July 16

Song Finisher Workout – The Duck Song


Song finisher (aka music finishers) can transform your workouts from mundane to high-energy fun instantly. When you nail the fun part of your session with good vibe energisers, you give your clients something to rave about.

A while back I stumbled across song on YouTube called the duck song. I noticed that it had almost half a billion views, so I had to click it to see what all the fuss was about.

As soon as it started playing I realised it would work well as a fun song finisher. Be warned, it's a very catchy tune, and could stick in your head for some time. 

Title: The Duck Song

Equipment: Music player

Players: 1+

Time: 3 Minutes 10

Method: For this drill you'll need the duck song. Sprint on the spot during the song. Each time you hear the word 'grapes' complete 5 burpees with the push-up. Towards to the end of the song the word 'grapes' is repeated close together three times. This means you'll have to catch up on the burpees.

Love Song Finisher Workouts?

Over the years I have experimented with hundreds of different song finisher workouts covering a wide variety of upbeat songs and fun exercises.

If you're new to song finisher workouts, here's how they work. There are certain songs where certain words and phrases are repeated. These are called trigger words.

There is a baseline activity during the song (I.e. sprinting on the spot), then when a trigger word or phrase is repeated, a set action is performed (I.e. 5 push-ups).

Moby Flower is a great example of a song finisher workout.

The words that repeat throughout this song are ‘green sally up’ and ‘green sally down’. Start in the push-up position chest to the floor. 

Each time you hear the words ‘Green sally up’ push up. Each time you hear the words ‘Green sally down’ lower back down. The phrase ‘green sally up’ and ‘green sally down’ repeat 30 times.

It's basically 30 push-ups, but because they're done quite slow it's a very tough drill. The goal for your fitter clients is to complete the push-ups with their knees off the floor.  

Want More Song Finisher Workouts? 

song finisher workout

Adding song finisher workouts to your training programme is a great way to add more fun and variety to your classes. I have created 52 song based finishers using a wide selection of fun and upbeat songs, plus 52 (fill in the blanks) templates, so you can build your own fun song finishers by slotting your own unique exercises. 

Click here to purchase Song Finishers Volume 1 & 2.



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