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Easter Themed Workout For Group Fitness And Bootcamps


If you haven’t got around to creating a fun easter themed workout for your group, then you’re in luck!

Easter is a time of year when many people indulge in delicious treats like chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, and other tasty treats. 

For group fitness trainers, this can be a challenging time, as clients may be tempted to skip workouts or let their fitness routines slide.

However, with a little creativity, you can create fun and engaging Easter-themed bootcamp ideas that will keep your clients motivated and on track with their fitness goals.

In this blog post, we'll explore some Easter-themed workouts that group fitness trainers can use to keep their clients engaged and motivated.

1. Sprint Bunny: an inclusive team activity based around shuttle sprints. I'm sure you're familiar with the benefits of shuttle sprints, so let's crack on with the workout.  

Split the group into two teams, ready for shuttle sprints.

Players have 5 minutes to complete as many 20-metre shuttle sprints as possible. Each shuttle is worth one point.

When the time is up, ask one player from each team to add up the points with a calculator and multiply the total by 20. This is the team's score in metres. 

The team that ran the furthest win an easter treat.  

Note: If one team has an extra player they will have an unfair advantage because they'll have an extra score. In this situation, exclude one player's score when adding up the points. Trainer: choose a player at random.

2. Easter Egg Hunt Workout: Who doesn't love an Easter egg hunt? Turn this classic Easter activity into a fun and engaging easter themed workout by hiding plastic eggs around your gym or outdoor space. Inside each egg, include a different exercise, such as jumping jacks, squats, lunges, or push-ups. 

Divide your clients into teams and set a time limit for them to find as many eggs as possible. Each team member must complete the exercise inside the egg before moving on to the next one. The team with the most completed exercises at the end of the time limit wins!

3. Bunny Hop Relay: Get your clients hopping with this fun and challenging relay race. Divide your group into teams of four to six people and have them line up at one end of your gym or outdoor space.

Each team member must hop like a bunny to the other end of the space and back before tagging the next person in their team to do the same. The first team to complete the relay race wins! To make this workout more challenging, you can have your clients hold a medicine ball or kettlebell as they hop.

4. Easter Basket Circuit: Create a circuit of Easter-themed exercises that will challenge your clients' strength and endurance. Set up different stations around your gym or outdoor space and have your clients rotate through each one, completing a set number of reps at each station. Some exercises you might include in your circuit are:

  • Bunny hops: Have your clients hop like bunnies for 30 seconds at a time.
  • Egg squats: Have your clients hold a medicine ball or kettlebell like an egg and squat down, pretending to place the egg in an Easter basket.
  • Peep push-ups: Have your clients do push-ups while imagining they're pushing a giant Peep candy.
  • Chocolate bunny lunges: Have your clients hold a medicine ball or kettlebell like a chocolate bunny and do walking lunges.

5. Easter Egg Toss: This fun and engaging easter themed workout is perfect for a group of clients who are looking for a challenging and fun way to get in shape. Set up a net or a large container at one end of your gym or outdoor space and have your clients stand at the other end with a basket of plastic Easter eggs. 

Each client must take turns tossing the eggs into the net or container, and the team with the most eggs in the container at the end of the time limit wins! To make this workout more challenging, you can have your clients do a different exercise, such as jumping jacks or burpees, before each toss.

6. Easter Bunny Yoga: Help your clients relax and unwind with this Easter themed workout yoga class. Start by having your clients sit in a comfortable position and imagine themselves as Easter bunnies. Guide them through a series of bunny-inspired yoga poses, such as:

  • Downward-facing dog: Have your clients stretch their arms and legs like bunny ears and imagine themselves hopping like bunnies.
  • Rabbit pose: Have your clients sit on their heels with their arms reaching forward, imagining themselves as a bunny nibbling on a carrot.
  • Tree pose: Have your clients stand on one leg with their arms reaching up like branches, imagining themselves as a bunny perched on a tree branch.
  • Warrior pose

Easter Themed Workouts For 1-1 PT

As a 1-1 personal trainer, it's important to keep your workouts fun and engaging, especially during holidays like Easter. Here are some Easter-themed workouts that you can incorporate into your training sessions to keep your clients motivated and excited about their fitness goals.

