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Generate 100’s Of Fresh Bootcamp Workout Ideas, The Easy Way


Over the years I've tried and tested hundreds of different bootcamp workout ideas on my clients. Today I'm going to show you how to plan your workouts (for the entire week) in just 20 minutes. 

When I left the British Royal Marines and launched my group fitness business, I was shocked at how much time and energy went to creating new workouts. 

I was taking 12 sessions per week, plus a a corporate team building gig at the world renowned Wrigley's chewing gum company. When you consider that each session requires a fun warm-up, main component and a finisher. 

That's a lot of bootcamp workout ideas to create, and a huge demand on your brain-power. I was going CUCKOO! The frustrating thing was, I felt like I never has enough time or energy to focus on my business.  Do you ever feel like that? 

Everything changed when I started documenting my best workout ideas in Google drive. I created a mix and match workout system that cut my planning time down by around 90%. 

I was now able to plan my workouts (for the entire week) in just 20 minutes. Start documenting your bootcamp workout ideas and do the same. It's worth the effort. 

This mix and match system become the Workout Design Club.

The WDC is revolutionary because it allows you to plan interesting and varied sessions in a matter of minutes, which is extremely valuable when you live a busy life.

Another 'bootcamp hack' I use is a check list. The following checklist is filled with all sorts of different bootcamp workout ideas that you can use as inspiration. 

97Bootcamp Workout Ideas 
The Ultimate Check List For Designing Stunning Group Fitness Ideas

bootcamp workout ideas check list

You should never start planning your group workout with a blank piece of paper. Instead use this checklist as guide. Over time you can add your own bootcamp workouts ideas to give you even more variety.  

As you work down the checklist, you'll notice that I've added in a few workout examples for you to try with your group. You can also download this checklist further down.  

√ Team Games: Tag, relays, mirror, paper, rocks, scissors, coin toss, musical statues.

√ WOD: Workout of the day. Work down a long list of exercises for time

√ Circuit Training Workout: Point based, hill, partner, HIIT, reps, time/time keeper)

√ Partner Bootcamp: Ladder drills, alternating tabata, sprints, rep count, 10 down to 1, resistance bands etc. 

√ Playing Cards: Write exercises on cards and let players build they own workout journey by collecting cards and completing shuttle sprints.  

√ Finisher Drills: Tabata, ladder, reps, partner, beat the trainer, EMOM etc

* Double or Quits: Works well for Point based bootcamp games. Players can flip to double their points  or face a forfeit. 

√ Fitness Test: Rep/time based. Cardio, strength, endurance, Crossfit, circuits.

√ Micro Fitness Tests: Conduct a rep or time based challenge at the start of the session. Repeat towards the end of the session and ask players to either beat their score, or swap scores and attempt to beat each others. 

√ Team bootcamp: Conduct a team building activity where two teams complete. 

Team Bootcamp Workout Ideas
Group Fitness Challenge

√ 3 Person Drills: Player one holds a static position, player two completes an aerobic exercises, and player 3 completes shuttle sprints (one minute each). Players switch rolls after each round. 

√ Relay race: Small team shuttle sprints, Olympic style, partner, hurdles etc.

EMOM: Every minute on the minute. The goal is to maintain a set rep range based on a players ability.

√Split Tabata: Example: Five exercises. Complete each exercise for 20 seconds work, 10 seconds x 10 rounds without stopping. Use an interval timer. 

√ Modified Tabata: 40/20, 30/30, 50/10 (different interval same session)

√ AMRAP: As many rounds as possible in a set time

√ AMRAP: As many reps as possible  in a set time (over one or multiple exercises)

√ AMSSAP: As many supersets as possible. Types: antagonist superset, agonist superset, unrelated supersets.

√ Tyres: Tyre flips, partner carries, tricep dips, sledge hammers etc.

√ Movement Based: Side shuttles, 100m sprints, mini hurdles, shuttle sprints, suicide sprints, animal movements, agility drill etc.

√ Speed March: A speed march covers a set distance (I.e. 10k). Run for 2 minutes then walk fast 1 minute repeat. 

√ Copy Cat: Simons says, partner mirror. Players imitate each other or the instructor. 

√ Ladder Drills: I.e. 8 Exercises 5 reps each. Then 10, 15, 20, 25 etc. See how high you can go. Or start high and work back for time. 

√ Switch Scores: I.e. Players attempt to beat each other’s scores after completing (for example) an AMRAP or a time challenge.

√ Pyramid Workout: At the base you have 5 exercises to complete, then you work up the pyramid 4 exercises, 3 exercises, 2 exercises, 1 exercise. 

√ Suicide Sprints: Sprint to each marker and back. 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m etc. Then reverse it. 25m 20m, 15m, 10m. Max rounds in 8 minutes. 

