - Complete 4-Month Training System  

In 2023 over 200 fitness trainers took part in Total Body Reset, a 4-month training programme that produced incredible results. 

I have incorporated a diverse range of proven training formats and unique exercises to ensure each workout has a fresh and engaging feel.

  • 64x 30-minute workouts
  • 64 fun finishers. 

Leons Template Library 

Workout templates are proven to save time, reduce stress and improve productivity. With these cleverly crafted HIT/HIIT templates, you can craft thousands of fun and result-focused workouts by slotting in your favourite exercises, be that body weight, equipment or a combination of both. 

  • 76 Unique Challenges

Song Finishers Mega Collection

Song finishers have the power to transform your workouts from mundane to high-energy fun instantly.

By incorporating these good-vibe energisers, you not only enhance the enjoyment of your workouts but also create memorable moments your clients will be excited to share.

I have also included my entire collection of song templates so you can create hundreds of song finishers drills by slotting in your favourite exercises. 

  • Song Finishers Vol 1
  • Song Finishers Vol 2
  • Song Finishers Vol 3
  • Song Finishers Vol 4
  • Song Templates Vol 1
  • Song Templates Vol 2
  • Song Templates Vol 3
  • Song Templates Vol 4

Complete with cheat sheets and playlists for easy deployment. 

Home Programme Design Mastery 

Introducing Home Programme Design Mastery: your ultimate guide to crafting engaging and effective home fitness programs.

This course empowers fitness trainers with the skills to create fun, results-driven workouts that cater to clients anywhere, anytime.

With a focus on versatility and innovation, you'll learn how to design personalised fitness plans that not only achieve goals but also keep clients motivated and excited about their fitness journey from the comfort of their homes.

In an era where the ability to adapt is crucial, especially in light of potential future pandemics like COVID-19, this course offers the perfect blend of practicality and creativity.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to expand your reach and impact more lives positively, ensuring your training remains resilient and relevant no matter what the world throws your way.

Included: A done-for-you 8-week strength and conditioning programme ready to give to clients.This turnkey solution is crafted to save you time and effort, ensuring you can focus on what you do best – coaching and inspiring your clients to achieve their best.

HIIT Academy 

HIIT Academy is your go-to solution for designing high-impact, efficient workout programs.

This unique resource offers a comprehensive suite of 88 HIIT workouts, enabling trainers to quickly and easily create highly effective training routines. 

With HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), you tap into one of the most potent fitness methodologies known for delivering superior results in less time.

Our expertly curated workouts are designed to save you time in planning while ensuring your clients achieve better, faster results.

Whether you're looking to ramp up the intensity, boost endurance, or burn fat, HIIT Academy has everything you need to make each session count.

  • 88 Unique HIIT Workouts

Creative Bootcamp Ideas For Indoor And Outdoor Trainers

These cleverly crafted workouts contain no running making them perfect for both indoor trainers and outdoor trainers. 

Whether you're leading a class in a studio, the gym or in the great outdoors, these innovative workouts will keep your clients happy, engaged, and hungry for more.

  • Bootcamp Ideas Vol 1
  • Bootcamp Ideas Vol 2
  • Bootcamp Ideas Vol 3
  • Bootcamp Ideas Vol 4

The Big Book Of Fun Group Warm Up Games And Challenges

The Big Book of Fun Group Warm-Up Games and Challenges is the ultimate guide to kickstarting any group fitness class with a burst of energy and excitement!

This comprehensive resource is designed to transform the way you begin your sessions, ensuring every participant is energised, engaged, and in the perfect mood for the workout ahead.

Crafted with creativity and fun at its core, our collection offers an extensive variety of warm-up games and challenges that are suitable for all fitness levels.

These activities are not just exercises; they're an innovative approach to building camaraderie, enhancing motivation, and setting a positive, vibrant tone for the entire class.

  • 50 Unique warm-ups

The Big Book Of Fun Group Warm Icebreaker Drills

The Big Book of Fun Group Icebreaker Drills is the ultimate resource to infuse your group activities with energy, connection, and a dash of fun right from the start!

This expansive guide is crafted to revolutionise the way you introduce and integrate participants in any group setting, whether it’s a fitness class, team-building session, or workshop.

