October 3

Group Workout Ideas That Will Keep Your Clients Hooked


Creating brand new group workout ideas week in week out can be draining. Especially if you're taking a lot of Bootcamp workouts each week.

This month inside the Workout Design Club features a stunning collection of group workout ideas covering a wide range of fun training concepts. These Bootcamp ideas are jam-packed with fun, variety, and teamwork. 

Everything you need to stand out from the crowd and give your clients a truly fantastic experience. Here are this month's kick-ass group workout ideas.

48 Group Fitness Ideas That Will Keep Your Clients Hooked On Your Sessions

group workout ideas

Triple Split Down: In this tough (chipper style) ladder workout players ‘reverse battle’ their way through 3 levels of intensity using 4 of my all-time favourite Bootcamp exercises. You can create lots of different group workout ideas utilising this format. 

Ultimate Trio: Each task comes with its own unique level of intensity as players blitz through a series of mini bootcamp challenges. The fitter you are, you more work you do. This Bootcamp challenge (which is also a strength workout) will put your clients through their paces.

The Screamer: If you like using fun group workout games with your clients, you'll love this. Each player is given a coin in the hope of being the first to hit ten rounds. Purely based on luck, anybody can win as players blast their way through each round. 

Gradual Grind Down: This drill is one of my favourite Bootcamp challenge ideas. In this fun team finisher drill consisting of just 2 Bootcamp exercises, players ladder up to score points and hit the highest possible targets. The team that works the hardest overall are crowned champions. 

Shredded Abs: One of the hardest double ladder drills you’ll put your clients through this year. Packed with non-stop action and a killer cardio element, this core circuit is a force to be reckoned with. This one template allows you to design a wide variety of fun group workout ideas. 

Earn Rest, reward: The harder players work, the more rest they’re rewarded within this fun Bootcamp game. You can use this extremely effective (work harder) concept with almost any drill. This drill is one of my more competitive group workouts. 

Better The Devil You Know: This drill is an absolute killer leg workout with a very cheeky twist. Let’s just say some people will get off lightly and others not so much. You’ll see what I mean. It's one of my best group workout ideas and fun to do. 

AMRAP Zero: In this double-elimination drill turned creative fitness test, players fight to the very last breath to up-level and score the best possible outcome. You'll learn a simple technique for turning ordinary AMRAPS into fun group training ideas

Crush Rounds: A seriously effective kettlebell workout that lets players choose a unique journey right to the very end. Designed as a strength workout with a built-in cardio element, these types of group workout ideas pack a massive punch.

Body Burn Out: The ultimate HIIT workout that is tailored to each individual. In this fun Bootcamp drill, players have the opportunity to test themselves round by round. It’s a true test of mental will. 

Can You Hack It?: On paper, this is a super easy Bootcamp drill. In reality, it’s a an entirely different story. Spread over 9 rounds with several active rest periods, it’s going to be tough to crack. You'll find lots of circuit training variations with these unique group workout ideas.

Blast Reps: Each player is given a set target they must hit before this Bootcamp challenge is over. It’s the ultimate motivational hack that will put your clients in top gear. 

Group Workout Ideas

S**t Sandwich: This is a ruthless 24 minute finisher drill designed to incinerate calories and build lean muscle. You’ll discover exactly how I plan insanely practical group workout ideas that get fantastic results. 

Switch Out hero: In this ninja 30-minute Bootcamp circuit, players are given partial control so they can switch things up when they feel like it, and create a fun Bootcamp workout adventure. It’s a super flexible drill that lets everybody train at an intensity that is right for them.

Partner Fire: This is one of my favourite group workout ideas. This fun partner workout is an excellent way for players to interact and get to know each other while working at max effort. 

Jekyll And Hyde: In the end, either the evil of Dr. Jekyll will prevail or the good of Mr. Hyde. For each team, this will be different as players battle the forces of good and evil. Either way, I guarantee these exciting group workout ideas will be talked about by your campers (and demanded) for years to come.

Boom Ladder: What starts easy soon turns in to an epic Bootcamp challenge as players smash their way through 2 levels of progressive mayhem. These types of competitive workouts are great for getting the best from your campers.

Triple Turbo Circuit: In this triple intensity circuit training workout, players have the task of completing a series of HIIT workouts designed to switch up the intensity and challenge the body in new ways. 