1. Bunny Bootcamp Challenge: your clients to a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that's inspired by bunnies! Start with a 5-10 minute warm-up, then alternate between exercises like bunny hops, bunny squats, bunny push-ups, and bunny lunges.

Use a timer to switch between exercises every 30 seconds to 1 minute, and repeat the circuit 3-4 times for a full-body workout that will leave your clients feeling energized and strong.

2. Easter Egg Hunt Circuit: Transform the classic Easter egg hunt into a full-body circuit workout that will challenge your clients' strength and endurance. Hide plastic Easter eggs around your workout space, with each egg containing a different exercise written on a slip of paper. For example, an egg might contain a slip of paper that says "10 push-ups," while another might say "20 squats." Have your clients search for the eggs, completing the exercises inside each egg as they find them. You can set a time limit or a target number of eggs to find, depending on your clients' fitness level.

3. Chocolate Bunny Challenge: For a fun and lighthearted workout, challenge your clients to a "chocolate bunny challenge." Create a list of exercises, such as burpees, jumping jacks, or mountain climbers, and assign each exercise a different color of chocolate bunny.

For example, the brown bunny might represent burpees, while the pink bunny represents jumping jacks. Have your clients reach into a bag of chocolate bunnies and pull out a bunny, then complete the exercise assigned to that color. For added motivation, reward your clients with a small piece of real chocolate after completing each exercise!

4. Easter-themed Yoga Flow: Incorporate Easter-themed yoga poses into your clients' workout routines to help them relax and stretch their muscles. Start with a few minutes of deep breathing, then guide your clients through poses like "bunny pose" (a variation of child's pose where the arms are stretched forward like bunny ears), "egg pose" (a seated forward bend where the body is curled into a ball like an egg), and "chick pose" (a variation of camel pose where the arms are stretched forward and the chest is lifted like a chick hatching from an egg).

5. Egg-stra Cardio Challenge: For clients who love a cardio challenge, incorporate an "egg-stra" challenge into your workout routine. Set up a circuit of exercises like jump rope, jumping jacks, or high knees, and place plastic Easter eggs at different intervals throughout the circuit.

Each time your client reaches an egg, they must complete a short burst of high-intensity cardio, like 20 seconds of jumping jacks or 10 seconds of sprinting in place. This will help keep their heart rate up throughout the workout and add an extra level of fun and excitement to their training session.

Incorporating Easter-themed workouts into your 1-1 PT training sessions is a great way to keep your clients engaged and motivated, while also celebrating the holiday season. Remember to always customise your workouts to your clients' fitness levels and goals, and to have fun along the way!

More Easter workout Ideas

Here are a couple more easter themed workouts for you to try. 

1. Egg Relay Race: Split your group into two teams and set up a relay race course. Each team will have an equal number of participants who will take turns racing down the course while carrying an Easter egg on a spoon. If the egg falls off the spoon, the participant must stop and place the egg back on the spoon before continuing the race. The first team to complete the relay race without dropping their egg wins!

2. Bunny Hop Tag: Designate one player to be the "bunny" and the rest of the players as "carrots." The bunny must try to tag as many carrots as possible by hopping on one foot. Once a carrot is tagged, they become a bunny and join in on tagging the remaining carrots. The game continues until all players have become bunnies or until time runs out.

3. Easter Egg Roll: This game is inspired by the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Each player gets an Easter egg and must use a spoon to roll their egg across the finish line. The first player to successfully roll their egg across the finish line wins. To make the game more challenging, you can set up obstacles that players must navigate around or over while rolling their eggs.

These Easter-themed team games are a great way to get your group moving, bonding, and having fun together. Don't be afraid to get creative and come up with your own unique Easter-themed games that suit your group's interests and abilities!

So there you go, 14 easter themed workouts that you can use to plan more enjoyable workouts for your group. 


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