June 16

120 Creative Indoor Bootcamp Ideas To Try Right Now


Looking for fun Indoor bootcamp ideas?

I'm excited to announce the launch of Indoor Bootcamp Challenges volume 1, 2, 3 and 4. The entire series. 

Over the last few years I've had a ton of requests to create a workout manual specifically for indoor bootcamp trainers and studio instructors.

Here's the full scoop.

Over the last 3 years, I have tried and tested over 120 ultra-creative indoor bootcamp ideas (HIT workouts) that require no running, making them perfect for indoor training, studios and even outdoor bootcamps.

This unique system that makes it easy for indoor group trainers to plan fun and result-focused workouts, without wasting countless hours each week thinking, planning and searching drills.

Whats more..

I have designed an entire series around a wide range of effective training methods that will keep your clients happy, engaged, and entertained for years to come.

Indoor Bootcamp Ideas Volume 1

Unique Template Design 

Each workout has been designed in a simple template format, so you can slot in your favourite indoor bootcamp exercises be that bodyweight, equipment based or a combination of both.

This ingenious feature allows you to plan wickedly-effective workouts for mixed ability groups, and in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.  

Time Based!

These indoor bootcamp workouts are time-based challenges (20-40 minutes), so each player can work at an intensity that is right for them and finish at the same time. 

Results Focused

Create specific types of challenges (lower, core, upper, cardio or a unique combination), so you can target different muscle groups on different days and get your clients even better results. 

More Variety! 

Each challenge is completely unique, and I have designed the entire series around a wide range of effective training methods that will keep your clients happy and entertained for years to come. 

How These Indoor Bootcamp Ideas And Templates Work

Choose a challenge template and select your exercises based on the workout you want to create.

  1. Lower body
  2. Core
  3. Upper body 
  4. Cardio
  5. A combination of the above (I.e., lower and core)
  6. Full body workout (Lower, core, upper)

You can use bodyweight exercises, any type of equipment, or a combination of both. And there is also section on each template where you can brainstorm your exercises.

120 challenge templates gives you over 100.000 possible session plans that you can add to your workout swipe file over time. Thats how powerful it is. 

What Trainers Are Saying About These Creative Indoor Bootcamp Ideas

"My clients are loving these challenges. How you have managed to come up with so many different workouts is beyond me. The template design is also fantastic. I can quickly write in my exercises based around the equipment I have and I'm done, in like 2-minutes. This is going to save me so much time. Thank you". 

Kerry Merril 

Group Trainer

High energy and lot's of fun. I love that each challenge is different and that I can plug in my own exercises to make it my own. I'm getting some really great feedback from my clients. It's nice to see them having fun.

Paul Davis

Group Trainer


How many hours do you waste each month, thinking, planning and searching for indoor bootcamp ideas? 

And how many times has a quick 5-minute browse turned into an hour or more because you got distracted and lost track of time?

With these quick-fire templates, you can plan a weeks worth of workouts in less than 15-minutes, so you can focus your time and energy on more important things like... 

  1. Promoting your classes
  2. Learning a new skill
  3. Making time for YOU

During this special launch, you can grab all 4-manuals for the price of 1. Thats just $126 $47 for this entire series of e-books.

To grab this deal, enter your regular details below and complete your order before the countdown timer hits zero. 

The download link will be waiting for you on the next page.

The Ultimate Shortcut To Planning The Perfect Workouts Can Be Your For Just...

$126 $47!


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