Hi, I’m Leon a British Commando turned group fitness trainer.

I wanna tell you about when I served for 8 years as a Royal Marines Commando.

"The Royal Marines are the UK's Commando Force and the Royal Navy's own amphibious troops. They are an elite fighting force, optimised for worldwide rapid response and are able to deal with a wide spectrum of threats and security challenges".

Stay with me here… this actually has A LOT to do with you and your group fitness business. I did one tour of Afghanistan and that is something I will never forget. I’ll tell you more about that soon.

So what made me decide to join the Royal Marines?

I’m from a town in the north of England called Bolton.

Home of Peter Kay, Paddy McGinness,& Greggs Pasties!

I worked night shifts in a factory called Redbridge.

I didn’t mind the work, mixing up paint.

I was left to my own devices and as long as I met the quota in my shift, I pretty much had free rein. And although I didn’t mind the work, it didn’t excite me, I knew there was so much more to life than this ‘existence’.

Then, when out on the razzle one night, I met an old school friend.

He told me he had joined the commandos. 

The next day I was on the train to Manchester UK to the recruiting office.

The rest, as they say, is history!

After an 8 year stint as a British Royal Marines Commando, I left to pursue a career in fitness and launched my first outdoor training business. Sound Fitness Team Training UK.

I quickly discovered that I had a knack for creating result-focused workouts that were cleverly disguised as fun.

As a result, my business grew (through word of mouth) to over 200 members in 3 locations, including a 4-year corporate gig at the world-renowned Wrigley's, the largest manufacturer of chewing gum.

You can see me in action below. 

In March 2015 I sold my bootcamp so I could work full time on the Workout Design Club, an online workout builder that helps group fitness trainers plan better workouts by providing fun, creative and result-focused drills.

So what does all this have to do with you and your bootcamp? Well, indirectly, I guess this is what I’m getting at….

For most people, attending a fitness class is much to them as the factory was for me. Doable, but not exciting. Mundane and repetitive but keeps them ‘fit’ (equivalent to “pays the bills”). 

And given the choice, they’d get their workout done as quickly as possible so they could get on with something else.

So think about this today – is your's the Redbridge of bootcamps

^^or the Royal Marines Corps?^^

Just remember to keep your classes fun, fresh and interesting. And don’t forget the golden rule… keep your clients excited about the next session.

This is the recipe you’re looking for.

And it will put your camp light years ahead of the rest. Think of ‘The Corps’ as a metaphor for ‘no two days are the same’.

Roger that?!


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My Mission

"I believe that every group fitness trainer should have access to fun, fresh and result-focused workout ideas, so they can run popular classes and have more fun doing what they love."

- Leon melnicenko