Discover: How To Retain Your Clients For Much Longer By Keeping Your Workouts Fun & Entertaining

Use the marketing superpower of Turbo Team Games to keep your clients hooked and spreading the word..

Hi, I’m Leon Melnicenko 

A Royal Marine Commando turned group fitness trainer.

If you pride yourself on keeping your workouts fun for your clients then you're in the right place. This week see's the launch of my brand new manual - Turbo Team Games. 

What Makes Turbo Team Games So Different? 

TTG is revolutionary because it allows you to inject the fun element in to every workout so your clients stay hooked. These unique designs will not only give you a distinct edge over your competition, but they’ll make you an even better trainer.

Each game is designed for maximum flexibility so you can switch out my exercises for your own (body weight, equipment based or both). This gives you almost limitless variations that will last you a lifetime. 

The best part, you get 50


These games disguise exercises so my clients have fun. They get the group engaged together and working as a team. They also work great for indoors and out. 


Corrine Oslen

Health Lake Bootcamp US


I love the variety, very clear instructions and my clients absolutely love these team games.


David Mason

Speed Doctors US


Your games have brought a whole new level of fun to my bootcamp. Best of all is the extra time I now get to spend with my family on the weekend because putting together fun workouts is easy. 



Wights For Soul Camp UK

Don't Waste Another Minute..

How many hours do you waste searching the net for fun drills each month?

Probably a lot more than you think.

TTG is just $27 and contains 50 stunning games that will save you time, and keep your clients happy.

Hit the button below and give it a test drive, 100% risk free for 60 days. (love it or your money back). 

“My clients love them. I love the fact they are changeable & versatile". 

Nat Smith - TGI Fitness

Limited Time Bonus (This awesome bonus will be removed once the timer hits zero)

Builder Drills - Value $39

Brand new for 2019, Builder Drills allow you to create highly effective workout challenges of different lengths. You'll get 50 creative drills that you can use as building blocks to create workouts for your group training programme or 1-1 PT. 

Builder drills is the perfect addition to Turbo Team Games because now you can design truly stunning workouts in minutes, which is extremely valuable when you live a busy life.

Paul Davis said "I'm loving building these workouts, it's like lego".

unique bootcamp workouts

60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

I'm so confident that you and your clients will love Turbo Team Games that I'm giving you a full 60 days to test it out. And if you’re not 100% satisfied, then I'll gladly refund you. No questions asked.

To your success

Leon Melnicenko

P.S If you have any question please contact me on 

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