Jog On Warrior: The perfect partner HIIT workout that keeps players moving and working hard. Players have the option to purposely build their workout routine, or leave it to fate. One format, tons of different group workout ideas. 

Cardio Grim: One of the simplest yet effective Tabata workouts you’ll put your clients through this year. This drill is designed to work the entire body (with an unexpected cardio endurance drill at every turn), your clients are sure to love this epic Bootcamp workout routine. 

Elevator Pitch: In this crazy Bootcamp game, players complete mini battles against each other. The more players win, the harder the challenge becomes. It’s a blast and one of my all-time favourite group workout ideas.

Fate of The World: The fate of the world rest on players working together to score vital points. But will it be enough to save the world, or will they meet an unpleasant fate.  This drill is the ultimate team building workout packed with fun. 

AMRAP Synergy: The fate of the world rest on players working together to score vital points. But will it be enough to save the world, or will they meet an unpleasant fate.  This drill is the ultimate team building workout packed with fun. 

Storm Trooper: In this fun fitness test, players cover a set distance based on their ability. If only it were that easy. These fun Bootcamp class ideas are designed to improve cardiovascular endurance to make training super fun for your clients.

Group fitness workouts group trainers

Super Blast Sets: In this split combo Bootcamp workout designed to build strength and cardiovascular endurance, players are tasked with completing two specific challenges that slowly build in intensity. It’s fun.

Battle Beast Demolition: This unusual fitness test Bootcamp challenge will give your client’s an opportunity to test themselves as they move through 10 levels of difficulty. Each ability level is given a target that they must hit within the time zone. These are fresh group workout ideas you can re-use.

Atomic Fusion: This drill is the perfect mix of cardio HIIT, and core. To complete this mammoth task, teams must band together and work as one solid unit. You can slot in your preferred circuit training equipment or use bodyweight exercises. It's totally up to you. 

Swipe Devils: In this fun Bootcamp game, teams battle to gain an all-important edge as the final marker closes in. Winning will be the difference of a few short seconds. I have added some high-intensity interval training exercises. But you can add your own if you wish.

52 Card Pick Up: Teams are at the casino table, hoping to gain the best hand as they battle their way through a series of mini Bootcamp challenges. You can create lots of unique group workout ideas using this fun concept. 

Star Wars: May the force be with you with as players race to collect star wars characters. If only it were that easy. There are two ways to win, and two ways to lose in this fun team building challenge. Themed challenges like these are some of the best group workouts you'll use.

Reverse 1000: Reverse 1000 is the ultimate timekeeper circuit. The harder players work the less time the team as a whole will work for. It’s the perfect incentive for working hard and comes with a ton of cardio exercise benefits

Dark Night: This drill is also known as the double luck circuit training workout. This fun-packed team building workout is laced with points and cheeky little forfeits as teams battle for the top spot. It’s fitness fun at its best. This is one of my favourite Bootcamp circuits ideas. 

Super Stallion: Flip and move, flip and move. This super-fast paced Bootcamp challenge is the perfect way to end any session. Laced with forfeits and fun competition, I guarantee this fun Bootcamp game will be a winner with your group.

Bomb Shell 30's: The fate of this Bootcamp challenge lies in the trainer's hands. However, three wrong moves and all hell will break loose. Set over 20 rounds of uncertainty, It’s a fun full-body circuit workout. Plugin your Bootcamp exercises and away you go.

Turning Point: Played a challenge, pass it on. It’s that simple. Set over ten rounds players are faced with a series of mini fitness drills they must overcome. The goal is to win more than you lose. It's great for large group workouts.

Twin Dragons: One of the toughest Bootcamp circuits you’ll put your client’s through this year. Split into 2 sections (strength & cardio) it’s relentless. I call it the 500 calorie beast. If your client’s love a challenge they will love these group workout ideas

group fitness workouts bootcamp

AMRAP Splinter Rounds: In this fun 35-minute Bootcamp circuit, players fight their way through 3 layers of difficultly while hitting their goal objective. These are robust group workout ideas that you can use as templates to generate new Bootcamp ideas.

Average Joe: This drill is the ultimate master class in creating team building workouts that are 100% inclusive. In this 15 minute challenge, each player is equally responsible for the team's outcome. It’s a fun Bootcamp drill that will get the very best from each player.

