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Discover: A Year's Worth Of Expertly Crafted Themed Newsletters

Designed specifically for fitness trainers, Pro-Coach Newsletters aim to keep your clients motivated, informed, and inspired to take action towards their fitness goals, while also driving retention and loyalty within your community.

Meet Sophie

The Creator Of Pro Coach Newsletters.

"Hi, I’m Sophie, and I’ve been working alongside my partner and fitness expert Leon Melnicenko for the past 10 years, creating engaging and impactful content for trainers like you.

I created Pro-Coach Newsletters because I understand the challenges trainers face in keeping their clients engaged and committed to their fitness goals.

My goal was to develop a tool that not only provides valuable content but also helps drive retention and loyalty within your community.

A well-thought-out newsletter can bridge the gap between training and results by educating your clients on important topics for lasting success.

This ongoing education helps them make better decisions outside of training, leading to more consistent progress. 

Moreover, newsletters improve client retention by consistently delivering value and strengthening client loyalty. Clients who feel informed and supported are more likely to stay committed to their fitness journey and your training program.

With Pro-Coach Newsletters, you can ensure your clients stay engaged, informed, and inspired to achieve their fitness goals".

Sophie Wilkinson
Content Creator, Nutritionist, Fitness Enthusiast, and Director at Unique Bootcamp Workouts

Discover: 12 Done-For-You Themed Newsletters

1. The Fitness Myth-Busting Series: Separating Fact from Fiction!

Debunking common fitness myths is a great way to provide clients with accurate information, helping them make informed decisions about their health, fitness, and wellness. This accurate knowledge empowers clients to avoid ineffective or harmful practices, leading to more effective workouts and overall health improvements.

2. Stretching and Flexibility Essentials: Boost Performance and Prevent Injuries!

Help your clients understand the importance of stretching and flexibility. This newsletter offers practical tips and techniques to enhance performance, improve flexibility, and prevent injuries.

3. Unleash Your Inner Ninja: Motivation and Mindset Hacks to Stay on Track

Keep your clients motivated with powerful mindset hacks and motivational strategies. This newsletter is packed with advice to help them stay focused and committed to their fitness goals.

4. Conquer Any Running Event with Our "Run to Win" Series!

Prepare your clients for running events with our comprehensive "Run to Win" series. Whether they’re aiming for a 5K or a half marathon, this newsletter provides training tips and strategies to help them succeed.

5. The Secret to Quicker Results: Why a Food Diary Changes Everything

Highlight the importance of nutrition and tracking with this insightful newsletter. Teach your clients how keeping a food diary can accelerate their results and support their fitness goals.

6. Holiday Hustle: How To Maintain Your Fitness 'Anywhere' With These Powerful Tabata Workouts

Equip your clients with effective Tabata workouts they can do anywhere, especially during the busy holiday season. This newsletter ensures they stay fit and active, no matter where they are.

7. Tracking Your Progress: Tools and Tips for Measuring Fitness Improvements

Show your clients how to track their progress effectively. This newsletter covers the best tools and tips for measuring fitness improvements and staying motivated.

8. The Importance of Rest and Recovery: How to Optimize Your Off Days

Educate your clients on the critical role of rest and recovery in their fitness journey. This newsletter offers strategies for optimizing rest days to ensure maximum performance and injury prevention.

9. Hydration Hacks: Staying Properly Hydrated for Optimal Performance

Keep your clients informed about the importance of hydration. This newsletter provides practical hydration tips and hacks to maintain optimal performance and health.

10. Mindfulness and Meditation: Enhancing Your Fitness with Mental Wellness

Introduce your clients to the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. This newsletter explores how mental wellness practices can enhance their overall fitness and well-being.

11. The Power of Consistency: How Small Daily Habits Lead to Big Results

Highlight the significance of consistency in achieving fitness goals. This newsletter focuses on building small daily habits that lead to significant long-term results.

12. Dealing with Setbacks: How to Stay Motivated When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Help your clients navigate setbacks with resilience. This newsletter offers strategies for staying motivated and on track, even when things don’t go as planned.

