March 18

24 Circuit Class Ideas For Instructor


This weeks Workout Design Club update features a unique collection of fun circuit class ideas, bootcamp games & partner workouts. Better still I have designed them in a template format so you can slot in your own unique exercises. 

Most trainers think they're not very creative until they join the Workout Design Club. The WDC is like talking your PHD in creative workout design, but instead of it taking you 8 years, it's instant.

Here is this weeks update that is filled with fun circuit class ideas for trainers 

12 Circuit Class Ideas For Instructors, Bootcamp Games & Partner Challenges

Reapers Ladder: In this strength/cardio based challenge (aka the yin and yang circuit), players are tested on 2 separate drills that work in complete opposites. The aim of this workout is to challenge your clients in a new, fun and interesting ways.

Max Force 100: The only challenge of it’s kind where players are responsible for their partners forfeit at the end. This workout/strategy is one of the best keep secrets for getting everybody working at their true potential.

Turbo Boom Circuit: In this 3 part cardio/endurance based circuit, the only way to win is to beat the clock and see it through to zero. It’s a fun test of mental will with a cheeky twist at the end.

Run Junkie: The ultimate running circuit design to incinerate fat, increase speed & agility, and build lean muscle. Best of all you can use this circuit repeatedly and change up the format.

Triple Tear Up Circuit: In this ninja tough dice based challenge, luck is based on effort. There are only 2 objectives in this crazy game that must be met in order to secure a team win. It’s fun, fast and furious.

Triumph Test: In this super tough HIT challenge each player is given a set number rest credits that they can cash in anytime. However, each rest credit comes with it’s own demon.

Kill Me Accumulator: The focus in this challenge is to hit individual body parts using the triple accumulator method. It’s a great all rounder designed to build muscle, strength, cardio/endurance.

HIIT Explosion: A totally random finisher drill designed to work the entire body in new and interesting ways. There are endless finishers that can be created using this brand new concept.

Team Aqua: A super fun team game involving water or dried peas. Don’t worry, nobody gets wet.

Two Player Beast Mode: A simple AMRAP drill but not as you know it. In this tough partner challenge players work to reduce a pending forfeit that awaits them at the end.

Triple Beast: A very unusual dice based circuit where the trainer can face multiple forfeits during the challenge. You clients will gladly work as hard as they can.

Stealth Accumulator: In this linear based circuit theres something else going on in the background that players won’t notice until the very end.

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Want More Circuit Class Ideas & Creative Group Workout Ideas?

Super Sets: In this fun 30-minute challenge players build their own super set workout. However, a cheeky twist of fate awaits them at every corner.

Reverse Drop Sets: Loosely based around the concept of drop sets, this 40-minute endurance style workout is a true test of mental will. If your clients love a challenge, they’ll love this 3-part drill.

Elevator Plank Challenge: A tough 10-minute cardio/isometric finisher that will put a great end to your sessions.

Quadruple Split Sets: 32 Minutes of fun. Mixing compound movements with a carefully crafted abs routine, this fierce challenge is not for the fait hearted. You’ll learn a brand-new workout concept for designing extremely effective drills that gets results.

Turbo Sets: A little-known workout concept that forces your clients work at their maximum pace, so they get better overall results.

Who Ate All The Burpees? In this fun team game (where anybody can win) the goal is to collect a key. How hard can it possible be? You’re about to find out.

Abacus Unlocked: In this epic race to the finish, teams battle to complete their abacus. It’s fun, fast, furious and a real calorie burn.

Abacus: The Agility Wizard: An exciting 20-minute team challenge that focuses on endurance and agility. Throw in the abacus for an added twist and things gets interesting.

Abacus Speed Runner: Aka the ultimate running game. Design to build cardiovascular endurance, this fun team game is both ninja tough and super fun. Only 1 team will prevail in this epic battle of the abacus.

Abacus Burpeethon: In this fun partner cardio/strength/endurance based game, luck is influenced by effort. They’ll all be very eager to win this one.

Regeneration Circuit: In this total rebuild circuit, players smash their way through a circuit that keeps evolving. If they can keep their cools they’ll get through it.

Abacus Team Assault: Dubbed the ultimate rep builder workout, teams set each other challenges using the abacus to guide their decision making. May the best win.

Welcome to the Group Fitness Search Engine which gives you the power to whip up incredible group fitness class ideas fast. Press play to take the tour. 


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