March 11

EMOM Workout Ideas And How To Set The Perfect Rep Target For Your Clients


Lately, I've been experimenting with different EMOM workout ideas.  

Today, I want to show you how to program the perfect EMOM workout. EMOMS are one of the most effective training protocols for getting your clients quick and noticeable results. 

The problem is setting a rep target that challenges all ability levels equally can be difficult. If you set the reps to low, the EMOM workout becomes too easy. If you set the reps too high, the EMOM workout becomes too hard. 

If you take the time to programme your EMOM workout ideas correctly, you can make outstanding progress with your clients in a short space of time and give them the results they came for. 

This week is the release of E3MOM

every minute on the minute

E3MOM is a set of high-intensity interval training templates (EMOM workout ideas) that allow you to programme your workouts for maximum results.

Think about it. If you can get your clients quick and noticeable results, that’s what you’ll be known for, and the referrals will come in.

What I’m saying is, you can (and should) build your business off client testimonials. These EMOM workout ideas are designed to help you do just that. 

Design Your EMOM Workout Ideas The Right Way By Setting The Perfect Rep Target

The best way to design your EMOM workout ideas is to set the correct rep target from the get-go. And the great news is, with what I'm about to show you, you can do this is a group setting made up of different ability levels.

Here's an example. 

List 5 EMOM exercises on your whiteboard along with a rep range from low to high (I.e. 10-45). Let’s start with the first exercise, which is kettlebell swings. The first thing you’re going to do is conduct a warm-up set so players can gauge their rep target (number of reps per minute) during the EMOM. 

EMOM Workout Ideas For Personal Trainers

Round 1: Kettlebell swings

Have players complete kettle-bell swings for 40 seconds and ask them to count their reps. After a short rest, carry out the following challenge. Players are going to complete their rep target (what they scored in the warm-up set) every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.

Each player's goal is to maintain their rep target during each minute, for example. If you complete 30 swings in the warm-up set, you would complete 30 swings every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. 

The reason the warm-up set is conducted for 40 seconds is to give players a recovery period during each minute of the challenge. Once the round is over, rest for 3 minutes. 

Complete 5 rounds in total, and after each round, switch to the next exercise. Each round (including the warm-up set, a 1-minute break after the warm-up set, and a 3-minute break after the round is complete) comes to 15 minutes. 

Complete up to 5 rounds: Use these EMOM workout ideas as a quick finisher drill, or create a full-length workouts

  • Complete 1 round using the first exercise = 15 minutes
  • Complete 2 rounds using the first 2 exercises = 30 minutes
  • Complete 3 rounds using the first 3 exercises = 45 minutes
  • Complete 4 rounds using the first 4 exercises = 60 minutes
  • Complete 5 rounds using the first 5 exercises = 1 hour 15 minute

A Flexible Approach To Designing Powerful EMOM Workout Ideas

EMOM exercises

Although players have a rep target to hit within each minute of activity, it doesn't mean they will always hit it. If players struggle to hit their target during each exercise, they can (and should) move down to the next rep target, which becomes the new goal. If players find it to be easy, they can move up to the next rep target.

This flexible approach of conducting an EMOM workout means that each player (regardless of their ability) can work close to their best. 

What you’ll find is that players will be super determined not to drop down to the next rep target. If you have your own EMOM workout Ideas, you can quickly implement this strategy by creating a rep target from low to high, as I showed you.

EMOM Workout Ideas For Personal Trainers

Record Your Progress

During the challenge, players need to record their progress so they can see how they’re performing week to week, for example. In the first exercise (swings), the player's score might look something like this.

  • Min 1: 30 reps
  • Min 2: 30 reps
  • Min 3: 30 reps
  • Min 4: 30 reps
  • Min 5: 30 reps
  • Min 6: 30 reps
  • Min 7: 26 reps
  • Min 8: 26 reps
  • Min 9: 22 reps
  • Min 10: 22 reps
  • Min 11: 22 reps
  • Min 12: 22 reps

The next time you repeat the workout, players attempt to beat their scores within each exercise. This type of self-competition is excellent motivation to train hard and beat personal bests. 

Create Many Different EMOM Workout Ideas With 18 Powerful HIIT Formats

CrossFit EMOM

Let's be honest: your clients ultimately want one thing. Great Results! And if they don't get them, they're less likely to stay, refer friends and rave about your business. For that reason, I created E3MOM!

"E3MOM is a fun and innovative series of unique HIIT formulas that helps fitness trainers design incredibly effective session plans in minutes. Each formula builds 1000's of powerful HIIT Workouts that can be programmed with bodyweight exercises, equipment-based or a mixture of both".


Format 1: E3MOM

E3MOM is a triple superset workout HIIT format (complete with templates) that lets trainers design a wide range of different EMOM workout ideas. Quickly create full-body strength workouts, cardio conditioning circuits, endurance style drills and more. There’s almost nothing you can’t create.