How It Works

Select - Enhance - Customise - Share

Select A Themed Newsletter

Choose a newsletter from one of the 12 available options, such as the Myth-Buster Series or Stretching and Flexibility Essentials. This is the main segment of your newsletter, designed to educate and inform your clients.

Enhance with Sub-Topics (Optional) 

If you would like to enhance your newsletter further, I have included 35 interchangeable sub-topics (just fill in the blacks), such as Member of the Month, Success Stories, Healthy Recipe of the Month, and more. We recommend using 5-6 sub-topics per newsletter to add variety and depth, making each issue unique. 

Customise And Personalise 

Add your personal touch by editing and customising the content to fit your brand and style. Personalise it with your details to make it truly yours.


Share your customised newsletter with your clients, either electronically or in print, to keep them informed, motivated, and engaged. 

3 Easy Ways To Deliver Your Newsletter Content



Create an automated email sequence and deliver the newsletter content directly to your subscribers' inboxes each month. This method ensures consistent engagement and allows for personalised communication with your clients.


 Facebook Group

Share the newsletter content in your Facebook groups, whether private or public. This method encourages community interaction and engagement, allowing members to comment, ask questions, and share their thoughts.


Newsletter PDF!

Use a traditional newsletter format to create visually appealing, professional-looking newsletters. You can easily do this using a free Canva template or a Word application.

Bonus 1: A Done-For-You Canva Newsletter Template

To save you time and effort, I’ve included a customisable Canva template. This template allows you to quickly and easily create stunning newsletters and share them as a PDF (either digital or print), ensuring a professional look without the hassle.

Bonus 2: 12 Premium Header Images

I have created 12 awesome-looking header images using premium stock photos that perfectly match each theme, providing a sophisticated and personal look for your newsletters.

Bonus 2: 12 Infographic Header Images

You’ll also receive 12 infographic header images that resemble cartoons, offering a visually captivating effect. I created these for those who prefer a different, more dynamic look for their newsletters.

Why Use Pro-Coach Newsletters?

Engaging Content: Keep Your Clients Inspired, Motivated and Informed.

Our newsletters are packed with relevant and motivational content designed to keep your clients engaged and inspired to achieve their fitness goals.

Retention Boost: Build Loyalty and Reduce Churn.

Regular, high-quality communication helps build strong client relationships, encouraging loyalty and reducing turnover rates.

Credibility: Enhance Your Professional Image.

Leverage expertly crafted content to showcase your expertise and professionalism, boosting your reputation in your community. 

Save Time: Focus More on Training and less on Content Creation.

With ready-made, professionally crafted content, you save time on creating newsletters from scratch, allowing you to focus on what you do best—training your clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying


"Sophie sent me the Pro-Coach Newsletters and asked for honest feedback. I was blown away by the quality and detail in each newsletter. The topics are engaging and exactly what my clients need to stay motivated. The customizable templates make it easy to add my personal touch, and I've already seen a positive response from my clients. I can already tell that these newsletters will save me so much time. I highly recommend Pro-Coach Newsletters to any fitness trainer".

Kelly Mels

/ Head Traniner Wesern And Racket Club


"As an industry fitness expert, I've always stressed the importance of educating clients beyond just training sessions. When Sophie introduced me to Pro-Coach Newsletters, I was impressed by their comprehensive and informative content. These newsletters cover essential topics like nutrition, recovery, and mental wellness, keeping clients engaged and informed. Pro-Coach Newsletters are an invaluable tool for any fitness trainer committed to educating and inspiring their clients."

Georgette Pann

/ Industry Expert And Coach


"As a bootcamp trainer, I never really thought about adding a newsletter to my offerings. However, when Sophie showed me the Pro-Coach Newsletters, I was blown away. The content is top-notch, and the variety of topics is exactly what my clients need. I can see how these newsletters will really help my clients stay informed, motivated, and engaged. The ease of customisation means I can tailor each issue to fit my brand and my client's specific needs. Pro-Coach Newsletters will definitely enhance the experience for my clients and take my bootcamp to the next level."