Our carefully curated collection of icebreaker drills is designed to break down barriers and build a sense of community among participants.

These engaging activities pave the way for a positive, inclusive atmosphere, encouraging everyone to let down their guard and embrace the group experience fully.

  • 50 Fun icebreakers 
  • Innovative Group Training Ideas

    Add more variety to classes with Innovative Group Training Workouts, a set of result-focused workouts designed to keep your training fresh and fun.  

    • 33 Themed workouts
    • 33 Partner Workouts
    • 33 Fitness Challenges 

    Kick-Ass Bootcamp Ideas Full Collection

    Boost your fitness classes with our game-based workout program. By integrating elements like rock, paper, scissors, dice, coin flips, and playing cards, we offer a unique and engaging approach to exercise. This innovative method keeps workouts unpredictable and fun, ensuring high participation and motivation. It’s ideal for instructors seeking to energise their sessions and maintain participant interest.

    • Kick-Ass RPS Champion 
    • Kick-Ass Ninja Dice
    • Kick-Ass Ninja Coins
    • Kick-Ass Ninja Playing Cards

    Section 2: Leons Full Course Library - Value $1000

    Grow your business and learn new skills with our complete course library worth $1200. 

    Momentum - The Ultimate Fitness Marketing Course

    Discover, 31 High-converting marketing plans that thousands of group trainers have used to grow a huge client base and boost profits. These aren't just theories; they're real, actionable marketing strategies that are filling classes for group fitness trainers just like you. Value: $197

    Fun Fitness Testing Methods For Group Fitness Trainers

    In this one-of-a-kind online certification, you'll learn how to assess, measure and improve your group's fitness in all the key areas, so your clients get better results from your training programme. Value: $197

    The Ultimate Fitness Challenge Blueprint 

    Copy the exact system that I use to run wildly profitable online 30-day fitness challenges year-round. With our easy-to-follow 3-step system, you'll have your first challenge set up and generating income in just a few short hours. Value: $197

    The Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Mini-Course

    Discover our top 14 group fitness challenges that will keep your clients engaged and motivated for years to come. Each challenge offers endless variations by incorporating your favourite exercises, so you can deliver the best workouts in your area. Value: $47

    The Ninja Card System

    In this 12-module video training course, you'll discover 12 super creative workout challenges designed around a deck of cards. Each challenge can make over 100 fun variations by switching out the exercises. Value: $97

    Here’s What Trainers Are Saying About The Bootcamp Career Bundle

    "The level of variety in this bundle will blow your mind and make you look at group training in a new and exciting way". 

    Kari Merrill

    Programming Director and Group Fitness Instructor At Western Racquet and Fitness USA.

    "I run a bootcamp called 'Fit for Life' and can't tell you how much I owe my success using these brilliant ideas".

    Dimple Sopher

    Fit For Life Mumbai

    "Your service, products and bootcamp ideas have helped take my bootcamp onto another level this year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you!"

    Craig Brown

    Denny Bootcamp Scotland 

    "This is going to save me so much time, My programs are going to be based on your creative workout concepts, thanks",

    Steve Butler

    BareFit Bootcamp UK

    Beyond Workouts: The Impact of The Bootcamp Career Bundle

    Gives You Access to Fresh Ideas

    Have access to a treasure trove of innovative workout concepts, ensuring your sessions are always exciting and new. This diverse array of workouts means you can continuously surprise and delight your clients, keeping engagement high and boredom at bay.

    Makes It Easy to Plan Fun and Result-Focused Group Fitness Programs

    Planning is simplified with our carefully curated programs that blend entertainment with effectiveness. Each routine is designed to maximize results while ensuring participants have a blast. This balance means happier clients and more tangible outcomes, all with less planning stress on you.

    Separates You from Your Competitors (USP)

    Stand out in a crowded market with unique, proven workouts that go beyond the ordinary. Our Bundle offers a distinctive edge, positioning you as a forward-thinking trainer who values quality and creativity. This unique selling proposition (USP) attracts more clients and establishes your reputation as an industry leader.

    Enhances Client Retention and Referrals

    By delivering consistently engaging and effective sessions, you'll not only retain a loyal client base but also boost word-of-mouth referrals. Satisfied clients are your best advocates, and the Bundle equips you to exceed their expectations every time.

