April 18

A Secret My Competitors Didn’t Want Me To Know (+ bootcamp ideas)


Before I reach inside my goodie bag of bootcamp ideas, I want to share a story I think will help you.

I started my bootcamp with just a small handful of clients (about 13), and it remained that way for a while. 

My local competitors were British Military Fitness. They had 100+ clients all year round & it didn’t matter one bit what the weather was doing. I often thought to myself. 

“How are they doing it”?

We trained at the same time Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evening (6-7pm).

Do you know what? I dreaded passing them on the park. It was like being overrun my a stampede of elephants. 

To make things worse. One freezing cold night, just 1 person turned up to my class. It was my mate Dav’s and I ended up doing a partner workout with him.

When I got home that night, I knew things had to change. I kept repeating to myself over and over again.

  • How are they doing it?
  • What are they doing that I’m not?
  • How do they have so many members?

Here’s what I did that night. 

I booked online and attended a British Military Fitness session.

(That’s me in black with my commando buddies)

unique bootcamp ideas

When I turned up and got talking to the instructor he spotted that I was in military straight away?

All BMF instructors are ex-military, and when you’ve been in the military a while, you can spot it a mile off. I was in my last 12 months of the marines at the time.


It was a great session and I enjoyed it a lot. The workout was broken up in to 4 unique bootcamp ideas.

  • 2 Partner challenges
  • A team game 
  • Finisher drill

It was fun, varied, team based, well-structured and challenging. 

Attending that session give me a fresh perspective on what was needed to stand out.  

In the weeks and months that followed I got to work creating my own unique team based ideas. 

  • Team activities
  • Fun bootcamp games
  • Partner challenges
  • Team & point based finishers
  • Point based circuits
  • Fun challenges
  • Musical finishers
  • Dice, card and tyre workouts
  • Acronyms drills
  • Etc

Here’s One From My Bootcamp Ideas Library


My new style of team based training became popular and before I knew it I had over 100 clients on my books. 

From what I was told, the locals refereed to me as the marine in the park. Lol. 

Never again did I feel intimidated passed BMF on the park.

The truth is, using the right type of workout ideas can mean the difference between 10 clients and 100 clients.

When I say right type I mean they have to be consistently..

  • Fun
  • Creative
  • Interesting
  • Engaging 
  • Unique

And a bit different to your competitors.

The way I stood out from BMF was simple. I didn’t to use any military style drills. That was there thing and I respected that. 

Most important of all, you’ve got to create workouts worthy of being talked about. This is the big secret BMF would rather you didn’t know. And me if you were my competition.

I spend around 4 hours per day researching, inventing & designing unique team based workouts for my WDC members.

unique bootcamp ideas membership

That’s over 120-hours of free time each month that my members get to save & spend on other activities. 

The WDC guarantees that you never run dry of fresh ideas.

Not many trainers can say that.

The WDC is an extremely powerful tool, And it can be all yours today.

Hit the link below and sign up for free.



fun bootcamp games


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