July 27

It’s Bootcamp Sumos 1st Birthday And This Is What We’re Doing To Celebrate


Today is Bootcamp Sumos 1st birthday, and to mark the occasion we are running a very special promotion for the group fitness community.

In case you don't know, Bootcamp Sumo is an online store that gives you access to fun and creative group fitness ideas. 


Next month I'm launching the Bootcamp Sumo Infinity Membership. It costs $997 and gives you access to every product on the site, plus all new releases free of charge, forever.


To celebrate Bootcamp Sumos 1st birthday, we would like to give you the opportunity to become an infinity member before we launch to the wider community next week.

And instead of paying the $997 price tag, you'll pay a one time fee of just $97 to become a Bootcamp Sumo Infinity member.

  • How mad is that?
  • But thats not all.

During Bootcamp Sumos 1st birthday, we're also giving away some SUPER BONUSES! So in total, here's what you get when you snap this deal up before midnight Sunday EST!

1: Every single product on the Bootcamp Sumo store (over $2000 worth)

2: All future releases, free, FOREVER! (Over $10.000 worth)

3: Bootcamp Programming Certification

This (one of a kind) course is designed to give YOU 'god level' programming skills, so your classes become more popular and your business grows. Launches in October. (You save $297 on launch day)

4: The Online Fitness Challenge Blueprint

My signature course which is selling right now for $297. I'll show to a simple way to 10x your income by running fun online fitness challenges throughout the year, so you can enjoy more financial freedom.

5: 75 Magazine Quality Recipe Graphics

For your FB groups, social media, blog etc. You'll get a stunning picture of each recipe with the recipe and cooking instructions written on the image. I paid $250 to have these specially made.


Step 1: Go to Bootcamp Sumo so you can see everything you're getting. Click on the full catalog in the menu to see everything.

Step 2: Click the red button at the top of the page that says become an infinity member. Or click the link further down where it says become an infinity member.

Once you've paid, I'll send you a download link containing everything.

This 'once in a lifetime' promo ends midnight Sunday EST, so grab it now because I won't be offer a late discount.


Q: Is Bootcamp Sumo infinity membership a subscription?

A: No! It's a one time fee.

Q: How often do you update Bootcamp Sumo.

A: Around 7x per year with brand new content.

Q: Are these workouts suitable for indoor trainers

A: Yes! Plus we have a set of indoor training manuals.

Q: Are these real books or digital downloads

A: All our manuals are in a downloadable PDF format.


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