Paul Davis

/ Paul Davis

Compare and Save with Pro-Coach Newsletters

Investing in Pro-Coach Newsletters is not only a smart choice but also a cost-effective one. Hiring a professional freelancer to create a similar newsletter of the same length and quality costs $80 per newsletter, and that’s from someone with no knowledge of the fitness industry. That $960 for 12-newsletters.

Special Introductory Offer, Only $960 $97!

With Pro-Coach Newsletters, you receive 12 high-quality, engaging, and customisable newsletters, all for just $97.

To celebrate the launch of Pro-Coach Newsletters, I’m offering a special introductory price of just $97 (soon to be $197). This is a fantastic opportunity to get high-quality, engaging newsletters for your fitness business at a fraction of the cost.

What you get!

  • 12 Themed Newsletters: Each theme is designed to be the main segment of your monthly newsletter, keeping your content fresh and relevant.
  • 35 Interchangeable Sub-Topics: Customise your newsletters with sub-topics. just fill in the blanks, and you're set.
  • Canva Template: Easily create stunning, professional newsletters with our user-friendly Canva template and extensive graphics pack, designed to save you time and enhance your content.
  • Graphic Pack: 24 fantastic header graphics to go with each newsletter, along with several variations for greater variety. 
  • Expertly Crafted Content: Created by experienced fitness professionals with a decade of experience. Ensure your clients receive valuable and accurate information tailored to their fitness journey. 

One-Time-Payment $197 $97!

This special early-bird offer ends soon

Limited Time Bonuses (Value $97)

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  • Brand new for June 2024!
  • Discover Leon's top 10 group workout challenges that will add so much fun to your group fitness programme.
My Top 11 Copywriting Frameworks For Fit-Pros
  • Master the Art of Persuasion: Learn to craft compelling offers that captivate and convert your target audience with ease.
  • 12-Step Sales Letter Mastery: Utilise our foolproof template to create powerful sales letters that promote any fitness offer effectively.
  • Unlock the Potential of Your Services: Employ 11 proven copywriting frameworks designed specifically for fitness professionals to maximize the impact of your offerings.
The Ultimate Client Reactivation Campaign 
  • Revitalize Your Revenue: Discover proven strategies to reactivate past clients and significantly boost your profits.
  • Engagement-Driven Power Letter: Capture attention and spark interest with a meticulously crafted letter designed to motivate past clients to return.
  • Simplified Success with a 7-Point Checklist: Follow a straightforward checklist that demystifies the client reactivation process, making it accessible and manageable.


What are Pro Coach Newsletters?

Pro Coach Newsletters are pre-written, high-quality newsletters designed specifically for fitness trainers to engage, inform, and retain their clients.

How Can Pro Coach Newsletters help my business?

They help maintain client engagement, increase retention, and position you as an expert in the fitness industry.

What are the benefits of using Pro Coach Newsletters?

They save you time, enhance client engagement, build credibility, and help you retain clients by providing consistent, high-quality content.

What do i get exactly 

A 1 year supply of engaging newsletters (one for each month), along with 35 interchangeable subtopics to add variety and depth making each newsletter unique.    

What format are the newsletters provided in?

The newsletters are provided in an editable Word document.

Can I use the content on my website or blog?

Anywhere you like!

How do I distribute the newsletters to my clients?

You can distribute the newsletters electronically via email or social media (anywhere you like), or print them for in-person distribution.


Yes! I'm working on more which will be released very soon. I'll keep you informed. 

60-Day Peace of Mind Promise

We are confident that you will love the value and benefits of Pro Coach Newsletters. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. We believe in the quality of our product and want you to feel completely confident in your purchase. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools to grow your fitness business, and if we fall short, we are here to make it right.

Start transforming your client communication today, risk-free!

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Sophie Wilkinson, Fit-Pro Content Creator, nutritionist and fitness enthusiast. 

If You Have Any Questions, Please Get In Touch.

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