May 28

12 Bootcamp Workout Routines That Will Spice Up Your Group Training Programme


This weeks Workout Design Club update features a unique collection of fun bootcamp workout routines that you can put to the test this week. 

 We believe that variety is the secret ingredient to a thriving group fitness business, and with brand new weekly updates you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.

Here's whats new

12 Bootcamp Workout Routines That Will Put You Light Years Ahead Of The Competition

Bootcamp Workout Routines

Fully Charged: In this epic team building workout, each round gets more demanding as time goes on. Combining strength, cardio and a fierce competitive element, players will have to dig deep if they want to win. 

Gauntlet Mission 7: Running the gauntlet once is enough for anybody, lets alone 7 times through. In this endurance style workout, you’ll put your clients through the ultimate test together as a team.

Stegasaurus Blitz: The hardest thing about this challenge is not knowing what’s next. Players will just have to dig deep and trust that they have the power within to succeed. Players are tasked with completing 3 staggered based fitness drills set over 30 minutes. It’s rewardingly tough.

3x Dynamite: In this triple smash circuit training workout built around cardio/strength/core, players will move through 3 layers of difficultly in what is sure to be the their biggest test this year. It's one of my favourite bootcamp workout routines this year.

AMRAP Super Sandwich: In this 30 minute all body workout, the objective of the game is to rotate through 3 unique circuits to get to the infamous quadruple finisher (aka the nightmare circuit).

Body Blazer: There is no possible way to complete this workout if teams don’t work together. Player 1 is the fuel for player 2 and visa verse. Play for fun, or for points. Best of all. There are lot's of different bootcamp workout routines you can create from this concept.

Sprint Machines: Based around the concept of partner hurdles, this 20 minute circuit training workout is packed to the brim with non-stop action. With 6 different plank variations and a monster task ahead, this is one to be remembered.

My Funky Finisher: In this fun warm up drill, the objective of the game is to reduce the work load as much as possible. Each player has one chance to be celebrated in this fun and fast paced workout.

Plank Accumulator: Will your clients survive the 12 minute pressure test? Or will they buckle under the pressure? Only time will tell. This deceptively tough workouts challenge looks easy on the outside. but be warned, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Triple X: In this tough AMRAP inspired workout, the objective of the game is to rack up points and avoid multiplying the intensity. This will only slow teams down. It's a fun concept you can use to create multiple bootcamp workout routines fast. 

Puzzle Palace: In this super fun bootcamp game built around the HIIT protocol, players are tasked with solving a puzzle before the timer hit’s zero. It's a tough bootcamp workouts that requires a lot of focus and concentration. 

Mr And Mrs Giggles: Can your clients keep a perfectly straight face as you reel off 15 of the funniest jokes ever written. Should they fail, they’ll face a series of cheeky forfeits. 

Last Weeks Bootcamp Ideas And Bootcamp Workout Routines

Incase you missed last weeks WDC update here it is. 

bootcamp workout routines, boocamp ideas

Hero Strike: is one of my favourite bootcamp workouts routines from last week. It’s the ultimate core/cardio workout with a cheeky (beat the trainer) twist at the end. You’ll love it.

Full Body Titan: In this exciting 40 minute challenge, players are tasked with completing 3 layers of difficultly that loop on repeat. It’s probably the toughest all body workout you’ll put your clients through this year.

League of Legends: In this 10 minute (action packed) fun bootcamp game, the objective of the challenge is to delete the stack and claim victory. It’s an all body workout that melt fat and builds muscle.

Time Keeper Turbo: In this ruthless fitness challenge, teams are locked in a square and must break free if they are to claim victory. May the toughest team win.  With this single concept you can create lot's of different bootcamp workout routines. 

No Mercy: is the ultimate plateau destroyer that will challenge your clients in new ways, so they keep getting fitter, faster and stronger. I think this could turn out to be a client favourite. 

Odd Ball: AKA The thunder crusher. What’s starts off very easy can soon turn in to your worst nightmare as the intensity is slowly dialled up to maximum. It's a fun bootcamp drill I think your clients will love. 

Triple Steal: In this ruthless fitness challenge, teams are locked in a square and must break free if they are to claim victory. May the toughest team win. 

Sprint Rally: In this crazy relay game only 25 markers are available, meaning 1 team will lose by a single point. It’s going to be very close, but the team that digs the deepest will find the glory. It's a fun bootcamp game that will be remembered for years to come. 

Simply Shuttles: In this savage partner workout, the fitter you are the harder it gets. Teams compete on a round to round based with the intensity of each round decided by the roll of a dice. It’s nothing like you think.

Courage Test: It’s the not knowing what’s next that makes this challenge really difficult. Based around a single dice, this ninja interval training workout packs a super punch.

Enter The Best: It is said that this was crafted by the devil himself. In this 35 minute full body workout challenge, players take on 3 unique tasks that lead up to a grand finale.

