July 18

Rebrandable: A Beginners Guide To Healthy Eating


Have you ever wanted to write a guide on healthy eating for your clients but didn't know where to start?

This week is the release of "A Beginners Guide To Healthy Eating", which is everything your clients need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and achieve better results from your training program

What sets this guide apart is that you have complete control over its customisation, allowing you to edit, re-brand, and even put your name as the author.

A healthy eating guide is essential for fitness trainers to provide to their clients because better nutrition directly translates into improved fitness results. 

For example: 

Enhanced Performance: Optimal nutrition fuels the body, leading to improved energy levels, endurance, and overall performance during workouts and training sessions.

Accelerated Progress: A well-balanced diet promotes efficient muscle recovery, minimizing downtime and helping clients achieve their fitness goals more efficiently.

Sustainable Weight Management: By educating clients about healthy eating habits, trainers empower them to maintain a healthy weight and body composition, supporting long-term fitness success.

Increased Energy Levels: Nutrient-dense foods provide sustained energy, reducing fatigue and enabling clients to maximize their workouts and daily activities.

Improved Overall Health: A nutritious diet reduces the risk of chronic diseases, strengthens the immune system, and supports vital bodily functions, contributing to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

Mind-Body Connection: Proper nutrition positively impacts mental clarity, mood, and focus, enhancing clients' motivation, consistency, and engagement in their fitness journeys.

By offering a comprehensive guide to healthy eating, you can equip your clients with the knowledge and tools needed for long-term success. 

Whats Inside?
Written And Produced By A Fully Qualified
Diet And Nutrition Advisor 

The guide was meticulously crafted by Leon Melnicenko, a fully qualified fitness trainer and diet and nutrition advisor. Leon's extensive expertise in these fields ensures that the guide is based on sound scientific principles and practical experience.

Leon's understanding of the unique challenges faced by fitness professionals and their clients is reflected in the guide's content. It offers targeted advice and strategies that directly address the specific needs and goals of individuals engaged in fitness training.

The Perfect Addition To Your Fitness Business

The Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating is the ultimate solution for your clients because it equips them with everything they need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and maximize the results of your training program. 

With this guide in your arsenal, you'll possess the secret weapon that sets you apart as a knowledgeable and influential fitness professional.

Introductory Offer Only $197, $29

A Beginners Guide To Healthy Eating is just $29 (this week only) and comes with private label rights, meaning you can edit, re-brand, and put your name as the author.

How To Order

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