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6 Best Insurance Companies For Fitness Professionals

If you are a fitness professional, it is very important to have [...]

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Top 7 Group Fitness Certifications: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right One For You

Are you a fitness enthusiast who wants to help others achieve their [...]

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12 Fun Group Training Ideas To Start 2023 With A Bang

Starting the new year with lots of brand-new group training ideas is [...]

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Our biggest Black Friday sale ever? (It’s on now…)

If your holiday wish list includes upping your training game, then have [...]

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The Pizza Game | Fun Bootcamp Warm-Up Game For Group Trainers

This weeks featured drill is a fun Bootcamp game sent in by [...]

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7 Creative Bootcamp Ideas For Small Groups

Today I'll be sharing 7 fun bootcamp ideas for small groups, so [...]

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It’s Bootcamp Sumos 1st Birthday And This Is What We’re Doing To Celebrate

Today is Bootcamp Sumos 1st birthday, and to mark the occasion we [...]

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120 Creative Indoor Bootcamp Ideas To Try Right Now

Looking for fun Indoor bootcamp ideas?I'm excited to announce the launch of [...]

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How Long Should a Boot Camp Workout Be?

When planning out your boot camp workout, deciding on the length should [...]

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A Quick Start Guide To Outdoor Boot Camp Workout Ideas

Welcome to the ultimate outdoor boot camp workout ideas guide. In this [...]

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How Do You Make Circuit Training More Interesting?

Although traditional circuit training workouts are effective, they can soon get boring, [...]

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12 Song Workouts That Are Actually Fun


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