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How To Plan Better Workouts With Fun Group Fitness Class Ideas


One of the hardest parts of being a bootcamp instructor is coming up with fun group fitness class ideas. We all want our sessions to be amazing, and for our clients to love them, but for many thats not a reality. 

Let's face it, who has the time to keep coming up with new bootcamp ideas, let alone spend countless hours searching the internet for inspiration? After all we've got businesses to run. 

Thats why it's so easy to fall into the trap of repeating the same type of workouts which can eventually lead to boredom. And thats not good for business if you're trying to build a popular bootcamp. 

Here are..

10 Group Fitness Class Ideas To Help To Plan Better Group Sessions

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One of the best and quickest ways to generate fun group fitness class ideas is to use the Workout Design Club group fitness search engine. 

The WDC is a huge database filled with over 2200 group fitness class ideas that you can mix and match to create full length session plans. Bootcamp games, circuit training workouts, team building workouts, you name it. 

One of the benefits of being a Workout Design Club member is that I update the members area each week with 12 brand new group fitness class ideas, so you always have something fun and fresh to keep your clients engaged with.  

Here's what a weekly update looks like. 

12 Fun Group Fitness Class Ideas

bootcamp workouts

Dead Man’s Plank: In this tough 5-minute HIT challenge, you’ll learn a secret workout technique that forces your clients to work much harder than they usually would. Overtime, this secret technique (which you can apply to any workout) will massively speed up your clients results.

Beat The Ladder: These types of challenges require players to switch on beast mode, which is why they work so well at incinerating fat and building lean muscle. Can players beat the clock in this exciting 21-minute HIT challenge? Only time will tell.

The Centurion Circuit: A centurion was a professional officer of the Roman army after the Marian reforms of 107 BC. They were known for their strength, dexterity and incredible bravery during battle. Players are to make it through this tough 40-minute circuit, they will have to embody the qualities of the centurion.

Hot 50's: A 30-minute fitness test with a cheeky twist. Focusing on muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. This (results driven) circuit is a complete blast and extremely satisfying to finish.

Lieutenant Colonel: In this gamified HIT challenge, there are 3 ranks (Captain, Major and Lieutenant Colonel) and a cheeky forfeit. Hard work and a lot of luck will determine each players fate. You’ll love it.

Crush Zero (Fitness Test): In this 35-minute double whack descending ladder drill, players are presented with a unique HIT challenge designed to burn fat and build muscle. The more points a player scores, the more calories burnt, meaning they’ll happily give it 100% without moaning.

Pays To Be A Winner: In this fun 30-minute partner challenge, players decide each other’s fate (by the shake of a hand) as they both embark on a unique exercise journey. This is one of my favourite drills.

The Mad Hatter: You’d have to be crazy to take on this 45-minute challenge. You have 9 exercises, 9 time zones and 9 unique intervals designed to give you the most intense all body challenge your clients have ever faced. If they like a challenge, they will love this.

The 10x Travel Monster: Fixed routines are good, but sometimes it’s great to give the power back to your clients and let them choose their own workout. This 30 minute HIIT challenge is design to create a sense of involvement and belonging in your tribe. This is another secret technique for building a loyal client base that never wants to leave.

Mr Bean's HIIT Party: In a nut shell, HIIT sprints made super fun. They’ll be so busy laughing and giggling they won’t even know they’re exercising. You’ll see.

Staggered Intervals (Cardio Beast): This is the ultimate 20-minute cardio conditioning drill that will leave your clients feeling amazing. Each player works at an intensity that is perfect for them which is why I love this drill. I think you will too.

Speed Blast Interval: Another fantastic cardio conditioning drill with the perfect balance of work/rest. Blast intervals are designed to create the maximum EPOC effect, your clients burn fat up to 48 hours after the workout. (20 minutes).

Try These Fun Group Fitness Class With Your Clients This Week

group fitness class ideas

Each week I take the most important parts of my daily emails and condense them for your convenience. In this weeks news I'll be sharing 2 fun group fitness class ideas.

Boot camp challenges slam ball

My 15k slam ball is by far my most used piece of fitness equipment, I absolutely love it.

The one I have is called a dead ball which doesn't bounce when you slam it.

Here's a really tough slam ball workout that will have you sweating buckets, and wanting to kill me. But do it anyway! You'll feel amazing.  

Workout 1: Cardio Crush

Complete Burpees for 1 minute then slams for 1 minute x 10 rounds as fast as you can without stopping (20 minutes). Honestly, your body won't know whats hit it.

Workout 2: Complete Your Age In __________

Have players complete their age in Burpees. I'm 40, so that would be 40 burpees. Obviously it sucks if you're older, but it's good fun, especially when you see the look on some peoples faces. Ha ha. 

Want More Fun Group Fitness Class Ideas To Plan Better Workouts With?

Click on the video below and I show you how the WDC works. 

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