July 31

24 Fun Workout Ideas For Groups


This week I'll be sharing some seriously fun workout ideas for groups over in the Workout Design Club. This week I'lll be sharing 8 new song workouts (musical finisher drills), plus 16 fun bootcamp ideas I think your clients will love. 

Here's whats new in the WDC this week. 

24 Workout Ideas For Groups That Will Put You Light Years Ahead Of The Competition

Workout Ideas For Groups

Plyo Mechanics: Aka creeper rounds. This fun 10 minute partner challenge fuses isometrics with plyometrics to work the body is new and exciting ways. It’s a beast.

Big Wallop Circuit: The simplest way to spice up a traditional circuit training workout using mini isometric challenges a long side one of the most feared bootcamp exercises of all time. It’s pure dynamite.

Super Intervals: A super simple spin on the Tabata protocol. If fact you won’t believe what a difference it makes. Set over 6 rounds, players will have to dig deep as a team and finish together.

Battle Round Eliminator: In this (all inclusive) team warm up game, players are entered in to a lucky dip bonanza where anything could happen. It’s a really clever way to start your bootcamp workout.

Daft Punk: Not all song workouts have to be non-stop high energy. In this super mellow warm down, players get to groove it out (in a chilled way) whilst having fun. These types of drill are my favourite workout ideas for groups

Duck Source: An insane song workout for an insane tune that everybody knows. It’s one of the tougher musical finishers in my arsenal but it’s the one that gets the most laughs.

Fifth Harmony: What is it with all of the song workouts this week? Well they are (IMO) the best way to end a bootcamp workout. A specific word in this song workout repeats 51 times. Way more than all the rest. Don’t worry because it’s achievable, even when the rapper comes on.

Message In A Bottle: In the late 1970’s the band Police created 1 specific song that fits the bill perfectly for one of the most catchy song workouts I just know your clients will love.

Queen Flash: Based on the movie Flash Gorden, this is one of the shortest song finishers of all time. So I’ve deliberately made it as hard as possible. This is possibly my favourite.

Repeat Repeat: An insanely fun song workout. Turn your bootcamp class in to a gangsters paradise for 3 minutes and 17 seconds whilst your clients get to work on reeeeepeat. It’s all good fun.

I'm Still Standing: An Elton John classic and an appropriate name to end a really tough class. It’s a super motivating song workout that will squeeze the most from your clients.

Last Weeks Workout Ideas For Groups

Incase you missed last weeks WDC update here it is. 12 fun workout ideas for groups that you can use to spice up your sessions. 

Bootcamp ideas

Target Control: Your campers finally have the opportunity to get their own back. In this fun 10 minute workout, the harder players work, the more severe the forfeit for the trainer. It’s the perfect incentive that will happily force your clients to work harder than they have ever done before.

Balance Blitz 360: When was the last time you incorporated a tough balance drill in to workout? If the answers never then you’re going to love this 2 dimensional game/ladder drill.

Swingers Club: In this crushingly intense kettle bell challenge players take on 3 unique challenges as a team. Usually it’s the Mexican wave that catches people out. It’s deceiving.

Wizards of Balance: In this super fun team game based designed to improve balance and agility, players are rewarded (quite literally) every step of the way. Expect lots of laughs and giggles.

Jack in The Box: This drill is so tough that you’ll have to pre-warn your client’s at least 2 days in advance so they can meditate on it. If they’re always up for a challenge they will embrace this ninja 42 minute workout to the fullest.

Rat Race Advantage: In this exciting team game, the last thing you want to do is give away the advantage. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for redemption.  

King Beast: The clock never stops in this (super ambitious) kettle bell challenge. It’s a big ask with huge rewards as players blast through 6 rounds on pure mayhem.

Mega Build: If you build it they will come. Never a truer word spoken in this absolutely epic 40 minute circuit training workout that gets even more interesting as it goes along. It’s the ultimate circuit build.

Shock Treatment: In this extremely tough (all round) chipper circuit training workout, players have 38 minutes to pick apart the challenge from the outside in. Will they succeed? Only time will tell.

Switch Reaper: Players have zero clue that they are actually builders each other’s workouts. It’s a super quirky 40 minute challenge that will leave your clients gobsmacked when they eventually find out what’s happening. It’s all good fun.

Cardio Collective: The harder you work, the more money you will have to gamble away. It’s a crazy fun bootcamp game that finishes on the casino floor. 

Time Keeper Professional: In this funky 15 minute warm up game, players set the pace for one another in a series of mini challenges. This tactic is one of the best kept secrets for maintaining a strong tempo.

Boot camp challenges

This week in my daily emails we covered the following topics covering workout ideas for group. 

  1. A super fun twist on point based challenges
  2. Is This The Worlds Hardest Musical Finisher Drill?
  3. Have you played the brutal workout game 'Swapsies'?
  4. Alphabet Drills And The Big Disconnect
  5. Donkey Kong, the workout they're all raving about
  6. Free Workout Wednesday (Try this for size)
  7. How to turn your bootcamp drills in to signature finishers  

Spice Up Your bootcamp Ideas With This Funky Twist On Point Based Challenges

The next time you create workout ideas for groups, and you're playing a drill for points, do this instead. It will make it a lot more exciting. Watch the video..