√ Tempo Run: Switching between different levels of intensity. I.e. Lap one 30% effort, lap two 60%, lap three 90%. Rinse and repeat for a set number of rounds. 

√ Time Under Tension: Switch between different Isometric exercises.

√ HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. (Tabata, Meta-fit, Insanity etc)

√ ARC Circuits: Active recovery. The only rest players get is at a low intensity I.e. walking or jogging. 

√ Speed Training: 3 types. Accelerative Speed, Pure Speed & Speed Endurance.

√ Agility DrillsAgility ladder, penalty box, dot drills, weaving, Lateral Plyometric Jumps, side shuffles. Go here for 8 agility exercises.

How To Design Bootcamp Workouts Ideas Around Agility Training

√ Animal Bootcamp: Utilising exercises such as bear crawl, kangaroo hops, lunge walk, gorilla jumps etc.

√ ROPE: Rate Of Perceived Exertion. Players maintain a set work rate. 

√ AMSAP: As Many Sets As Possible (I.e. Set 1 = 10 burpees)

√ 3 Minute finishers: 3 Exercises one after the other as humanly fast as possible (It's tough).

√ SOP: Stack on top drills (I.e. Complete Ex 1. Ex 1, 2. Ex 1, 2, 3. Ex 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

√ Build Your Own Workout: I.e. List 20 exercises. Players choose 5 exercises from the list for a HIIT workout. Is it up to each player what they choose. 

√ Build Your Own Finisher: List 10 exercises. Players choose 3 exercises for a 10 minute AMRAP. Or whatever type of challenge you're conducting. 

√ Obstacle Course: 1 mile circular route with exercise tasks at different points.

√ Points For Position: Players are awarded points depending on what position they finish. I.e. 10 people. First to finish scores 10, second 9, third 8 etc. 

√ Elimination Drills: Start with 6 exercises. After each round the group vote one exercise off. Repeat until one exercise remains. 

√ Elevation Circuits: Circuit training workouts using a hill or a set of stairs for the cardio element. 

√ Music Finishers: YMCA, Thunderstruck, Thunder, Hit the road jack etc.

√ Fartlek Training: Type of interval training. Click here for more info.. 

√ Dice Workouts: Click here for a variety of different exercise dice.  

√ Ice Breaker Drills: ​You can find lot's of different ice breaker drills here.

√ Individual Challenge: Fitness test, timed run, beat the clock etc. 

√ Time Trials: A series of activities completed for time. Add up all times to make an ultimate score. Try to beat it in a future training session. 

√ Bootcamp Triathlon: Cardio task (running), strength endurance task (AMRAP), animal movement task (bear walk).

√ Beat The Trainer: The trainer (physically) sets a rep goal for players to beat. 

√ Story Based Drills: Players follow a descriptive story with exercises embedded within the story. You can create lot's of fun warm ups using this method. 

√ Military Style Bootcamp: Team building, log run, fire mans carry, piggy back race, military fitness test etc. 

√ Cardio Bootcamp: Human hurdles, agility, 100m sprints, cardio based exercises, aerobics, stair, hills, relays, tag etc.

Group Fitness Ideas 

Sprint Multiplier Challenge

√ Board Games: Snakes and ladders, monopoly bootcamp, battle ships, scrabble, who wants to be a millionaire, cluedo etc. 

√ Themed Workouts: Olympic bootcamp, Super Mario, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pac Man, Game of Thrones, dot to dot, pub quiz, UNO, guess who. 

√ Split Rest: Player 1 works while player two rest, then visa-versa.

√ Tag Games: Freeze tag, tunnel tag, toilet tag, blob tag, British bull dog, hare & hounds etc. Here's a great resource where you can find 10 tag games.

√ Paper, Rocks, Scissors: Integrate in to a team game, circuit, challenge. You can do this during rest periods.

√ Coin Workouts: Heads or tails decides what exercises players complete. Or the distance players sprint. 

√ Random Generator: Exercises are chosen at random (Bingo balls, cards, dice etc). Good for finishers & circuits.

√ Tall Order: I.e. 7 Exercises 1 minute each x 5 rounds. In each round players have to complete the exercises in a different order. Great for conditioning. 

√ HIT Shrink: I.e. 8 station circuit. 60 seconds each exercise then 50, 40, 30, 20, 10.

√ Card shark: Each playing card (52) has a different exercise written on. You can use this pack of cards to create circuits, challenges and finishers. 

√ Beat The Ladder: I.e. 6 exercises, 20 reps of each then 19, 18, 17 etc. Players have a set time to complete the ladder. 

√ Board clearance: Sticky notes on a board with exercises on. Teams clear the board. Most sticky notes wins.