    Increases Efficiency and Reduces Workload

    Save hours of preparation time with ready-to-implement sessions. This efficiency boost means more time to focus on client interaction, marketing, and other aspects of your business, ultimately leading to increased revenue and personal job satisfaction.

    Adaptable Across Various Fitness Levels and Demographics

    Cater to a wide range of clients with workouts that are easily adjustable for different fitness levels, ages, and interests. This versatility expands your market reach and allows you to personalize sessions, enhancing the client experience.

    And much more.

    The Story Behind The Bootcamp Career Bundle 

    When you choose The Bootcamp Career Bundle, you're not just acquiring workouts; you're embracing the culmination of thousands of hours of experience and meticulous testing of hundreds of different workouts to discover the very best among them.

    It's the ultimate timesaver, a collection forged not only from knowledge but from passion and proven success.

    This bundle was created in collaboration between myself, Leon Melnicenko, and my esteemed colleague and friend, fitness professional Georgette Pann.

    About Us

    Leon Melnicenko: As a dedicated REP's fitness professional from Bolton, England, my journey in the fitness world is deeply rooted in my time as a British Commando.

    Earning the esteemed green beret and serving with the 42-Commando Royal Marines, I experienced firsthand the profound impact of physical training and team cohesion.

    My significant tour in Afghanistan further shaped my approach to fitness, instilling in me a unique perspective that I've carried forward into my civilian life. After leaving the military, I founded Sound Fitness Team Training, where I've had the privilege of leading classes and corporate team-building sessions, notably for the Wrigley's company. 

    My military discipline and innovative approach to fitness have been the backbone of my career, inspiring countless individuals to achieve their best.

    Georgette Pann With a career that spans over three decades, Georgette brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. As a former competitive bodybuilder and the current owner of Nutrifitness Personal Training Studio in New York, her expertise encompasses group training, nutrition, bodybuilding, and post-rehab.

    Georgette is the author of several bestselling programs, including the renowned Bootcamp Business In A Box, which has reached over 10,000 fitness professionals globally.

    Unlock Your Training Potential Today With Over 2000 Fun Group Workouts

    Access exclusive, proven workouts and strategies that will boost your skills, keep your clients happy, and help your classes stand out.

    The Bootcamp Career Bundle, priced at just $497 $197, quickly pays for itself many times over just in the time it saves you, making it a smart investment for your professional growth.

    All 14 Bundles, Plus Leon's Full Course Library 

    $3297 $97

    Save Big

    One time payment

    "Invest in Yourself and Become the Trainer You're Meant to Be".

    • Over 2000 fun Workouts
    • Suitable For All abilities
    • Tried And Tested
    • Lifetime Access
    • Full Course Library
    • Email Support

    Special Bonuses

    4-Exclusive Bonuses

    We know your time and energy are precious, especially when it comes to growing your fitness business. That's why we're including not one, but four amazing bonuses. These bonuses are all about giving you the tools to plan awesome workouts quickly, so you can focus on what matters - attracting and engaging more clients.

    Bonus 1

    $47 $0

    Innovate Toolkit: 100 Powerful Prompts

    Elevate your group fitness business with the Fit-Innovate Toolkit, an indispensable collection of 100 dynamic prompts designed to spark innovation, engage clients, and streamline operations. 

    Tailored for ambitious fitness trainers, this toolkit offers a wealth of strategies across workout planning, client engagement, business management, and more, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive fitness landscape.

    Whether you're crafting cutting-edge classes, boosting client retention, or expanding your brand, the Fit-Innovate Toolkit empowers you to transform your approach, enhance your offerings, and achieve unparalleled success. 

    Dive into a world of inspiration and turn your fitness visions into reality, one prompt at a time.

    Bonus 2

    $47 $0

    Fit Band Bootcamp

    Introducing the FIT Band Boot Camp E-Guide: your ultimate resource for incorporating Resistance Band Training (RBT) into your group fitness sessions.

    Crafted with the expertise of a seasoned trainer with over two decades of experience in conducting hundreds of RBT group workouts, this guide stands as a testament to the unparalleled versatility and effectiveness of resistance bands in enhancing fitness and performance.