Mighty Chipper: Each player starts the game with a massive forfeit that they work to reduce during the challenge. The more effort players put in, the less severe the forfeit. It’s the ultimate motivating tactic that you can apply to pretty much any drill. Perfect for large group workouts. 

Growth Circuit Extreme HIIT: In this ninja 45 minute HIIT circuit, the intensity gradually increases until players are giving it everything they have (and more). It’s a massive calorie burn also designed to build muscle, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

Born Survivor: In this super fun Bootcamp game (riddled with forfeits and disappointments), all players have to do match the trainers guess. If it was only that easy. You can create lots of different group workout ideas using this simple workout format

Rev And Go 100: A beat the trainer style drill that allows players to get their own back. Only logic can prevail and win the day. These are fun group workout games I think you're clients will love you for. 

Boss Master HIIT: Players frantically battle for an immunity pin in this thrilling HIIT challenge. If they don’t have a pin within 21 rounds, they’re at the trainer's mercy. Well, unless this can get their hands on a ‘get out of jail’ free card. These are fantastic Bootcamp circuits ideas that you can use to wow your clients. 

Joker Rules: This drill is a straight-up battle between the trainer and the rest of the group. What appears to be a typical eight station Bootcamp circuit is anything but as players push forward, hoping to pull off a win. These are fun group running workouts with an exciting twist. 

Infusion Inferno: 3 Popular Bootcamp ideas join forces to make the mother of all fitness challenges. This fun drill is one for the history books. You can generate tons of Bootcamp circuits ideas using this same concept. 

Legends of Shaolin: This drill is the hardest leg based finisher you will ever put your clients through. But it’s also the most rewarding.  You can use this to design group fitness workouts or 1-1 personal training. It works well for both.

Warriors of Isometrics: The benefits of isometric training are many, which is why I designed this killer drill work the body from 2 unique positions. These drills are fun group exercise ideas that can be adapted by switching out the exercises. 

Plyo mechanics: A fantastic partner workout with lots of moving parts. It’s a real lung buster. Adding these fun plyometric drills to your group fitness programs will take your classes and your client results to a different level. 

Unique Bootcamp Workouts Weekly Round Up

Boot camp challenges

When I first learned how to plan a group fitness class, I was overwhelmed with so many different ideas. I mean, we're all taught how to structure a group fitness class, but no so much the creative elements that make up the class. 

If you follow my daily emails, you'll find lots of inspiration for making your group workout ideas stand out so you can attract more clients and have more fun doing what you love. 

Although most of my group workout ideas are for small and large groups, they can also be adapted for 1-1 personal training. Keep that in mind as I share what's been going on this month. 

How To Keep Your Group Workout Ideas Fun By Using Simple Theme Ideas

When I design my Bootcamp workouts for the week, each workout usually consists of 3-4 elements. I.e. Warm-up game, Bootcamp circuit, partner drill, finisher drill. Although this is a great way to inject variety into your workouts, there is another way. 

Watch this short video to find out how to spice up your group workout ideas by using simple theme ideas. 

How To Spice Up Your Group Workout Ideas Using Gorilla Combo's

I've been experimenting with a new exercise today using my 15k slam ball. I call this Bootcamp exercise gorilla combos. Add it to your group fitness workouts and see how you get on.

I completed 100 in sets of ten with a 1-minute rest between sets. It didn't take long and I enjoyed it. Something a bit different. If you fancy giving it a go watch the video demo below.

Spice Up Your Group Workout Ideas Using EMOM Drop Sets

EMOM! A type of interval training workout where you complete a set task at the start of every minute on the minute for a set number of minutes. One of my favourites being ten burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.

Relatively easy until you get to round 7. EMOMs are a great way to measure progressions week to week and can be programmed to train power, the aerobic or anaerobic systems, strength endurance, etc.

EMOMS force you to work hard in a short time frame, and I love that. I've been experimenting with a different type of EMOM that lets you push even harder and get more from your workout. I call this method, EMOM drop sets. 

EMOM drop sets will spice up your group fitness workouts and add a new level of challenge to your group workouts. 

EMOM group fitness workouts

Let me give you an example based on 10 burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. I set my maximum rep range to 20 and my minimum rep range to 10 during the 10-minute drill.