√ Black Jack: Based on the card game 21. Players try and beat the dealer. Each card that is drawn is linked to an exercise. 

√ Bootcamp Poker: Best hand wins. After each round a task is completed. 

√ Zero Tabata: Players rest in an isometric position. 

√ Controlled Intensity: Runners dictate the exercise time for their partner. 

√ Nano Sets: I.e. Set your interval timer for 50 rounds of 7 seconds work, 0 rest. Complete 1 burpee (push-up included) for each round. It's challenging.  

√ Memory Bootcamp Circuit: Teams take turns matching images that are face down. Exercises are completed between goes. 

√ Equipment Carry: 2 Teams race in opposite directions on a circular route with equipment divided between them. The first team back wins. 

√ Descending Sprints: Shuttle sprints that descend in time with rest in between rounds. I.e. 90 work, 20 rest. Then 80/20, 70/20, 60/20, 50/20, 40/20, 30/20.

√ Point Multiplier: In any point based game, teams roll 1 dice at the end of the game and multiply their score by that number. It's a fun twist. 

√ Supersets: Two exercises paired together that work different muscle groups. Or you can use compound sets by pairing two exercises that work the same muscle group. 

√ Lucky Dip: Exercises are selected at random from a bag or bucket. Great for finisher drills, forfeits and team games. I like to write my exercises on ping pong balls. 

√ Coloured Play Balls: You can purchase a set of 50 from amazon. You can write different intervals/exercises on the balls and use them as points. There are lot's of way to incorporate these in to a session. 

√ Alphabet Bootcamp: There are so many ways to create workouts using the Alphabet. Get your thinking cap on. 

√ Math: Time tables, multiplication, division, fractions, etc. 

√ Quiz: Multiple choice and true or false work best. After each question players complete an exercises. Teams mark each other sheets once done. 

√ Players Pick: 10 time based finishers written on a board. at the end each session for a month each player picks their own finisher. 

√ Focus: Design your workout around one main body part (I.e. lower, core, upper). Or around one piece of equipment I.e. K-bell.

√ Trigger Word: Each time you shout the trigger word during class (I.e bonker), players complete 10 burpees. It adds a fun twist to the class. 

√ Monetary: Instead of playing for points, play for pretend money. Players gamble it away at the end on the roll of a dice. Winner takes all.

√ Team Building: Tug or war, puzzles etc. Here are 33 team building activities

√ Chipper Workouts: Start the group on a huge rep count. Players chip away in sets of 10 until the reps are complete. Trainer keeps score. 

√ Running Drills: Agility, fartlek, tempo, partner shuttles, 400m dash, 1 miler, hill/stairs, Indian runs etc. 

√ Printed Sheets: Word search, hangman, Pokémon, acronyms, shapes, math, dot to dot, quiz, paper aeroplane, origami (each fold complete exercise). 

√ Level Up: These are workouts that build in intensity. Players work through levels to see how high they can go. 

√ Tick Tack Toe: Watch this fun bootcamp game here.

√ Cone Grab: Watch this cone game here. After every game ask players to complete 5 burpees. It adds that extra kick. 

√ Bleep Test: Running, push ups, sit ups. You can find a list of different bleep tests here. 

√ Travel Test: Cover a set distance using a traveling exercise. I  did the burpee mile with a couple of clients and they loved it. 

√ Field Games: Rounders, baseball, Frisbee, netball, catch, football. 

√ Orienteering: Teams are tasked with finding items at set locations using a map. There are exercise tasks at each location. 

√ Weighted Walk: Cover a set distance carrying a weighted rucksack. It's great for strengthening the legs.

Unique Bootcamp Workouts Weekly Round Up

Unfortunately, 1000's of group trainers this week will go hungry.... For great workout ideas. But not you my friend, because you'll have this weeks WDC update to seriously impress your clients with.

Here's what group trainer and WDC member Vito Marcinkevicius had to say.

Bootcamp workout ideas

Each week I design a series of bootcamp fitness ideas for my workout design club members. If you pride yourself on making your workouts fun for your clients then you're going to love this weeks update. 

It's packed full of great bootcamp workout ideas that you can use to keep your clients sessions fresh and your clients for longer.

24 Unique Bootcamp Workout Ideas That Will Keep Your Session Fresh And Exciting

Unique bootcamp workout ideas

The Music Masters Accumulator: In this super fun circuit training workout, players progress through different levels of intensity whilst listening to their favourite tracks. They won’t even now they’re exercising.

Order of Chaos: Designed to build muscular strength endurance & cardiovascular endurance, this (absolutely) killer circuit training workout will get the most out of your clients so they get the results they came for.

