June 24

Group Fitness Ideas For Group Trainers


I've got some exciting group fitness ideas to share with you.  

This week fitness expert Georgette Pann is celebrating 30 years in the fitness industry. What an incredible achievement.

Last month I was on a Zoom call with Georgette. I suggested putting together bootcamp career bundle, so trainers like you can shortcut their own learning process by a few thousand hours.

This includes a ton of done for you group fitness ideas and marketing plans that will help your business recover from this pandemic. Here's the best part

The Bootcamp Career Bundle

"The Bootcamp Career Bundle is a collection of proven group fitness ideas (and business resources) programmed specifically for optimum results. They are responsible for 100's of incredible client testimonials which played a vital part in growing multiple 6 figure fitness businesses. 

To help Georgette (and the wider fitness community), I will be donating an extensive collection of my own unique group fitness ideas.

Georgettes Bootcamp Career Bundle is now live at an extremely low introductory price. So low it'll make your head spin. 

More Group Fitness Ideas And Marketing Resources Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Take A Sneak Peak - Hit Play

Georgette wanted to do something extra special to celebrate. So, she's throwing in free lifetime upgrades. Each time we add a new manual or resource, you'll see it appear in your download folder at no extra cost". 

Only trainers that purchase during this launch will get these extremely valuable updates. With what Georgette has planned, you'll be very happy that you purchased the Bootcamp Career Bundle as a founder member.

“Each moment you hesitate is another moment you’ll struggle with marketing your business and staying ahead of the curve with the latest group fitness ideas.

Here's what trainers are saying.

"I have run a women's outdoor and online fitness business since 2018. After 2 years in the industry, coming up with new group fitness ideas is a real struggle. Add 2 kids into the mix, and now am I not only hard-pressed for new ideas, but I am also short on time. Enter Georgettes Bootcamp Career Bundle!! Purchasing this bundle has been the best investment I have made in my business. I am able to sit down, late in the evening after a long day, and plan my workouts in a matter of minutes. I’m so grateful. If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing this bundle, then think no more. It’s worth its weight in gold. Thank you Leon & Georgette.

Sarah Correia – Sarahs Fitness - Perth, Western Australia

"This is just a god send. I feel like I spend my life searching the internet for fun group fitness ideas. This is going to save me a tremendous amount of time. I love that you have included your marketing plans too. This is really going to help my business recover. 

Paul Davis – Military Bootcamp – Sheffield UK

"I've literally purchased just about every bootcamp program out there and while they all add something of value yours is definitely the most complete in terms of how to put a camp together, exercise selection, how to market your camp, forms to use etc. Really good stuff from top to bottom.

John Gonzalez T.F. Bootcamps – US

Over the last 30 years, Georgette has invested well over $50.000 in her development as a trainer and successful business owner. Today she passes that knowledge and experience to you, for a fraction of that. 

An unbelievable offer to miss.


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