    The FIT Band Boot Camp E-Guide is more than just a manual; it's a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower trainers and coaches with the knowledge and strategies needed to seamlessly integrate RBT into boot camps, athletic camps, and other group workout settings.

    Discover the secret to adding variety to your training programs, catering to all aspects of fitness, and ensuring that every participant, regardless of their fitness level, can enjoy and benefit from the dynamic challenges of RBT.

    Bonus 3

    $47 $0

    Expert Level Templates 

    Discover our dynamic system designed for documenting workouts, drills, and challenges. We're giving away 30 innovative templates crafted to streamline your planning process, enabling you to design and record new workouts with unprecedented speed and efficiency. 

    Bonus 4

    $47 $0

    Bootcamp Olympics

    Introducing Bootcamp Olympics: Unleash the thrill of Olympic-style competition into your group classes with our engaging and challenging team-building workouts.

    Designed to inject fun and camaraderie into fitness, Bootcamp Olympics combines the spirit of the games with the intensity of bootcamp training.

    Perfect for those looking to elevate their fitness routine while fostering a sense of team spirit and healthy competition

    Have A Question About The Bootcamp Career Bundle? Let Me Know And I'll Get Back To You ASAP!

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    Are the workouts in the bundle suitable for all fitness levels?

    Unlike generic fitness programs, The Bootcamp Career Bundle is specifically designed with the needs of fitness professionals in mind. It offers a unique blend of creativity, fun, and effectiveness, drawing on thousands of hours of experience and testing to provide workouts that truly stand out. Plus, it includes exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else.

    Who is The Bootcamp Career Bundle for?

    This bundle is ideal for indoor and outdoor group fitness trainers looking to enhance their classes, improve client satisfaction, and grow their business. Whether you're just starting out or looking to add new dimensions to your existing offerings, this bundle provides valuable resources to help you succeed.

    What is included in The Bootcamp Career Bundle?

    Everything on this page. The Bootcamp Career Bundle includes a comprehensive collection of unique workout programs, innovative warm-up games, icebreaker drills, and exclusive content designed to elevate your group fitness classes. It combines fresh ideas and proven strategies to help you save time, engage your clients, and set your sessions apart from the competition.

    How will The Bootcamp Career Bundle benefit me?

    By providing you with a diverse range of pre-designed workouts and activities, The Bootcamp Career Bundle saves you time in planning and preparation, allowing you to focus more on coaching and client interaction. The innovative and engaging content helps you retain current clients and attract new ones, ultimately growing your business.

    Can I use these workouts for both indoor and outdoor classes?

    Absolutely! The workouts and activities included in The Bootcamp Career Bundle are versatile and can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor settings. This flexibility ensures you can deliver exceptional classes regardless of location.

    How does The Bootcamp Career Bundle differ from other fitness programs?

    Unlike generic fitness programs, The Bootcamp Career Bundle is specifically designed with the needs of fitness professionals in mind. It offers a unique blend of creativity, fun, and effectiveness, drawing on thousands of hours of experience and testing to provide workouts that truly stand out. Plus, it includes exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else.

    Is there a refund policy for The Bootcamp Career Bundle?

    We've dedicated thousands of hours to developing The Bootcamp Career Bundle, ensuring it includes only the most effective, innovative, and engaging content to help fitness professionals excel. Given the digital nature of the bundle and the immediate access to all its resources, we do not offer refunds. This policy is in place to protect the integrity and value of our proprietary content, which you gain full access to upon purchase.

    We believe in the transformative potential of this bundle for your fitness career and are committed to helping you succeed. To ensure The Bootcamp Career Bundle is the right fit for you, we provide detailed descriptions of its contents and benefits. We encourage you to review all available information and reach out with any questions before making your purchase, so you can make an informed decision with confidence.

    Important Notice: The next update to The Bootcamp Career Bundle is on the horizon, and with it comes a wealth of additional content and features, enhancing its value even further. As a result, the price is likely to double. Secure your access now at the current rate and enjoy all future updates for free, ensuring you don't miss out on this opportunity. Act now to avoid disappointment and lock in the best value for your investment in transforming your fitness career.