Heavy Abs: Learn the easiest way to design a super effective abs workout. This template based drill is the key to toning the entire core for that super lean look.

Endurance Protocol 30: Discover the easiest way to create highly effective and extremely fun boot camp workouts using old car tyres, a popular kids game and a couple of markers. There are limitless workout variations meaning you’ll always have a fun drill to impress your clients with.

Fun Run Crusher: Making your running drills fun for beginners is essential if you want them to keep coming back. I want to share a secret with you that will let you turn almost any running drill in to an enjoyable experience.

The HIIT Exchange: A simple yet powerful workout technique that fuses MSE with cardiovascular endurance. Now that you’re able to create these types of circuits, I can guarantee your clients will see better overall results.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: With 100’s of possible variations you can use this exciting team challenge often and your clients won’t get bored. I bet your competitors won’t be having this much fun with their clients.

Card Thunder: With the added benefits of building muscle along with speed & power, sprinting helps you burn fat, build mental toughness and improve heart health. That’s why I created this fun yet very challenging team game based around a pack of playing cards. Your boot campers are in for a treat.

Mega Duelist: In this fun 20-minute team game focusing on muscular strength endurance, teams battle in a 52-micro challenge standoff. Only 1 team will prevail and lift the title of Mega Duelist.

The Perfect Match Up: One of the best (memory based) bootcamp games you will see this year. Players will have to work together and sprint their hearts out if they are to succeed and win this epic team game.

HIIT Tear Down: In this ‘perfectly balanced’ partner HIIT workout designed to build MSE, cardiovascular endurance and burn hideous amounts of fat, teams are tasked with completing a super tough 35-minute challenge. It won’t be easy but the rewards are well worth it.

Speed Circuit: This is one of the most effective circuits you will ever put your clients through. Combining speed training, agility, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. This bad boy (that you can use often) will get your clients ripped in no time.

Team Based Bootcamp 
Workout Ideas Update

bootcamp workout ideas

Caterpillar Crush: In this fun 5-minute (isometric style) team game, players will have to be quick off the mark if they want to crush their competitors. However, a cheeky forfeit will come in to play if even 1 player takes their eye off the ball.

Flaming Abs: In this 10-minute abs drill, players are awarded rest periods if they can guess the correct answers to simple questions. With a strict time limit and a very challenging sub drill, this team game is not as easy as it first appears. It’s great fun

HIIT Hurricane: In this 25 minute HIIT circuit (combining cardiovascular conditioning, explosive strength and muscular strength endurance) players face 3 different challenge elements that they must overcome.

Jack Shred: The ultimate cardiovascular conditioning game that anybody can win if they beat the odds.

Flip Olympics: You will never look at shuttle sprints the same again after you put your clients through this super tough, yet equally fun sprint game that anybody can win. It’s all down to luck.

Beat The Square: In this creative 35-minute fitness test designed to build all round fitness (and burn an insane number of calories) players are tasked with completing their own personal battle quest.

The Trainers Edge: When you have a scenario where each players contribution matters, the team as a whole will function much better. In this 24 minute (duel split) challenge, players must bond together in order to beat the trainer and deflect the pending forfeit.

Simple Circuit Extreme: In this super ninja team game (that grinds you down slowly), teams face off in an intense battle to the finish. It’s a super effective HIIT drill that will get loads of cheers.

Shuttle Crush: In this high-powered sprint game designed to build cardiovascular endurance, players are given a coin that will ultimately decide their fate. This is one of my favourite bootcamp games that you can play often.

Split Warrior: In this 35-minute (agility, strength, cardio) circuit, each player maps out their own unique exercise journey that slowly build in intensity. This powerful drill will spice up any session instantly.

Leg Incineration Drill: I won’t lie, this is a gruelling 10-minute drill that your clients will embrace if they love a challenge. It’s great for fat burning, and a perfect combination of strength vs cardio.

Totally Turbo: In this 35-minute strategic circuit, players have to be very careful about who they do business with or it could bite them in the ass. Designed to build muscular strength endurance, this legendary team circuit will turbo charge your session.

These awesome group fitness ideas are inside the WDC.

Want More Bootcamp Workout Ideas?

Heres a group fitness search engine to help you

Imagine having access to your very own group fitness search engine? Wouldn't that be cool? The truth is, Coming up with fresh bootcamp workout ideas week in week out is hard. 

That's why I created The Workout Design Club. The WDC will save you a tremendous amount of time and give you access to 1000's of unique bootcamp ideas. 

Never has there been an easier way to stand out as refreshingly different from your competitors. So what are you waiting for? 

Click here to and become a member today



P.S Hit reply with your favourite bootcamp workout ideas and I'll feature you on the blog and give you and your fitness business a shout out. 🙂


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