Format 2: Partner E3MOM Accumulator 

Partner EMOM Accumulator is a gamified EMOM template that promotes teamwork & builds camaraderie. These powerful EMOM workout ideas. (cleverly disguised as fun) will bring a new level of enjoyment to your classes.


Format 3: E3MOM Type 2

E2MOM type 2 is an endurance-based tri- superset format. In these fun EMOM workout ideas, players are awarded rest periods based on their performance. You can expect (at least) a 30% increase in overall effort from each participant guaranteed. Create 100’s of unique EMOM workout ideas with this format


Format 4: E3MOM Overload

EMOM Overload is a strength/endurance-based fitness test that move’s participants through a series of micro challenges that slowly build in intensity. There are 100’s of way to play. 


Format 5: Target EMOM 

Target EMOM is a tough (gamified) HIIT workout designed to push your clients out of their comfort zone in a fun and encouraging way. Those who go above and beyond the call of duty will likely win the day. Design countless full-body strength workouts, or focus on one area at a time (I.e. core exercises). There are so many EMOM workout ideas you can create using this exciting format.


Format 6: EMOM Discovery 

EMOM discovery combines muscular endurance (using the AMRAP protocol) with high-intensity interval training (using the EMOM protocol). When participants enter the EMOM workout phase, they’ll be tired and forced to dig deep. This format is excellent for developing mental toughness and resilience in preparation for future challenges. The variations to this format are endless.


Format 7: E3MOM SAM

EMOM SAM (skip a minute) gives participants more recovery time (in comparison to a standard EMOM workout), so they can hit each new segment with maximum effort. A total of 18 work points are available for each player if they can dig deep and beat the rounds. EMOM SAM comes complete with the gamified version. Over 100 EMOM workout ideas can be correctly programmed using this persuasive format.


Format 8: EMOM Skyscraper

EMOM Skyscraper Is a fun cardio conditioning circuit that helps participants reach their ultimate potential. With seven pre-programmed activities, and 100’s of exercise placements, you’re only limited by your imagination.


Format 9: EMOM Drop Sets

EMOM drops sets (pass or fail) is a race against the clock to the final set. It’s fast-paced, loads of fun and filled with suspense and uncertainty. One format, 100’s of possible EMOM workout ideas. 


Format 10: E3MOM XXX

EMOM XXX is a triple intensity circuit training format that can be programmed over 20 different ways with 100’s different variations. EMOM XXX will bring out your creative side guaranteed.


Format 11: EMOM Max

EMOM Max is an (ultra-flexible) endurance-based fitness test that challenges participants to tip the scales in their favour and triumph. You can build almost any type of workout using this formula. I have also included EMOM Max type 2, which is the point-based and gamified version.


Format 12: EMOM Serge

EMOM serge (aka the battle test) is a gamified finisher drill that can be programmed several different ways. Players are encouraged to exceed their recommended rep target and move up the leader board. It’s one of my favourites.


Format 13: EMOM Catch Accumulator 

EMOM catch accumulator is a fun and innovative way to programme supersets and compound sets for maximum results. The harder you work, the shorter the workout. It’s the perfect incentive for encouraging your clients to push the pace and work hard.


Format 14: EMOM Nitro

EMOM Nitro is a cardio conditioning/muscular endurance workout that helps participants improve their running, strength & endurance. It’s also an excellent activity for cultivating mental toughness and determination. Create 100’s of variations and and a variety of different EMOM workout ideas in seconds.


Format 15: EMOM Flex

EMOM flex is a fun fitness challenge that allows participants to monitor their performance in real time. This format/method (ethically forces) your clients to work at their full potential, especially I the later rounds as they get tired.


Format 16: EMOM Reset

EMOM reset is an ingenious accumulator format that fuses HIIT with endurance. Design a wide range of wickedly effective EMOM workout ideas that you can programme in hundreds of ways.


Format 17: EMOM Squared

EMOM Squared (aka the gauntlet) is a versatile training format that helps trainers programme cardio/strength/ endurance based workout with complete mastery.


Format 18: EMOM Switch

EMOM switch gives you the perfect formula for creating competitive partner challenges that will supercharge session instantly.

Order E3MOM Now While It’s At Its Lowest Price And Design Hundreds Of Powerful EMOM Workout Ideas Today

Think how good it will feel when you're finally able to get your clients better results. After reading E3MOM you'll have learned lots of invaluable skills and powerful EMOM workout ideas not taught anywhere else. Never again will you struggle to design fun and effective workouts for your clients.

You are invited to try E3MOM (100% risk-free), so you can see for yourself how powerful these workout formats are. E3MOM is just $29.99 (USD), and in the time it saves you, it pays for itself 100x over. 


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