April 23

Personal Trainers: Don’t Be The Block Buster Of Fitness


Here is a fantastic story from former personal trainer Matt Murphy on how to adapt in these changing times. Take it away Matt. 

We would rent out movies, computer games, buy ice-cream, snacks and have a brilliant Saturday while his mum was at work.

My youngest is ten, and all the games are all online. He can stream directly from sky, amazon prime, Netflix, and I know I'm going to cave into Disney sooner or later. Only because of my guilty pleasure for superhero movies and star wars.

Blockbuster went the way of the dinosaurs, not because of a change in technology, but because they forgot what business they were in.

You see, they weren't in the business of renting out dvd's and games, or even selling horrifically priced sweets and snacks. They were in the business of entertainment.

Imagine if instead of trying to compete with online streaming services that would always undercut them, they had changed their business model.

Imagine if they had set up micro cinemas in their stores, places you could go and watch a movie with your mates, and enjoy a private cinema experience, or a venue to go to game with others.

In essence, they continued to be in the entertainment business, but changed how they delivered it. In the fitness industry over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a massive shift.

Many Personal Trainers Have Been Forced To Take Their Workouts Online

home workouts

With no time to make sure that our clients could grasp the technology or even if they wanted to work with us online.

Throw in the fact that many of our clients are also in a financial and emotional turmoil, and we have had probably one of the most stressful times I have ever witnessed.

Here's the thing, clients still want to lose weight. They still want to tone up. Some may want to build bigger muscles. Others to improve mobility or even cardiovascular fitness.

Guess what. You're still probably one of the best-placed people to help them with this. You just have to change how you deliver it. You may well have heard us talk about not selling Personal Training because people don't want that. 

They don't even want the results that Personal Training gives them. They want the feeling the results causes, the change to their identity, the way it impacts their life. We can still do this for our clients. We just can't do it face to face at the moment.

As A Personal Trainer, Here's What I Did.

online fitness

I have 14 group clients and a 1-1 Personal Training clients. 

COMMUNICATION: I have taken all communication from my WhatsApp chat to a slack channel so we can have more organised discussions. 

We have these channels- General (for banter) - daily workouts (I post a daily short workout) - Zoom session links (to post-training session links) - Step counts (to get everyone moving) - nutrition (to share pics of food and nutrition stuff)

TRAINING SESSIONS: I have reduced the length of scheduled sessions and doing them all via zoom. My personal set up is that I use timing music for my workouts that I play through my computer, I share my screen which has the workout on and watch them train, turning volume down to correct technique or have banter with them.

All my clients have been with me 3+ years so can mostly complete most exercise with little correction needed. Yesterday was payday (all my clients pay on the 1st of the month) Every single one of them paid and not one of them has even questioned prices yet.

I'll let you know if they do and how I respond. For now, I am still aiming to deliver what they pay me to deliver. I have just changed how.


This amazing guest post was written by Fitness expert and former personal trainer Matt Murphy over at Internet Fit Pro

About Matt

Director At Internet Fit Pro

Matt is the chief Website Strategy Expert over at https://internetfitpro.com, long distance swimmer and a former personal trainer and fitness studio owner. Matt is the go to guy for sales funnels, copywriting and membership websites. 


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