February 28

Fun Workouts For Outdoor Personal Trainers


Calling all outdoor personal trainers.

Here are 3 tips on how you can use what myself and Garry Robinson (Kaizen Fitness) have learned

over many years to grow multiple group fitness bootcamps.


Fun Workouts For Outdoor Personal Trainers and fitness trainers


TIP #1. Always start with the workout PROGRAM. A well designed workout program will

  • Save you time (and I mean a lot of time)
  • Eliminate the worry and stress of wondering if it will ‘work’
  • Free you up to train yourself more effectively
  • Enable others to run your fitness sessions so you can take time off and still get paid

TIP #2. Next, you take care of the WORKOUTS that make up the program. This will

  • Allow you to guarantee fitness results so you can charge more money
  • Render competition from other fitness trainers irrelevant
  • Make each fitness session remarkable which in turn will attract more bootcamp clients by word of mouth

TIP #3. Finally, inject some FUN & VARIETY so that

  • Clients are compelled to turn up more often
  • Fitness Referrals come easily
  • You retain clients longer — typically up to 3x longer than most gyms

To learn more about how to put these elements to work in your outdoor personal training business, check out our FREE 3-part video training we made here:


Outdoor Personal Training Success


How To Stop Cheap 24-Hour Gyms & Team Training Franchises Stealing Your Clients In 2018

…by adopting our 3-part strategy fitness professionals use to disable competition permanently.

Are you sick of losing clients to inferior outdoor personal trainers who undercut you on price and then fail to deliver results?

Perhaps you already tried to attract new clients by offering discounts and free trials and wound up frustrated when the only people who responded were time wasters and tyre-kickers?

In a marketplace flooded with thousands of different ways to get fit, it seems like the only way to differentiate is to lower prices…

Or is it?

A Proven Three-Part Strategy That Helps Outdoor Personal trainers Achieve Success

BOOTCAMP SUMO employs a three-part approach to group outdoor personal training that renders competition – especially gyms and cheap bootcamps – completely irrelevant.

That’s because it attracts clients who want actual results and ignores price-shoppers only interested in a ‘quick fix’ in the form of a few cheap training sessions

In fact, if you deliver the workout program as prescribed starting from today you will be able to raise your prices – simply by offering the peace of mind of a guaranteed result.

Imagine what it would feel like to hear laughter at the beginning of every training session as your clients arrive and greet each other… and then to see them smiling and high-fiving each other at the end of yet another memorable workout.

Fun Workouts For Outdoor Personal TrainersResults Guarantee = More Clients

I’ve spent nearly ten years studying general physical preparedness — the science of training groups – and perfecting the 3-part strategy you’re about to learn.

Over 10,000 outdoor personal trainers in 20 different countries are using my workout programs to build profitable fitness bootcamps and to dominate the group training market in their town.


BOOTCAMP SUMO will help Outdoor Personal Trainers To.. 

  • Attract clients who actually want results (and not just cheap or free training sessions)
  • Transform uncommitted clients into raving fans who refer their friends
  • Quickly develop outcome-based programs — saving you hours of planning time each week
  • Attract clients who actually want results (and not just cheap or free training sessions)

It turns outdoor personal trainers in to workouts wizards

Fun Workouts For Outdoor Personal Trainers

Bootcamp Sumo is the brain child of Leon Melnicenko (Unique Bootcamp Workouts) & Garry Robinson (Kaizen Outdoor Fitness).

Between us we have taken well over 3700 outdoor bootcamp sessions, and clocked up literally 1000’s of hours in the field testing new workout concepts on our clients.
That’s a lot of trial and error.

Today, we’re giving you the opportunity to claim our entire life’s work, and short cut your own learning process by a few thousand hours.

How does that sound?

I was sat at my desk earlier today trying to think of an analogy to best describe the Bootcamp Sumo. Here’s what I came up with.

It’s the equivalent of gaining your PHD in creative workout design over night.

Never has there been a easier way for you to keep your client’s interested in your sessions and long term paying customers.

Let myself & Garry help you to achieve this by showing you exactly.
For less than the cost of a one-time ad in your local newspaper, you can protect yourself indefinitely from cheap gyms stealing your clients.

AND at the same time, position yourself to pick up all those disappointed clients who quit the gym because the cheap or free training they signed up for simply didn’t deliver results



To your success!

Leon & Garry

PS – Bootcamp Sumo is the combined result of 18 years experience in the field delivering over 3700 outdoor bootcamp sessions. More than 10,000 outdoor personal trainers in 20 different countries are using the 3-part strategy to become the #1 bootcamp operator in their area.


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