July 16

The Best Musical Bootcamp Finishers Of 2023


Song finishers (aka musical bootcamp finishers) are fun drills that you can use to add more variety to your group fitness classes. 

So, what is a song finisher, and how can you use them to plan better group fitness programmes.    

Musical bootcamp finishers are short but intense drills that are completed to specific songs where words and phrases repeat.

song workouts and musical bootcamp finishers

For example: If you listen to the song Moby Flower, you'll notice that the phases green sally up, green sally down repeat throughout the song.

This is exactly what we're looking for in a song finisher. 

Next, we have to choose an exercise to complete when we hear these phrases. So, with that said, here's the song finisher I created for Moby Flower. 

Start in the push-up position with your chest touching the floor. When you hear green sally up, push up until your arms are fully extended. When you hear green sally down, lower your chest down to the floor. 

It's basically 30 slow push-ups completed either on or off the knees, depending on your fitness level.

musical song finisher

Another awesome variation is to complete this song finisher using barbell squats which works well because you can give each player a weight that best suits their ability level. 

Here's a demonstration from RB CrossFit. 

A Closer Look At Musical Bootcamp Finishers

The vast majority of musical bootcamp finishers require a baseline activity, which is an exercise that is completed in between when the words and phrases are repeated. 

The song finisher above (Moby) is unique because the phrases are so close together that there is no room for a baseline activity.   

To illustrate, here's a song finisher that requires a baseline activity. It's called when I move, you move, by Ludacris. 

Hold the low squat position during the song. This is the baseline activity.

1: Each time you hear the phrase ‘when I move, you move’ complete 1 burpee (without the push-up, but include the jump). The phrase ‘when I move you move’ repeat 24 times during the song.

2: Each time you hear the words ‘stand up’ complete 1 power jackThe words ‘stand up’ repeat 16 times during the song.

With most musical bootcamp finishers, you can experiment by using different exercises. This lets you create different variations for each song.

Let's talk a bit more about that. 

Exercise Selection For Musical Bootcamp Finishers

Some musical bootcamp finishers work better with smaller exercises, and others with bigger exercises. It all depend on how long the pause is between repeated words and phrases. 

Take the song Black Betty (Ram Jam), for example. The repeated words in this song are bam a lam, and because they repeat so close together, it would be impossible to keep up using a big exercise such as Burpee. 

Instead, we have to choose an exercise that is quicker to complete, such as a power jack.  In other songs, the gap between repeated words and phrases are longer, so we can choose a bigger exercise, and sometimes more reps.

Black Betty (Ram Jam)

 Sprint on the spot during the song.

  • Each time you hear the word ‘Bam a Lam’ complete 1 ‘power jack‘.
  • During the time 1:30 & 3:10 you’ll hear a guitar & drum solo. During this period, complete depth jumps. Then back to the sprint ready for more ‘Bam a Lams’

Another thing to consider is that some musical bootcamp finishers repeat more than one word or phrase. In that case, you can introduce more than one exercises which increases the variety of the song finisher. 

Take the song Vengaboys (boom boom boom) for example. There are two different phrases that repeat. Whoa oh whoa oh, and Boom Boom Boom Boom. So we can use two different exercises. 

Vengaboys (Boom boom boom)

Sprint on the spot during the song

  • When you hear, Whoa oh whoa oh, complete 1 Burpee
  • When you hear, boom, boom, boom, complete 5 Push ups.

Note: There’s no time for messing around with this song finisher. You'll need to react to the commands as quickly as possible to keep up. For your fitter clients, ask them to include the push-up with the burpee.

Want More Musical Bootcamp Finishers?

Adding song finishers to your group fitness programme is a great way to boost morale and keep your clients happy. 

You can find my entire collection of fun musical bootcamp finishers below, including over 100 templates, so you can create your own song finishers using your favourite exercises.

Click here for the full collection. 

song workouts and musical bootcamp finishers


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