Carry On Express: The ultimate relay game that require each player to be on top form. Set over 10 rounds players need to pace themselves. Set off to quickly and risk burning out. Go to slow and risk losing. Teams that get the balance just right will win.

Unique Bootcamp Workouts Weekly Round Up

Boot camp challenges

This week in my daily emails we covered the following topics. 

  • How to create fun bootcamp games using a joke book
  • How to spice up your bootcamp workouts using the AMSSAP protocol 
  • How to Design Stunning Bootcamp Workout Routines Using Brain Game
  • A simple way to stand out from the competition 
  • Would you take on the ultimate burpee challenge?

How To Create Fun Bootcamp 

Games Using A Joke Book

I get my best bootcamp ideas when I'm out running. Here's what popped in to my head the other day. You can use it as a finisher drill for your next session.

Here's How It Works. Tell your clients a series of jokes. All they have to do is keep a perfectly straight face. During each joke, if at least 1 player smiles, laughs, or reacts in any way, the group completes a set exercise for 60 seconds.

Play 10 rounds in total which means you'll need 10 jokes. If you find yourself a good joke book you can recycle this fun bootcamp game over and over again.

You can find the full workout (which contains a long list of carefully selected jokes) over in the Workout Design Club

How To Spice Up Your Bootcamp Workout Routines Using The AMSSAP Protocol

bootcamp workout routines

Here's a workout acronym you may not be familiar with.

"A superset is a form of strength training in which you move quickly from one exercise to a separate exercise without taking a break for rest in between the two exercises".

I use this training method to design things like.. 

  • Team game
  • Finisher drills
  • Partner challenge
  • Fitness test
  • Circuit (or point based circuit)
  • Team event (point based)

And you can too.

How would you adapt the AMSSAP concept? Hit reply and let me know. If you're a member of the Workout Design Club please login and put my latest creation to the test.

AMSAAP Discovery: is a super fun fitness test with the option of switching it up in to an exciting point based team challenge. It's a winner either way. You can use this template to create lot's of different bootcamp workout routines. 

bootcamp games

How to Design Stunning Bootcamp Workout Routines Using Brain Games

group fitness ideas

There's nothing worse than writer block. That moment when you sit down to design a workout and nothing happens. A huge inspiration to me are online puzzles.

Things like..

  • Dot to dot
  • Kids crosswords
  • Picture match (24 cards face down)
  • Word searches
  • Math puzzles
  • Anagrams
  • Trivia
  • Riddles
  • Word games
  • etc

Even sudoku can work really well.

Do a Google search for kids puzzle ideas then have a go at adapting them to create your own unique designs. When you take the time to create your own ideas, you'll instantly stand out from all the other trainers in your area.

Or you can take a massive shortcut and use my collection unique designs. If you're a member of the Workout Design Club please login and put my latest creation to the test. Its called Math Geek Extreme HIIT. 

Probably one of the best teams games I have designed in 2019. Teams battle to solve a series of linear math puzzles whilst contending with a series of tough exercise challenges.

Why You Should Design Your Own Bootcamp Workout Routines, Or Copy Mine

Over the years I have seen lot’s of different bootcamps pack up and shut for business. In most cases these are fantastic trainers who couldn't figure out where they went wrong.

Back in the early days, way before I learned what an avatar was, my bootcamp was packed to the brim mainly though word of mouth. And I knew why.

Whilst all the other camps where doing the same sort of stuff, and blending in. I took the time to create my own unique bootcamp ideas. 

This enabled me to bringing something fresh and exciting to my my local community.

The truth is, most trainers are either to busy to create their own bootcamp ideas, or to tight to invest in something like the Workout Design Club. 

Here's what lifetime member Mark Sleep emailed in to say about the WDC. 

"Mate, I am loving the WDC, its making my life waaaaay easier"

The WDC lets you build perfect group workout every time without wasting much time or stressing out. You can short cut thousands of hours in planning and let me do the heavy thinking for you. 

  • Would You Take On The Ultimate

  • Burpee Challenge?

  • Bootcamp workout routines for trainers

    Can you imagine completing burpees for 24 hours? I read a story today about a guy who attempted to complete 9,000 chest to ground burpees in 1 day

    He was raising money for a local hospital that saved the life of his sons. Although he missed the mark, he raised the £17,000 needed to buy the hospital a new fetal endoscopic machine. What a guy.

    I couldn't do 9,000 burpees in a week, never mind 24 hours. How about you? If you've ever thought about raising money for charity, here's how one trainer does it.

    Basically he runs a free Sunday morning charity bootcamp open to his local community. Although it's free, people are encourage to bring their loose change for the charity bucket, but it's not compulsory.

    Here's the thing!

    A lot of the Sunday morning crew go on to purchase his paid membership because they want to attend more session. It a win win.

    Ok that's it for this weeks Unique Bootcamp Workouts update. 

    Want More Fun Bootcamp Workout Routines And Creative Bootcamp Ideas?

    Welcome to the WDC Group Fitness Search Engine which gives you the power to whip up incredible group fitness class ideas fast. Press play to take the tour. 


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