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Team Fitness Challenge Ideas



Today, I’m sharing 6 Team Fitness Challenge Ideas.

Here’s the back story

Last week my friend got in touch (Sean T McCrorley). He owns Rebel Fitness Bootcamp, Australia.

He’s working on a new product for group trainers. Calls it Sub 30. They’re unique audio workouts that you follow along to. They’re fantastic, fun & very challenging.

I’m Sean’s guinea pig so I’m testing them out.


I’ve been writing sales copy for a few years now and I’m pretty good at it. So, Sean asked me if I’d like to barter my services. Sean needs killer sales copy to promote his new service.

And, I’m on the lookout for fun team fitness challenge ideas, which just happens to be Sean’s speciality.

Sean created for me..

6 Team Fitness Challenge Ideas

You Can Draw Inspiration From

Team Fitness Challenge Ideas

Have a think how you can turn these themes in to team fitness challenge ideas. The following 6 x 45 minute workouts can be found inside the Workout Design Club Elite (Navigate to the Vault).

Workout 1: Pictionary

A classic game of drawing and guessing pictures.

Workout 2: Catch Phrase-Say What You See

Players try to guess well-known phrases or sayings from animated picture puzzles.

Workout 3: Spelling Bee

Players spell words for points

Workout 4: Black Jack

Also known as twenty-one, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world.

Workout 5: TV Theme Tunes

Teams guess popular TV Theme Tunes

Workout 6: True Survivor Challenge

A series of unique challenges where players score points for their team.

Here’s my point

fitness marketingYou can build your business by bartering your services. It’s a great way to get stuff done that you’re not good at or confident with.

Just think, one flyer written by a professional copywriter can turn 10 clients in to 100, in a very short space of time. And, you can re-use the flyer.

That is the power of a great copy writer. What do they get in return? You guessed it.

PT sessions or access to your fitness classes for a set period. Costs you nothing but your time.

But how?

Exactly how Sean did it. He sent me a message. Now, don’t get me wrong, not everybody will want to help you.

But, if you stay persistent somebody will, I guarantee.

Want More Team Fitness Challenge Ideas

You can find all 6 x 45 minute workouts inside the Workout Design Club Elite

Your first 14 days is on the house without charge.



P.S To view my entire collection of team fitness challenge ideas, click the imagine below.

team fitness challenge ideas




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