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Fun Bootcamp Ideas (1 cone bootcamp workouts)


I can’t wait to share these fun bootcamp ideas with you.

It all started when I arrived to take my evening session. I realised I left my cones, equipment & my session plan at home.

I was expecting around 30 people to show up that night at bootcamp, with lot’s of newbies to impress.

So to be honest, I was in full panic mode.


When I opened the trunk of the car, there is was in all it’s glory. My savorier. 1 Single cone that I now had about 12 minutes to design my session around.

So, the clock is ticking, and people are starting to arrive. Given 12 minutes, what would you have done?

The full 1 hour workout I created consisted of 4 separate elements. So here’s what I’ll do. I’ll post 1 element a day each day for the rest of the week. It’s not the exact workout (it was a long time ago) but very similar. 

Bootcamp instructor Nancy Krueger has contributed element n.o 3.

Ok, here we go.

Workout Element 1: 30 Seconds of Fame

fun bootcamp ideas

Equipment: 1 Cone

Time: 10 Minutes

Method: Get the group to form a large circle.

Step 1: Players are going to take turns completing a set exercise (their choice) in the middle of the circle for 30 seconds. Everybody follows at their own pace.

Step 2: Before you start the challenge, make sure that each player has an exercise in mind. If they don’t, approach them and help them pick. It’s a great warm up

Note: Keep going around until you hit 10 minutes

Here’s The 2nd Drill Taken From My Mega

Collection oF Fun Bootcamp Ideas

I love creating fun group workout routines that are packed full of team work.

It’s worth remembering that your clients joined your bootcamp because they wanted to be part of a team. And if that wasn’t true, they would train on their own.

So, it makes sense to include team based activities & fun bootcamp ideas that get people working together, getting to know each other and having a laugh.

So, top tip.

Use less individual workouts, and include more team based stuff. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure your clients stick around for a long time.

The Workout Design Club Elite is packed to the brim with fantastic team ideas of all varieties. These are unique & fun creative boot camp ideas that will give you the edge on your competitors.

Workout Element 2: Captains of Crush

fun bootcamp ideas & bootcamp workouts

Equipment: 1 Cone

Players: 8+

Time: 22 Minutes

Method: Split the group in to 3 teams then nominate a team captain for each team. Place multiple point markers 20m out. (15 will do).

Round 1

Step 1: Show the group a set exercise

Step 2: Players have 60 seconds to complete as many repetitions as they can

Step 3: Team captains must add up all individual reps with a calculator. The team with the highest score must nominate a player to run out and collect a point marker.

Step 4: Line the group out for shuttle sprints, 30 seconds. Optional: You can send the group off for a quick sprint. 50m beginners, 100m inter/advanced. Just pick 2 points in the distance. for very limited space, get the group to sprint in a circle.

Play 10 rounds changing the exercise after each round. 

The team with the most markers (points) at the end of round 10 wins the title of Captains of Crush. Losing teams complete a forfeit.

Suggested Exercises:

1. Push up
2. Burpees
3. Sit ups
4. Squat jumps
5. Power jacks
6. Toe grabs
7. Mountain Climbers
8. Broad jumps
9. Speed freak
10. Get ups


Here’s The 3rd Drill Taken From My Mega

Collection oF Fun Bootcamp Ideas

Workout Element 3: Capture The Cone 

bootcamp workout ideas

Equipment: 1 Cone

Players: 4+

Time: 10 Minutes

Method: Split group into 2 even teams then position the marker & teams as shown in the diagram.

Round 1

Step 1: The instructor shouts out a set exercise. (Burpees)

  • Beginners: 10 Reps
  • Inter/Advanced: 20 Reps

Step 2: Each player on the team completes the exercise

Step 3: Once the entire team has finished exercising, they must send one player to capture the marker and bring it back to base. The first team to do this scores a point.

Step 4: Return the marker back to the middle

Play 8 rounds in total. Change the exercise after each round.

Note: A different player must be sent to capture the cone after each round. If there is a tie getting to the cone, first camper to backpedal and sprint back to cone wins point for team. (Adjust the reps for each exercise to suit ability)


Here’s The 4th Drill Taken From My Mega

Collection oF Fun Bootcamp Ideas

Workout Element 4: The 3 Amigos 

fun bootcamp ideas

Equipment: 1 Cone

Players: 4+

Time: 10 Minutes

Method: Get the group together in a bunch. Players are working individually.

Round 1

Step 1: Players complete shuttle sprints (20m) between 2 markers for 3 minutes’ best effort. During the rest period

Step 2: Each player has 90 seconds to win as many games of paper, rocks, scissors as they can. (They keep changing partners at random)

Step 3: For every game the player wins they count a point. For every game the player loses they must complete 5 squats.

Step 4: Line the group out as shown in the diagram bellow. For each point the player scored in the paper, rocks, scissors, they can take 1 normal foot stride out in the direction of the arrow.

For example: If the player scored 16 points playing paper, rocks, scissors, they would take 16 foot strides out.

The player who walks the furthest out wins the team challenge.

The group (apart from the 3 players who walked out the furthest) must complete 10 burpees.

5 For beginners. Round 2 Same as round 1. Only this time shuttle sprints are for 2 minutes.

So, There You Have It, 4 Fun Bootcamp Ideas

You Can Plug In To Your Next Session

Outdoor Bootcamp Ideas No Equipment

If you can’t wait that long and you want more fun bootcamp ideas NOW! Hit the image above for your 14 day free trial of the Workout Design Club Elite


Leon (workout wizard) Melnicenko

P.S That’s me in the image (top of the page) conducting an epically fun bootcamp session. 



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