August 27

Fun Group Workout Games To Spice Up Your Next Tabata


Fun group workout games are a great way to energise your group fitness classes and create that awesome team feel. 

Fun group workout games can be used as ice breakers to start your session with a friendly feel, or during your class for an instant boost of fun. 

Fun group workout games (IMO) are important for cultivating a fun team atmosphere, thats why I recommend collecting them in a folder, so the fun element of each session is always taken care of. 

Did you know. You can create fun group workout games using many different workout formats. 

  • Tabata 
  • EMOM
  • Accumulators
  • Super-sets
  • Fitness Test 
  • Circuits
  • Etc!

Fun Group Workout Games To Rock Your Next Session

Fun group workout games

Over the years I have created hundreds of different fun group workout games that you can use to add more fun to your group fitness classes. 

This particular bootcamp game is called Tabata - The Game. I love using the Tabata protocol because its..

  • A time efficient way to train, so you can get your workout in quick, meaning you'll have more free time in the day.   
  • Great for fat loss, so your clients see better results, meaning you'll retain your clients for much longer, and they're more likely to refer friends, family and co-workers. 
  • Fantastic for overall strength training and cardio conditioning, so you can design more effective workouts, meaning your clients will see better overall results. 
  • Fits into fun group workout games, circuits, fitness tests, partner workouts, timed challenges and more, which lets you keep your workouts fresh and fun, meaning happier clients. 

How To Create Fun Group Workout Games Using The Tabata Protocol

Sometimes when I'm working out, I like to set myself little challenges to make my workout a bit more interesting.

Here's a drill I did the other day that you can use in your own training, and with your group. It's a gamified Tabata that encourages you to work hard and put in the effort. In a fun way!

Set your interval timer for 4 rounds of 20/10 which is half of a normal 4-minute Tabata. All you're going to do during the drill is complete as many squats as you can then write down your score. After a 1-minute rest, repeat the drill and attempt to beat your score.

If you beat your score, put a tick next to the exercise, if you don't, put a cross. Described above was game 1. Player 6 games in total using 6 different exercises. The objective of the game is to get more ticks than crosses. With rest periods, you're looking at around 35-minutes.

Variation: Fun Group Workout Games In Partner Teams 

Here's a really cool partner variation on the above workout.

In game 1 ask players to find a partner of similar ability then set your interval timer for 4 rounds of 20/10 as normal. Players complete as many squats as they can. Rest for 1-minute then repeat. Partner 1 attempts to beat partner 2's score, and partner 2 attempts to beat partner 1's score.

Optional: Have players switch partners after every game.

I love this type of friendly competition, and as you'll see, your clients will be putting in a massive amount of effort. Which is the whole point of this concept.

I believe that fitness should be fun, for both you and your clients, so if you want more fun ideas, head over to the Workout Design Club.

There are now over 2500 bootcamp ideas and fun group workout games to choose from, which fresh ideas being added each week. 

For More Fun Group Workout Games And Creative Bootcamp Ideas Check Out The WDC Below

The Workout Design Club is a group fitness search engine that lets you craft stunning bootcamp workouts quickly without wasting much time of stressing out. Click play to see how it works. 


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