As long as I hit 10 within each minute I'm good, but I can also go as high as 20.

Here's what happened.

With the original drill (10 burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes), it is only possible to accumulate a maximum of 100 burpees within the time limit.

However, once I introduced a maximum rep range I was able to reach my maximum potential. Look!

  • Minute 1: 16 burpees
  • Minute 2: 14 burpees
  • Minute 3: 13 burpees
  • Minute 4: 14 burpees
  • Minute 5: 14 burpees
  • Minute 6: 13 burpees
  • Minute 7: 10 burpees
  • Minute 8: 10 burpees
  • Minute 9: 11 burpees
  • Minute 10: 10 burpees

That an extra 25 burpees.

I know it doesn't seem much, but trust me, that extra bit of work is extremely demanding, and I guarantee you'll notice a hell of a difference.

So, the next time you crack an EMOM, instead of sticking to a set number of reps every minute on the minute, try my method instead and see how you get on.

If you're a Workout Design Club member login and type the following drills into the group fitness search engine. You'll discover 15 Different EMOM concepts I guarantee your competitors won't be using.

  1. EMOM Kill Circuit
  2. Damage Control
  3. EMOM Triple Threat
  4. EMOM Speed Circuit
  5. EMOM Battle Cruise
  6. To Hell And Back
  7. EMOM Body Breaker
  8. Battle For Mole Hill
  9. The Climb
  10. Take Victory
  11. Knocked On Your Ass

The WDC gives you access to the latest group workout ideas so you can build incredible session plans without breaking a sweat. You'll learn new training techniques and skills not taught anywhere else in the world.
But don't take my word for it.

Spice Up Your Group Workout Ideas Using The Prowler Buggy

I went to visit my dad back in the UK for five days. Luckily the local gym is well equipment, so I managed to get in some hardcore workouts. To my surprise, they had a prowler buggy, which I pretty much abused. I love it. 

It's a prowler with wheels and four gears so you can increase or decrease the difficulty.

group fitness workouts sled

If you have one in your Bootcamp here's the drill I came up with. You can use it as part of a Bootcamp circuit with your group. Or 1-1 personal training. 

  1. Push the buggy 10m with as much power as you can muster
  2. Sprint back collect the rope and attach it to the buggy
  3. Jog out until the rope is fully stretched out and pull the machine towards you 5m
  4. Jog out again until the rope is fully stretched out and pull the machine towards you 5m

That's 1 set, try 10 sets without stopping. I could feel my body throbbing with energy.

Here's the second phase of the drill. Push the buggy 30m (3 x 10m) without stopping. Complete 10 rounds with a 30-second break between rounds.

Here's how I finished my session using a 15k slam ball

Drill 1: Travel Slam. Complete 1 slam, then pick the ball up and hold it to your chest with both hands. Push the ball out as far as you can then jog forward to the ball. Repeat for 100m.

Drill 2: 1 slam + 1 x 20m shuttle sprint (there and back). I completed 10 sets in total adding an extra slam & shuttle sprint to each set.

Now they're proper finishers. I enjoy training because I have a massive variety of Bootcamp exercises that I can call upon to keep things fresh and exciting. You can find all 350 of them over in the Workout Design Club. I created a video exercise library that lets you plan your workouts with ease.

Group fitness workouts shuttle sprints

Bootcamp Training Ideas Using Shuttle Sprints

I play for my local Spanish football team Aston Vinuela. It's pre-season training now and we're doing a lot of shuttle sprints. Shuttles are brilliant for.

  • Developing strength, speed, and power
  • Improving heart health
  • Blasting fat
  • Building mental toughness
  • Etc.

Here's a drill I put the lads through, and that you can unleash on your campers. I call it, recovery sprints.

Here's a drill I put the lads through, and that you can unleash on your campers. I call it, recovery sprints.

  • Complete 15m shuttle sprints for 10 seconds followed by a 5-second walking rest.
  • Complete 15m shuttle sprints for 20 seconds followed by a 10-second walking rest.
  • Complete 15m shuttle sprints for 30 seconds followed by a 15-second walking rest.
  • Complete 15m shuttle sprints for 40 seconds followed by a 20-second walking rest.
  • Complete 15m shuttle sprints for 50 seconds followed by a 25-second walking rest.
  • Complete 15m shuttle sprints for 60 seconds followed by a 30-second walking rest.
  • Complete 15m shuttle sprints for 70 seconds followed by a 35-second walking rest.
  • Complete 15m shuttle sprints for 80 seconds followed by a 40-second walking rest.

