April 22

The Mountain Boss Fitness Challenge For Fitness Trainers


Are you managing to keep yourself fit with everything thats going on? In case you didn't know, I also run a group for fitness trainers called Train The Trainer. 

We complete 1 x 20 minute workout per day Mon-Fri, and it keeps us consistent with our fitness and feeling good. 

Here's our training schedule.

  • Monday: Lower body focus
  • Tuesday: Core focus
  • Wednesday: Upper body focus
  • Thursday: Cardio focus
  • Friday: Fitness challenge

If you're thinking this is what I need, Click here and join!

It's free to get started.  As a bonus, you can access 150 past workouts and plug them straight in to your group. 

The Mountain Boss Fitness Challenge

Every Friday over in Train The Trainer I create funky fitness challenge for my clients. The one we completed last week is called Mountain Boss and I'm excited to share it with you and your clients. 

I completed it in 43 minutes with full push-ups. If you struggle with push-ups, do them on your knees. 

Title: Mountain Boss

Time: 25 Minutes

Equipment: Deck of well-shuffled playing cards

The value of your playing cards are as follows.

  • Cards 2-10 = 2-10 reps
  • J = 11 reps
  • Q = 12 reps
  • K = 13 reps
  • A = 14 reps
  • Joker = 20 Burpees

Complete the value of each card in push-ups unless you hit a joker card. Complete all 54 cards for time. Post your time in the comments below.

Rapid Fire  - Cardio Challenge

Thursdays workout was a cracker, so I thought I would share it with you. I decided to complete the workout straight through without rest. But you can rest between rounds if you like. 

Title: Rapid Fire (cardio)

Time: 24 Minutes

Equipment: 0

Complete each exercise for 1 minute x 4 rounds. Give each round 100% effort. Rest for 60-90 seconds between rounds.
  1. Speed Freaks
  2. Bullet Sprints
  3. Double Jump Over
  4. Figure of 8
  5. Static Sprint
  6. Switch Stance

Optional Finisher: 100 Jumping jacks as fast as you can.

Good luck


P.S Join Train The Trainer today and complete your first workout. 


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