Transcript Summary: The  next time you use a workout that involves playing for points (team games, team challenges etc), then here's a different way to do it. Instead of playing for points you can play for money.

Let me explain.

Let's say you conduct a simple Team Challenge. Let's say it's an AMRAP. You show your group five exercises set at 20 reps each and players have 20  minutes to complete as many rounds as they can. For each round they complete, instead of scoring a point they earn a monetary amount.

  • Beginners: $20 per round
  • Intermediate: $15 per round
  • Advanced: $10 per round

As you can see, the fitter you are the harder you have to work to earn money. At the end of the challenge each player will be left with a set amount on money that they are now going to gamble away (and try to win). 

Betting: Flip a coin and ask players to place a bet a monetary amount (minimum bet $10) on the outcome of the coin (heads or tails). Players that guess right double their money. Player that guess wrong subtract the money they bet from their total. 

Flip the coin 3 more times and ask players to bet each time. The player with the most money wins the challenge. It's much more exciting way to play for points and it will help to create a buzz around what you do. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Is This The Words Hardest Song Workout? 

Some of my favourite bootcamp drills are song workouts (musical finishers). IMO there's no better way to end a session and get people talking about you.

So far I've come up with 70+ ridiculously good song workouts that will inject the fun element in to every single session you take. I'm aiming for 100, so if you know any good ones let me know.

You can find my song workouts inside The Workout Design Club. The one I want to share you today is more of of a joke you can play on clients. This ones just for fun and it's bloody bonkers.

Method: You'll need the song the Trash Man - Surfin Bird (see above video).  Ask players to assume the push up position. Each time they hear the word 'bird' they complete 1 push up. I think it'll get lots of giggles.

Bootcamp Games: Have You Played The Brutal Workout Game Swapsies?

workout idea for groups

What seems like a long time ago now, I completed the burpee mile with my campers and one of my trainers. 4 Laps around a running track. Bloody hard work.

It didn't help that I was hung over from a party the night before, but I got through it just about. I think I did it in 576 burpees.

Every Sunday (back in the UK) I would get up early and meet Craig on the park (one of my trainers) and we would smash a brutal workout.

I'm talking 3 hour long sessions incorporating the different components of fitness, so we got the most out of each session.

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance

It was always a competition to see who could fitness first. Craig was built like a tank and much stronger, and I excelled in the endurance stuff because of my time in the Marines.

We once raced for 2 miles carrying a 20k kettle bell. That was our finisher drill. I'll never do that again, it was horrible.

Adding a competition element to your workouts will make your clients work much harder than they ussually would. And in turn they'll see better results. Here's a killer workout with a built in competition element that you can use with your group this week.

Title: Swapsies

Time: 20 Minutes

Write 6 exercises (set at 10 reps each) on something the group can see. Players have 10 minutes to complete as many rounds as they can. Once finished they write down their score on a slip of paper.

Score = Rounds complete and exercise finished on. I.e. Completing 10 rounds and finishing on exercise 2 would be a score of 10.2. After a short rest ask players to swap scores with a player of same ability.

Run the AMRAP again for 10 minutes and tell players they must aim to beat their opponents score. You'll see a dramatic change in pace I guarantee.

If you like these types of drills, I have 100's of different ones that you can access today.

You'll find them in the. The WDC Group Fitness Search Engine.

Workout Ideas For Groups Using The Alphabet And The Big Disconnect

I want to share a really cool bootcamp idea called Word Scramble. I'll also tell you about the big disconnect, and how you can use it to make your bootcamp 10x better. Watch the video to find out more.

Transcript Summary

Donkey Kong Workout Ideas For groups 

I get a lot of positive feedback on my workouts, but non so more as this beauty I posted this week. Donkey Kong.

Based on the popular kids computer game, players compete against Kong in a series of mini challenges. With time against them, it will take some doing to destroy Kong, which can only be achieved as a team.

As I've said before, I'm a big advocate of trainers taking the time to create (at least) some of their own bootcamp workout ideas.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. You get to inject your own unique personality in to your workouts

2. It keeps your brain active

3. It's a great way to develop your existing skills and creativity as a trainer.

So here's the challenge should you choose to accept it. Based on the diagram below, how can you turn the diagram below (from the original workout) in to your own Donkey Kong workout.

Let me know what you come up with in the comments below. 

Workout ideas for groups

How To Design Better Workout Ideas For Groups 


Turning Workout Ideas For Groups In To Signature Finisher Drills

The next time you're creating workout ideas for groups you can use what I call signature finisher drills. These are carefully selected drills that you can repeat at the end of each session. They will also save you a lot of time as I'll explain in the video below. 

Want More Fun Bootcamp Workout Routines And Creative Bootcamp Ideas?

Welcome to the WDC Group Fitness Search Engine which gives you the power to whip up incredible group fitness class ideas fast. Press play to take the tour. 


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