As you can see, for every 10 seconds that is added to each round the rest period increases by 5 seconds. It's a crazy effect drill.

If  you're a Workout Design Club member, login and type Trojan Warrior into the group search engine.

group fitness workouts, bootcamp ideas

2 Group Workout Ideas That Pack A Punch 

These new Bootcamp games are called crush it and the ultimate countdown.

You can use these fun group workout ideas to spice up your next session. They're dead easy to remember and loads of fun. Plus there are 100's of ways to play by switching out the exercise.

This particular boot camp game is taken from Turbo Team Games

30 Paper, Rocks, Scissor Group Workout Ideas And Bootcamp Games

I was reading about a Crossfit gym the other day, and about how they've started incorporating Bootcamp games into their sessions.

After all, smashing WOD after WOD can get boring after a while so I think it's a great move. The trainer said. "I'm doing it to break up the mundaneness"

Human beings are hard-wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. That's why it's essential to keep your group fitness ideas fresh and exciting. It's the ultimate incentive to keeping your clients happy and long term members. 

Soon I'll be releasing a brand new Bootcamp games manual based around the concept of paper, rocks, scissors. Your clients have never had so much fun, I promise.

You can access these fun group workout ideas for free because I have just added them to the Workout Design Club, which you can access today free for 7 days.

Here's what I've just added. 

  • Stacker Hacker
  • Captain Marvel
  • A Game of Frustration
  • Advance Wars
  • Kung Fu Hustle
  • Last One Standing
  • Level Headed
  • Mission Madness
  • Fear Factor
  • Rapid Ninja
  • Masters Ascend
  • Swift Renegade
  • Race Between Warriors
  • Till Battles Ends
  • Speed Runner
  • Face-Off
  • Captain Firebird
  • Last of The all Stars
  • Towards Glory
  • Repetition Monster
  • Freaks of Luck
  • The 3 Amigo’s
  • The Winners Edge
  • Ring of Fire
  • Mission Solo
  • Fire Storm Express
  • Death Wish Genie
  • Race Between Warriors
  • A Series Of Events
  • Lone Survivor

This update is free for members.

Not yet a member?

My Top 5 Blog Posts Containing Over 30 Group Workout Ideas, Plus A Cheeky Burpee Finisher

group fitness workouts challenge

Someone asked me about the courage test I posted a while back so here it is. It's not for everybody. Only 5 trainers completed it, and I sent the test to over 3000 trainers. Now that's saying something.

The Courage Test: Roll a dice to reveal a number. Add two zeros and complete that many burpees. I.e. Roll 3, complete 300 burpees. You could get lucky and roll a 1, or you could roll something higher.

Note: You are only allowed to roll the dice one. And whatever you roll you honor and complete.

I rolled a 4, so I complete 400 burpees. The reason it takes courage is that there's a possibility of rolling a high number. And nobody wants that.

Fun Group Workout Ideas Based Around Navy Seal Training.

Last week I listened to an audiobook called 'Cain't Hurt Me' by ex-Navy Seal David Goggins. It's Fantastic. David shares his astonishing life story and reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities. One of the strategies he talks about for overcoming obstacles called taking souls. 

That said, here are some fun Bootcamp ideas you can incorporate into your next workout. Watch the video to find out more. 

Group Workout Ideas And Circuit Training

Over the years, I have created 100's of different circuit training workouts and formats. Most trainers tend to stick to the traditional 8-12 station circuit, but here at the Workout Design Club, we see things differently. If it's not fun, we're not interested. 

Here are a couple of different formats we like to use. 

  • Gamified circuits
  • Team competition circuits 
  • Partner ladder circuits
  • Themed circuits
  • Point-based circuits
  • etc.. 

Watch the video below where I explain a circuit format called circuit grow. Circuit grow will it add lots of variety when designing group workout ideas. Plus there are so many ways to mix things up.

Want More Fun Group Workout Ideas And Creative Bootcamp Ideas?

Welcome to the WDC Group Fitness Search Engine which gives you the power to whip up incredible group fitness class ideas fast. Press play to take the tour. 

bootcamp ideas


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