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12 Group Fitness Class Ideas That Will WOW Your Clients


It's that time of the week where I reveal this weeks amazing group fitness class ideas.

If you want to be the trainer/bootcamp that gets all the attention/clients this year, then the Workout Design Club is an essential tool. 

Not only does it let you plan a variety of workouts one month at a time in a matter of minutes, but these unique & entertaining group fitness class ideas  will help you stand out as refreshingly different from all the other trainers in your area. 

In this weeks members only update, you get 12 (fun & creative) group fitness class ideas that will spice up your sessions and keep your clients happy.

12 Unique Group Fitness Class Ideas

bootcamp workouts

Dead Man’s Plank: In this tough 5-minute HIT challenge, you’ll learn a secret workout technique that forces your clients to work much harder than they usually would. Overtime, this secret technique (which you can apply to any workout) will massively speed up your clients results.

Beat The Ladder: These types of challenges require players to switch on beast mode, which is why they work so well at incinerating fat and building lean muscle. Can players beat the clock in this exciting 21-minute HIT challenge? Only time will tell.

The Centurion Circuit: A centurion was a professional officer of the Roman army after the Marian reforms of 107 BC. They were known for their strength, dexterity and incredible bravery during battle. Players are to make it through this tough 40-minute circuit, they will have to embody the qualities of the centurion.

Hot 50's: A 30-minute fitness test with a cheeky twist. Focusing on muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. This (results driven) circuit is a complete blast and extremely satisfying to finish.

Lieutenant Colonel: In this gamified HIT challenge, there are 3 ranks (Captain, Major and Lieutenant Colonel) and a cheeky forfeit. Hard work and a lot of luck will determine each players fate. You’ll love it.

Crush Zero (Fitness Test): In this 35-minute double whack descending ladder drill, players are presented with a unique HIT challenge designed to burn fat and build muscle. The more points a player scores, the more calories burnt, meaning they’ll happily give it 100% without moaning.

Pays To Be A Winner: In this fun 30-minute partner challenge, players decide each other’s fate (by the shake of a hand) as they both embark on a unique exercise journey. This is one of my favourite drills.

The Mad Hatter Interval Challenge: You’d have to be crazy to take on this 45-minute challenge. You have 9 exercises, 9 time zones and 9 unique intervals designed to give you the most intense all body challenge your clients have ever faced. If they like a challenge, they will love this.

The 10x Travel Monster: Fixed routines are good, but sometimes it’s great to give the power back to your clients and let them choose their own workout. This 30 minute HIIT challenge is design to create a sense of involvement and belonging in your tribe. This is another secret technique for building a loyal client base that never wants to leave.

Mr Bean's HIIT Party: In a nut shell, HIIT sprints made super fun. They’ll be so busy laughing and giggling they won’t even know they’re exercising. You’ll see.

My Top 2 Group Fitness Class Ideas This Week

Each week I choose my top 2 group fitness class ideas. Every week at 12pm I update the Workout Design Club with 12 brand new  bootcamp ideas. All the bootcamp ideas, circuit training workouts and team workouts are awesome. But I can't help but have my favourites.

Staggered Intervals (Cardio Beast): This is the ultimate 20-minute cardio conditioning drill that will leave your clients feeling amazing. Each player works at an intensity that is perfect for them which is why I love this drill. I think you will too.

Speed Blast Interval Beast: Another fantastic cardio conditioning drill with the perfect balance of work/rest. Blast intervals are designed to create the maximum EPOC effect, your clients burn fat up to 48 hours after the workout. (20 minutes).

Unique Bootcamp Workouts Weekly Round Up

Boot camp challenges

Each week I take the most important parts of my daily emails and condense them for your convenience. In this weeks news I'll be sharing 2 killer group fitness class ideas, plus free access to the Train The Trainer Challenge which kicks off Jan 7th.

This weeks round up.

Boot camp challenges slam ball

My 15k slam ball is by far my most used piece of fitness equipment (Whats yours? Let me know in the comments). I absolutely love it.

The one I have is called a dead ball which doesn't bounce when you slam it.

I wasn't going to work out over Christmas but this workout drill popped in to my head and I had to try it. I regretted it a little bit come round 7, because I was dying.

Title: Slam Ball Cardio Crush

Complete burpees for 1 minute then slams for 1 minute x 10 rounds as fast as you can without stopping (20 minutes). Honestly, your body won't know whats hit it.

The next bootcamp drill is a bit more fun. Give it a try with your group.

Title: Complete Your Age In __________

All you have to do with this finisher drill is insert your own exercise. I.e. Burpees. I'm 37, so that would be 37 burpees. Give it a go with your group at your next training session.

If you want to make it harder you could say.."Complete your age in burpees, push ups, sit ups and squats". Even better, get your clients to write their age on a bit of paper then ask players to swap. The number players are left with they complete in burpees.

A Group Fitness Class Ideas 

From Train The Trainer

group fitness class ideas

As well as running the Workout Design Club, I also run a group for fitness trainers called Train The Trainer. 

Train the trainer is an online fitness programme that keeps you in amazing shape by completing short daily workouts using a wide variety of fun and effective training methods.

This proven training programme guarantees that you always look and feel your best, so you have a cool confidence knowing that you lead by example and walk your own talk.

Our mission is to transform you into the best version of yourself (and keep you that way year round), so you can feel 100% confident in your body & physical abilities.

Run from a private Facebook group, you'll complete a 20-minute workout each day (Mon-Fri) covering a wide variety of fun and effective training methods. Each day I’ll post a 2 minutes explainer video (along with exercise demonstrations), so you can complete the workout anywhere you wish.

Training Schedule

In just 20 minutes per day, you can easily schedule these workouts into your diary. You'll enjoy a wide variety of workouts (HIIT, HIT, endurance & strength training), so you see the best possible result

  • Monday: Lower body focus
  • Tuesday: Core focus
  • Wednesday: Upper body focus
  • Thursday: Cardio focus
  • Friday: Wacky challenge 

Here is the workout/template (from the video workout above) so you can copy and paste. Feel free to use as it is or slot in your own unique exercises. 

Title: Legs Of Shaolin (Lower)

Time: 21 Minutes

Equipment: kettle-bell

Complete each exercise for 1 minute x 3 rounds without stopping. 

1. Action Man

2. Weighted Walking Lunge (K-bell or dumbbells)

3. Power Jacks

4. Super Speed Freaks

5. Sumo Rocket (K-bell)

6. Steamers

7. Double Jump Overs

Optional Finisher: Complete Kettle-bell swing and burpees for 60 seconds each. Then 50, 50, 40, 40, 30, 30, 20, 20, 10, 10. This totals 7 minutes.

Ok, that's this weeks weekly round up here at the Unique Bootcamp Workout HQ. 

Want More Group Fitness Class Ideas

Welcome to the Group Fitness Search Engine which gives you the power to whip up incredible group workouts fast.

group fitness class ideas

The bootcamp ideas you use with your clients have the power to attract new members through word of mouth and seriously boost your retention.

If you can bang out consistently amazing bootcamp workouts then you'll be light years ahead of your competition.

The only problem is. Where do you find enough unique bootcamp ideas and group fitness class ideas to keep your clients entertained.

The truth is, you can spend your spare time searching the internet for very average ideas. Or you could join the Workout Design Club.

If you're a member this update is free. If you're not yet one of 100's of members, hit the link below and sign up.


P.S You can join the Workout Design Club free for 7 full days and take advantage of 1000's of group fitness class ideas.


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